Opening a bank account

Did you know that with Dingoos you can open your bank account in Australia from your country of origin? It is an exclusive service that we offer you by being part of the Dingoos community. Thanks to our partner, Commonwealth Bank is a very simple and free process.
Opening the bank account

How to open your bank account before arriving in Australia

It won't take you more than five minutes. Our integration coordination team will guide you through the bank account opening process and, once your new Australian account is confirmed, you can make an international transfer from your country of origin. So, when you get to Australia You will already have Australian dollars and you will save the payment of commissions for the currency exchange.

Forget about paying abusive commissions and don't go crazy looking for places to exchange your local currency for Australian dollars!

Why Commonwealth Bank?

There are many reasons why we have chosen this bank as our trusted partner:

  • It has many offices spread throughout Australia.
  • Su online banking and mobile app they are very easy to use and intuitive.
  • Its very kind and attentive with our students. Although your English level is not Shakespeare's, we can assure you that they will have all the patience in the world to communicate with you; They have been doing this for years and are very used to serving international students recently arrived in Australia.
  • But without a doubt, the best thing is that you can open your bank account before arriving in Australia. Sounds good, right?

The advantages of opening your bank account before coming are very OMG!

  • You can transfer money before arriving. Thus, you can pay in Australian dollars from the first day without your bank charging you commissions or having to pay them when you exchange currency.
  • Tu Integrator Dingoos will escort you to the nearest CommBank branch when you arrive in Australia. Yes, you heard correctly, our integration services include a visit to the bank to help you with the initial procedures for confirming your bank account and applying for your debit card.

Do you know other services of Dingoos?

We help you open your bank account and much more!
Icon transfer from airport

Transfer from the airport

We will manage your pick-up at the airport to leave you at the very back door we will have reserved for you.

Integration Icon

Reception and integration

Relax and enjoy, because your Dingoos Integrator will stay with you as soon as you arrive in Australia to welcome you and accompany you to do all the necessary procedures to begin your adventure.

Mobile icon

Australian mobile line activation

When you arrive in Australia we will give you a SIM card and we will help you activate it so you can tell everyone that you have arrived well and start uploading stories.

Abn and tfn icon

TFN Request

We will request your TFN so you can start looking for work as soon as possible. We will also explain how to apply for the ABN in case you want to work as a freelancer in Australia.

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