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We will always be there, both before and after reaching your destination. Discover what we can do for you!
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Personalized advice

What, when, how and where do you want to study? In Dingoos we are experts in developing a plan tailored to your needs based on your tastes, interests and budget.

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Enrollment in a course

Not only do we help you choose the course that best suits you, we also take care of enrolling in the school of your choice so you don't have to move a finger.

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Visa processing

As visa experts, we know that paperwork to get it is a roll. That is why we do it for you so that you are left alone with the fun part!

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Hiring insurance

In Dingoos we look for you and hire a great health insurance at a small price so that you can live life and enjoy your visa without fear of anything.

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Contact with other students

Does coming alone make you dizzy? Don't have it, at Dingoos we will put you in contact with other students even before arriving at your destination so that you are always in good company.

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Search for cheap flights

We help you buy your flight at the best price thanks to our experience in the sector and our exclusive agreements with airlines.

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Opening the bank account

We help you open your account step by step and from your country of origin so that you can pay in dollars as soon as you arrive.

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Hiring accommodation for first days

We will help you book your accommodation for the first days. So, after the long trip, you can take a shower, rest and meet other students who will also arrive.

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Transfer from the airport

We will manage your pick up at the airport to leave you at the very door of the accommodation that we will have reserved for you.

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Reception and integration

Relax and enjoy, because your Dingoos Integrator will stay with you as soon as you arrive at your destination to welcome you and accompany you to do all the necessary procedures to start your adventure.

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Mobile line activation

When you get to we will give you a SIM card and we will help you activate it so that you can tell everyone that you have arrived safely and start uploading stories.

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SIN Number application

The Social Insurance Number is your identification number as a worker. When you arrive in Canada and want to start working, we will help you process yours so you can work as soon as possible.

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TFN request

We will request your TFN so you can start looking for work as soon as possible. We will also explain how to apply for the ABN in case you want to work as a freelancer in Australia.

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Transportation card

The only thing you need to get around the city by bus, subway or tram is a public transport card. When you arrive in Australia, we will accompany you to get yours.

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Accommodation search support

In Dingoos we will advise you, we will give you advice and solve all your doubts to help you find a long-stay accommodation where you feel at home.

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Job Search Support

Australia and Canada are full of job opportunities, we will teach you some tricks so that you can identify them and find a job to help you establish yourself.

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Events and leisure plans

Every month we organize a lot of events and activities for our students: surfing, skiing, diving, barbecues, beers, excursions… Needless to say, you are more than invited!

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Discounts for students

We have a lot of exclusive agreements with local, national and international companies, designed for you and that you can enjoy as part of the #SomosDingoos community.

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W&H welcome pack

If you are thinking of coming to Australia or Canada with the Work and Holiday Visa, we offer you an all in one package at a spectacular price that includes a lot of services that no one else will offer you.

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Student service

Whenever you have any doubt, whenever you need something that we can help you with, we will be there to assist you and advise you. In Dingoos we will be “your family away from your family”. While we are here, you will never be alone.

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Visa renewal

When you decide to stay longer in the destination country, which you will, we will advise you on the best way to renew your visa and we will take care of doing all the paperwork for you.

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Welcome Pack Delivery

When you arrive at your destination, we will deliver you our exclusive and useful Welcome Pack. So you will have everything you need for your first days at hand.

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