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How much does it cost to study English in Australia?

Are you thinking about the best place to go to to study English outside and among all the alternatives has Australia especially attracted you? It does not surprise us a bit, there are a lot of reasons why studying English here is amazing: English schools have a very high level and the country is a natural and cultural paradise as well as a benchmark in quality of life.

The logical thing is that you want to come on the next plane, but surely before making such an important decision you want to know the prices of English courses in Australia, all the options to choose from and a thousand other things. Well, let's start!

Types of English courses in Australia

The good thing about Australia is that there is an English course for each type of person. Regardless of your situation, previous level or personal / professional priorities, in the following list you will find a course that bears your name.

General English courses

These courses will help you improve your English in general, even if you do not have a specific objective; that is, you will learn naturally and without focusing on a particular exam or a specific topic.

With a general English course you will work the study in a holistic way, focusing especially on the expression and oral and written comprehension.

Preparation of the IELTS

To take advantage of these IELTS exam preparation courses, we recommend you to have a minimum level of English of Upper-intermediate. What many of our students do is enroll in a general English course and, once they have sufficient level, they go on to the IELTS preparation course.

Here you have everything you need to know about the IELTS.

Preparation for Cambridge exams

Something similar happens to the previous case. If you have very clear that you want to take a Cambridge exam and you are close to the recommended level, you are ready to enroll, but if you have a little bit to go, the ideal is to register in a general English course to make sure you pass the exam. exam.

Business English courses

These courses are for people who have an intermediate or higher level of English and want to develop their professional career in the business world. In them, you will acquire the vocabulary of the business world and practice a lot speaking to face real situations of the day: negotiations, exhibitions, meetings ...

Academic English courses

If you want to access a higher education in Australia after the English course, this course is for you. It offers you a training of what you will find in the university: exhibitions, text comments, etc.

Many times it is the universities themselves that recommend future students to take these courses to facilitate access to their classrooms.

Courses for English teachers

If you like teaching, training as an English teacher is a very good option. To access this type of course, you will normally be required to have a high level of C1 up. You also have different course options depending on the type of student you want to specialize in. Ask us all your questions and we will help you find the one that best suits you!

Approximate prices for English courses in Australia

An English course in Australia costs between $ 200 and 300 AUD a week on average, but depending on the destination city you can get to find them from $ 150 AUD per week.

Of course, to be more exact and to be able to calculate the real price of studying an English course here, you must take into account some things:

  • Prices may vary due to changes or promotions. Normally, this will be determined by the commercial calendar of each school.
  • At this price you must add the cost of tuition and course materials.

Remember that one of the best things about coming to study English in this country is that the student visa in Australia allows you to work 20 hours a week while you study and full time during your vacation.

Aspects that influence the prices of English courses in Australia

As we commented to you a little above, in an estimated way an English course in Australia will cost you between $ 200 and 300 AUD per week, but there are other factors that can influence the prices of the courses:

  • The duration of the course: Some schools offer a better price per week when hiring a longer course duration.
  • The city you go to: Even within the same schools, prices for English courses in Australia may vary between cities. For example, studying English in Sydney or Perth is usually more expensive than doing it in Gold Coast or Brisbane.
  • The quality of teaching: this is especially noticeable at the level of the teachers and in the number of students per class. At Dingoos we work with serious schools that offer good learning methodologies and that do not overwhelm student classes.
  • Class hours: the schools offer intensive courses (20 weekly hours of minimum class) or part-time. It is pure mathematics: the more hours of class you have per week, the higher the price of the course. Remember that with the student visa you can only opt for the intensive courses.

Other expenses to take into account when studying in Australia

In addition to the price of the course, when you come to Australia you must take into account a series of fixed and variable expenses. Do not be overwhelmed, remember you can work up to 20 hours a week to pay for your stay. It is perfectly possible!

Air ticket

You can find a one-way ticket to Australia from $ 700 AUD. Remember to navigate incognito when searching for flights, because some airlines insert cookies in your browser and offer you prices above the market. Be careful with this! If you come with Dingoos, you can take advantage of the agreement we have reached with Qatar Airways to get a discount on your airline tickets. Get informed here!

Student visa

The student visa costs $ 620 AUD. They come to be some 385 euros, 1.387.547 Colombian pesos, 294.637 Chilean pesos or 18.332 Argentine pesos. You can pay them directly with the card when you request it.

In Dingoos we will help you to make your enrollment in the course and the school that most interest you and to apply for your student visa. And all this for free, of course. Easier impossible!


Roughly speaking, you have 3 types of accommodation in Australia and each one has a different price and advantages:

  • Accommodation with an Australian family: Enter $ 150-200 AUS per week.
  • Accommodation in shared apartment: Between $ 100-200 AUS per week.
  • Student Residence: Enter $ 200-250 AUS per week.

To learn more about each of the options, check out the section on types of accommodation of our website.

But do not forget that the first weeks if you travel to Melbourne, Gold Coast or Perth, you can stay at the Dingoos House in these cities where you will meet other students new to Australia like you.


In Australia, as in your country of origin, you will need a telephone to be able to communicate with the people you leave there and with whom you are getting to know here. Dingoos has reached an agreement with the telephone company Lebara to offer you a very cheap call and data rate. On your first day, we will give you a free SIM y we will help you with the activation.

Weekly meal

The cost of living in Australia is somewhat more expensive than in your country of origin, however the salaries are much higher in proportion. Usually, your weekly purchase will cost you around $ 50 AUD.


Public transport in Australia is one of the best in the world. The price of the transport card will vary depending on the city in which you settle, and with it you will be able to access endless buses, subways, trams ... To know everything about it, it is best to read our post about the Application for the transport card in Australia.

Tips to choose which English course to study

  • It is best to enroll from the beginning in all the English courses you plan to take., because if once in Australia you want to enroll in another you will have to extend your student visa and pay the fees again.
  • The schedules of the schools are quite flexible because they know that most students combine studies with work, so do not worry about that.
  • If you already have a good level of English, you can also come to Australia to study a VET course.
  • If you come with us we will help you to make your registration in the school of your choice. In addition, we will introduce you to other dingoos who study at your school so that you feel welcomed on your first day of class.
  • Keep in mind the cost of living in Australia to make a general budget. Our team of Dingoos guides will solve all your doubts.

The holidays of the English courses in Australia

It is very important that you keep in mind that your visa will always last for the duration of your course plus the holidays that correspond to you.

In general, for every three months of the course you will have one month of vacation (where you can work full time). In addition, once you finish your studies you will have one month of vacation at the end to travel through Australia or organize your visa renewal.

For example, if you enroll in an English course that lasts six months, you can stay in Australia eight (this is not fixed because it depends on immigration, but can serve as guidance).

Do you already have more clear prices for English courses in Australia and how much will it cost you to study English here? Has anything remained in the pipeline and do you need more information? No worries, for that we are here: to help you. Contact us and we will assign you to a Dingoos Guide to advise you in a personalized way and solve all your doubts!


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