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What is the minimum wage in Australia in 2020?

Let's not forget that it is also a country with a high cost of living, but in general the salary / cost of living relationship is positive and proportional, so that for most Australians the salary reaches the end of the month.

Would you like to know all the details about the salaries of this wonderful country located at the antipodes of the world? And discover what you have to do to come here to hunt down the opportunity you deserve?

Entonces keep reading, my friend, because you are about to discover the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the world of work in Australia.

How much is charged in Australia in 2020?

They call it the Australian economic miracle, and it's no wonder. In the midst of a global financial crisis that has plagued many countries and is still raging in some of them, Australia's GDP continues to grow quarter after quarter until today. Nothing more and nothing less than 26 years of uninterrupted growth, something unusual in the global economy.

The keys to this success are many: the country enjoys a very dynamic economy and one of the most stable banking systems in the world, it is a great source of natural resources, it has a very optimized structure for business, it favors entrepreneurship and it is open to the world through exports and immigration.

All this has favored a very solid welfare state for its inhabitants, who enjoy a very safe country with a very high quality of life thanks in large part to its high salaries.

What is the minimum wage in Australia in 2020?

To give you an idea of ​​that level we are talking about, you just have to take a look at your minimum interprofessional salary, which in 2020 is around $ 19,40 AUD the hour.

Australia is the country with the highest minimum wage in the world

Australia sneaks into the list on its own merits with other heavyweights in the global economy, occupying the number 1 and sharing red carpet with stars of the caliber of Luxembourg and Germany.

You are about to discover the minimum to what the time is paid in countries like * ...

  1. Australia: around 11,80 € per hour
  2. Luxembourg: approximately at 9,37 € per hour
  3. France: more or less at 9,18 € per hour
  4. Holland: around 8,79 € per hour
  5. Belgium: about 8,71 € per hour
  6. Germany: around 8,57 € per hour
  7. New Zealand: more or less at 7,82 € per hour
  8. Ireland: approximately to 7,69 € per hour
  9. United Kingdom: around 7,62 € per hour
  10. Glen: to 6,90 € the hour, cent below, cent above

* The figures are contrasted based on economic data of 2019

Requirements to work in Australia

It is super normal that after reading all this you have bitten the bug and are considering coming here as soon as possible; maybe not tomorrow, but yes past or at the latest next week

First of all, we have to tell you that finding a job in Australia is possible, but as in any life project you will have to put effort, desire, effort and enthusiasm. Having all that is already a big step, the next is to know the general requirements that you must meet:

Do you want to continue deepening in everything you need to face the great adventure of your life? In that case, do not miss this article about the requirements to work in Australia.

All this may sound a bit like Chinese at the first glance, but do not worry: if you decide to come to Australia with Dingoos, we will take care of all these procedures so you do not have to spend your paperwork day.

What do you think?

Now that you have dipped well on the requirements you need to come to work in Australia and even know that your minimum salary is the highest in the world, we hope you have everything much clearer and you can take the leap forward.

You know that at Dingoos we are waiting for you on the other side of the world to help you live an incredible experience that makes you grow personally and professionally.

¡Ask us anything you want to know, we will be happy to offer you the answer you are looking for!


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Laura Villalpando Dingoos Team
Laura Villalpando
[HR Manager] "In Australia people find work because of their brave and open attitude, not because of their low unemployment rate."

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