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Best Schools to Study a VET Course in Gold Coast

Have you ever heard of VET courses but are not sure what they are? We will explain it to you and, in addition, we will tell you which are the best schools to study a VET course in Gold Coast!

VET courses (Vocational Education Training) are technical courses that help you to enter the world of work in a practical waySince with them you learn a real trade in which there is theory, yes, but also a lot of practice. Also, some VET courses serve as a bridge to university studies in Australia.

Many students are encouraged to study a VET course, and although an intermediate level of English is needed to enroll in them, many English academies have agreements with VET schools, so that if you study English in one of them it will be easier to access.

Let's find out which are the best schools to study a VET course in Gold Coast!


Entrepreneur Education

Entrepreneur offers a wide variety of courses, among which those of graphic design, Photography, business and sales (which is the perfect complement to develop in the business world, whatever you study), leadership, project management, fitness and even a course of construction.

Its facilities are modern, and it has large common areas such as a professional photography studio, a gym for fitness courses and a workshop for construction. In addition, they involve students in projects for real clients, also promoting entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur's methodology is practical and innovative, it has highly qualified teachers and is undoubtedly one of the best options for value for money.

And if you also want atmosphere and fun between class and class, you will love Entrepreneur: it is located in the center of the Gold Coast, in Surfers Paradise, surrounded by restaurants, bars, shops and very close to the beach.

vet schools in gold coast

Gold Coast Dive Center

Gold Coast Dive Center is the only school in Australia offering diving courses for international students. They have courses for different levels with which you can get certificates diving centers, such as the Open Water Diver Course and its Advanced version for more experienced users or those who have already done the first; he Master Scuba Diver Course, which is for expert divers who want to take another step forward and enter the diving elite.

As more specific courses, you have the Night Master Diver Course, which will take you to dive at night through unusual underwater places that transform with darkness; or the no less interesting Underwater Photographer Course, perfect for those who dream of being underwater reporters in the purest National Geographic style.

En Gold Coast Dive Center They have two own boats with which students go diving twice a week, and the schedules are flexible for both practical and theoretical classes.

The school It is in Miami, south of the Gold Coast, a very quiet area and a few meters from the beach. If you go by car it is very easy to park in a huge parking lot outside the school, and if you go by public transport there is a bus stop a few meters from the door.

Leisure is also a strong point of the Gold Coast Dive Center, and it is that they do it very well: they organize many boat trips to dive, apart from the compulsory ones of the course, and they are experts in making barbecues so that all students of the different courses get to know each other.

vet schools in gold coast

GIC (Gold Coast International College)

GIC is specialized in sports courses that allow you to choose between 4 different modalities: surfing, yoga, tennis and swimming, although they have diversified their academic offerings including new business and construction courses. It offers good value for money, its hours are very flexible (you can choose between morning or afternoon) and the classes are held on one day a week.

They are located in a very exclusive neighborhood where there are hardly any schools. The Miami neighborhood is in the southern part of the Gold Coast and combines vegetation on the beach with a more local and less touristy atmosphere. An ideal place to do sports just like the Aussies do. It is also very well connected, and you can reach any part of the city in a short time despite not being in the most central area.

As expected, for free time they organize events and activities related to sports and nutrition every month, and just for studying at GIC you will have access to a gym, yoga classes or tennis courts.


Imagine Education

Imagine Education It is one of the schools with the greatest variety of courses in the Gold Coast. In addition to offering English courses, has a wide range of VET courses so you can study almost anything you want: kitchen, mechanics, children's education (childcare), business, marketing, sports, accounting and social services. In addition, many of these courses offer the possibility of accessing the Graduate Visa. Depending on the course you choose, you will have one or two days of class a week. Oh and they have a free shuttle bus to go to school!

Imagine Education has 3 campuses in Gold Coast, two in the Southport neighborhood and one in Ashmore. The facilities are modern and very spacious, and the most practical courses are taught in spaces designed specifically for them. For example, the mechanics course is given in a real mechanic shop on the Ashmore campus and students work with real cars, the cooking course is taught in fully equipped kitchens in true Masterchef style and the fitness students have to your disposal a very complete gym where you can practice everything you have learned.

At an extracurricular level, they regularly go on excursions and sports activities.

vet schools in gold coast

Pacific Training

It is located in the heart of the Gold Coast, in the aforementioned neighborhood of Surfers Paradise.

Pacific Training offers a very diverse academic offer. His hospitality, leadership and management, project management, social media marketing, events and blockchain technologies courses stand out., positioning itself as an innovative school that also offers very good value for money.

As a general rule, class attendance is only one day a week, with another support day for students who require assistance.

They are very proactive and offer varied activities to integrate students from different courses.

The professors are great professionals who are highly specialized in their sector, and the fact that they have another campus in Sydney gives their students the option to request a change of city throughout the course.

vet schools in gold coast

Why study a VET course in Gold Coast?

There is no one reason to study in the Gold Coast, there are thousands of reasons! As their subtropical climate, its kilometers of fine white sand beach, its great possibilities for practicing water sports such as surfing and its fun nightlife, without forgetting of course its colossi of steel, concrete and glass that make up one of Australia's most iconic skylines.

For all these reasons, the Gold Coast is an incredible destination to study, work and live the Australian adventure, and of course to study a cheap VET course with the assistance of only 1 or 2 days of class a week. Studying a VET course in Gold Coast will give you access to more qualified jobs to prosper in Australia.

And that's all! We hope that you have soaked up what a VET course is and everything you can achieve by doing one.And, above all, we hope that you are encouraged and come to Gold Coast with Dingoos, that here we are waiting to help you in everything you need and make your life easier.

At Dingoos we will help you choose the course that best suits your profile, and once you have chosen the VET course, we will take care of doing all the necessary procedures so that you get rid of paperwork: from contacting the school to help you enroll of your course until processing your student visa. In addition, from the moment you contact us we will be here to guide you and make you feel at home on the other side of the world.

What are you waiting for send us a message? Dare to take the step, come study a VET course in Gold Coast and experience one of the most incredible and enriching experiences of your life 🙂


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