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Best Schools to Study a VET Course in Sydney

You have a good level of English, you are thinking of studying a VET course and, furthermore, you would like to do it in Sydney. Is it your case? Bingo, that's why you are here!

As you know, VET courses are technical courses that are taught in Australia and are valid and recognized worldwide. By studying a VET course, you will learn a specific trade that opens the doors to a qualified job, complements your training or even builds a bridge with which to access university studies.

Sydney is a very good option to study a VET course for several reasonsBut if we have to highlight one in the academic field, it is undoubtedly the large number of quality schools that you will find in the city; Personally, everything else: that is, the infinite possibilities that a metropolis like Sydney offers you at all levels: great weather, leisure, meeting new people, sightseeing ... write a thousand posts like this!

And now that you have it very clear, you only have one thing to decide to encourage you to take the final step: In which school do I study my VET course in Sydney? The ones that we will discover in the next few lines are, dear friends and future dingoos, the best that you will find on this side of Port Jackson.


Australian College of Business Intelligence (ACBI)

Located in the central sydney, ACBI has a very innovative academic offer, offering courses that are rare in the educational market for international students: Information Technology, Environmental Management & Sustainability, Project Management, Sustainable Operations, Human Resources, Enterprise Resource Planning, Marketing and Communications, Business, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Information Technology and Cyber ​​Security.

Depending on the course, you can choose morning or afternoon schedules between one and two days a week and until weekends.

If you want to its facilities are very modern and it has common areas such as kitchen, computer room with free internet and Macbooks for graphic design students.

But not only does the student live by studying and at ACBI they know it very well: that's why the school organize leisure activities like excursions, events and much more.

best vet schools in sydney

Australian Institute of Business and Technology

One of the most original schools on this list thanks to the courses so varied that it offers, like aviation, electrical, appliance and massage technician, also offered in all its campuses in different parts of Australia including Gold Coast, Brisbane and Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.

In Sydney, the Australian Institute of Business and Technology has 3 campuses: one in the center, one in Parramatta and one in Seven Hills. All of them, both in Sydney and in other cities, have very modern facilities in which you can study your course one or two days a week in the morning and afternoon.

And if yours is the gift of people and the party, you know that here they know how to mount it and organize events and excursions so that students get to know each other.

best vet schools in sydney

Australian Learning Group

ALG is a school with very good reputation. His courses focus on three main pillars: sports field, childcare and social assistance. It is the only school that offers such specific courses in cities as varied as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane. In Sydney specifically they have 3 campus, all located in the center of Sydney and very close to each other, in the Darling Harbor area.

At ALG you will find courses in Fitness, Sports and Recreation, Massages, Yoga, Childcare, Individual Support (care for the elderly), community services and mental health, and you can choose to study them at morning or afternoon schedule a day or two a week.

Their facilities are very modern and they are perfectly adapted to the different studies they teach. For example, for massage courses there are classrooms where you can put into practice what you have learned with all the luxury of materials.

And if what worries you is feeling alone when you arrive in Australia, don't worry a bit: in ALG organize events and excursions so that you meet other students like you.


Children's Services Education

With venues in Sydney and Melbourne, this school is specialized in and exclusively offers childcare courses, something highly demanded in Australia and therefore enjoys a great job opportunity. Course schedules range from between one and two days a week in the morning and afternoon, depending on the course and your preferences.

In the common rooms of its campus, you can enjoy a room with many computers and free wifi. And when you get tired of hitting the key or the maximum famine hits, you can take a break in the kitchen and dining room, fully equipped.

In addition, in Events that they organize every month, you will have the opportunity to meet other students, make friends, share learning experiences and explore your brand new city. Prepare the Instagram, that you are going to swell to upload stories!

best vet schools in sydney

College of Sports and Fitness

As its name suggests, this school is specialized in sports and fitness world, treasuring a long tradition that has led it to become a benchmark.

It has a campus in Sydney CBD, Manly and Perth, and among its most notable courses are those of Sports Development, Fitness, Sports Coaching, Yoga and Weight Management, which you can take one or two days a week in the morning or afternoon depending on each case.

In addition, as you can imagine, they have modern facilities and adapted to sports lovers.

best vet schools in sydney


ILSC is a school based in the very downtown sydney and that offers VET courses such as Project Management, Business, Leadership and Management, Marketing, Customer Management and International business with There is a good quality price relation and the possibility of transferring your file to Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The schedules of VET courses are between one and two days a week in the morning and afternoon depending on which you study. In addition, they also offer hours of weekend.

