Personalized advice

Only you know why you want to come to Australia and what you want to find on the other side of the world. What would you like to study, what are your personal and professional goals or in what type of city would you like to live. Therefore, as no two people are the same, we never give two answers the same: we give personalized answers.
Personalized advice for Australia

All your questions have an answer

In Dingoos we are experts in listening to you. In discovering what you need, what you are looking for and offering you what best suits you.

We will advise you step by step and together we will draw up a plan according to your needs, objectives and budget so that, whatever you are and look for what you are looking for, you will find it first.

asesoramiento personalized

Who will answer your questions?

Someone who one day arrived in Australia just like you and liked this country so much that he decided to stay a little longer ... until today! We will call you Dingoos Guide and your vital experience will be key to understanding your situation and guiding you from the beginning throughout the entire city, type of visa, course and school selection process, all to offer you personalized academic planning based on the objectives and budget that You have marked yourself.

How will the Dingoos Guide help you?

In addition to listening to you and solving all your doubts, your Dingoos Guide will accompany you during this first phase and will become your personal advisor.


It will analyze your risk profile Depending on your nationality, age and other factors that may influence the processing of your visa to determine the best way to achieve it.


He will explain the different types of visa that exist and which of all comes as a ring to your finger.


It will help you choose the city that best suits your lifestyle by analyzing your tastes and preferences.


Make your academic planning tailored of the course, school and duration of the visa you have chosen.


It will look for the best price for your course and will send you different budget options so that it is you who choose the option that best suits you.


When you are clear, he will do all the paperwork with the school and you will confirm your enrollment.


And once you're enrolled in school, tand present to one of our visas Department compis, who will be in charge once again of doing all the paperwork for the processing of your visa and that you don't have to worry about anything at all.

Dingoos offers you much more

Because we want to be there whenever you need us, we have a service focused on every moment of your experience. Discover them all!
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Enrollment in a course

Not only do we help you choose the course that best suits you, we also take care of enrolling in the school of your choice so you don't have to move a finger

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Visa processing

As visa experts, we know that paperwork to get it is a roll. That is why we do it for you so that you are left alone with the fun part!

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Hiring insurance

In Dingoos we look for you and hire a great health insurance at a small price so that you can live life and enjoy your visa without fear of anything.

Student contact icon

Contact with other students

Are you afraid to come to Australia alone? Don't have it, in Dingoos we will put you in touch with other students even before arriving in Australia so that you are always well accompanied.

Do you dream of Australia?

Contact us and a Dingoos guide will contact you as soon as possible :)
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