Student service

Our student service goes beyond helping you choose a course you like, which city is your best option to live in Australia or what type of accommodation is best for you.
Attention to the student

You will leave your mark in Australia and Australia will leave it in you

In Dingoos we will give you the attention you deserve and help you throughout your stay. Something that nobody else can do for you in Australia.

So much so, that we have even created an exclusive department just to offer you personalized attention at the height of what you deserve: the Student Attention Department, which will offer you endless recommendations as soon as you arrive to make your life as easy as possible. tips to find work, legal information that will come in handy and tips of all kinds that you may need during your Australian stay.

But although all that is very good, the best of all is that the department will always be there, at your disposal, to help you with anything you need and solve all your doubts. Whatever they are.

student attention

And how do we do all this from Dingoos?

Very good question! Hopefully the answer is up to par.

  • Making you feel accompanied at all times and throughout your stay, putting at your disposal a person from the Student Attention Department with whom you will have direct contact whenever you want by phone or email to resolve incidents at school, support you in the job search ... What you need! It is a free and exclusive Dingoos service created especially for you.
  • Integrating into our community #SomosDingoos, inviting you to a Telegram group where you can meet people like you to ask any questions and invite you to countless events (parties, barbecues, excursions, workshops, training classes, sports or leisure ...) exclusive and free that we constantly organize for all our students and Work and Holiday Visas. Here there are no excuses to have a million friends!
  • Supporting you in more personal matters in which you could feel alone if not because we are there to help you: a mishap of any kind (such as losing your wallet or suitcase), doubts before going to the doctor, helping you find accommodation ...
  • And of course, all of absolutely free way, 100% by the face.

What does it sound good to? Well, it's even better! If you want to be part of our community and leave your mark in Australia, you know: we are waiting for you on the other side of the world.

Other services you will enjoy in Dingoos

By coming with Dingoos, we will also help you with ...
Accommodation search icon

Support in search of accommodation

In Dingoos we will advise you, we will give you advice and solve all your doubts to help you find a long-stay accommodation where you feel at home.

Job search icon

Support job search

Australia is full of job opportunities, we will teach you some tricks so you can identify them and find a job that helps you establish yourself.

Leisure plans icon

Events and leisure plans

Every month we organize a lot of events and activities for our students: surfing, diving, barbecues, beers, excursions ... Needless to say, you are more than a guest!

Visa renewal icon

Visa renewal

When you decide to stay longer in Australia, you will, we will advise you on the best way to renew your visa and we will do all the paperwork for you.

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