ILSC facilities are of incredible quality, with student residences that offer a superior level of quality and premium finishes. In this sense, it is noted that ILSC is a multinational business group that makes very strong investments in this regard.

best vet schools in sydney

International House

School of great quality at a more than affordable price and with presence in Sydney (where it has two campuses, one in the center and one in Bondi Beach), Melbourne and Darwin, offering you the possibility to change cities if you want to discover new places.

Their VET courses stand out Social Media, Project Management, Business, Leadership and Management, Marketing and Customer Management.

International House has 3 floors, two common student areas, two kitchens, free Wi-Fi and 30 computers available to students. Almost na!

And of course every week organize free activities for students (from barbecues on the beach to pachangas of your favorite sport) and every weekend they organize excursions to explore the surroundings of the city in a single day.



One of the schools with Australia's best reputation and located in one of the most exclusive enclaves of Sydney, Manly Beach, although it also has locations in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Perth and Byron Bay, being able to transfer the file easily during your experience in Australia in case at any time you want to change of scene.

In Lexis you can study courses very focused on the business world such as Business, Project Management and Leadership and Management, although they also offer an alternative branch that focuses on makeup courses and beauty therapies.

But without a doubt, one of the most impressive things is its camps. A real Ferrari of schools! Is big and modern, is in front of the beach and has televisions, internet access, Netflix, bookstore and very pleasant terraces with impressive views of Manly Beach. In addition, every Thursday they organize their famous «Night Student Party«, A party attended by the students of the school and in which you will make friends that will last a lifetime.

best vet schools in sydney


Lonsdale stands out for its great value for money and the magnificent treatment they offer to students, including the possibility of transferring the file to also study on their campus in Melbourne, as modern and well designed as the two you have in Sydney (downtown and in Surry Hills).

For VET courses, it offers a wide variety of courses Among which are Project Management, Leadership and Management, Business, Marketing and communication, Accounting and also Hospitality.

Like most schools, events and activities meeting other students is one of his strengths.

best vet schools in sydney

Pacific Training

Located in the downtown sydney, also has a campus in Gold Coast, so it is very interesting if you plan to live for a time in one city and then in another while you study with your student visa.

Pacific Training has a very diverse academic offer in which his Hospitality, Event Management, Leadership Management, Project Management, Marketing and Communication, Social media and Blockchain courses stand out.

It is undoubtedly a of Sydney's most innovative schools, and also offers courses with a great relationship price quality that you can study in a flexible way: depending on which you choose, you can study one or two days a week in the morning or afternoon.

From day one, Pacific Training will surprise you with the life they give to extracurricular environment, organizing from welcome days to excursions and parties that everyone talks about the next day. Top!

vet schools in gold coast

Why study a VET course in Sydney?

Live a time of your life in Sydney is living in one of the most famous and iconic cities in the world, a true metropolis with almost 5 million inhabitants and famous for its great artistic, cultural and architectural heritage, where the Opera, the Harbor Bridge or the Sydney Tower stand out.

Like any macro-gigantérrima-colossal-city-world-reference that boasts, you can imagine that the rhythm does not stop for a second in the city. You want to do? It doesn't matter what time it is or what you're thinking: if you can't do it in Sydney, it doesn't exist. its multicultural atmosphere, its great weather, its more than 100 beaches and its constant coming and going of people, the city becomes a non stop in which you always have a plan waiting for you closer than you imagine.

In addition, at the labor level, Sydney offers more opportunities than other cities and higher wages, although expenses also increase (although, luckily, they do so in proportion to what you earn more).

In short, we do not know where you currently live or in which cities you have already lived, but we are sure that Sydney will automatically sneak in through the big door in the Top 3 of the most WOW cities in which you have never lived.

And so far today's getaway! Surely it has become much clearer to you what a VET course is, what types exist and why Sydney is a spectacular place to do it. Here we are waiting for you, on the other side of the world, to help you with whatever you need and make life easier for you to unsuspected limits.

Because in Dingoos will help you choose the course that best suits you, and once you have it decided we will do all the procedures so that you do not move a finger: We will contact the school to do the registration for you and we will even process your student visa. In addition, from the day you send us the first email, we will become your shadow and we will provide you with professional and personal support to make Australia feel like your new home before you even set foot in Sydney.

Do not think about it anymore and Write us right now: take a U-turn in your life to make it even more incredible by studying a VET course in Sydney.


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