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IELTS English test

A question that we have all had and that you probably also have: Why are there so many exams of English level with international validity? And if there are so many, what do I do?

Today we talk to you about IELTS English test, which is one of the most recognized.

What is the IELTS and what is it for?

The first thing you need to know about the IELTS English test is that it assesses British English. Therefore, depending on where and how you learned English will be the most recommended option for you or not.

Now, if you need to access a university or a job that requires it, do not think twice and do it. For example, in Australia it is required by education centers, foreigners or companies. Many times he is not the only one who accepts but he is the most recognized.

Types of exams

There are two types of exam: the "Academic" and the "General Training".


The academic version is designed for people who are going to study at universities in Australia or other universities where the main language is English. That is why they evaluate specific skills linked to the comprehension of texts in English or writing.

General Training

The general version, however, is required by companies. And it's also to justify your level of English when it comes to getting a visa.

Structure of the IELTS English test

  • Listening (30 minutes)

It is divided into four sections (with four recordings) and forty questions in total. This part is the same for the academic type and general English.

  • Reading (60 minutes)

In this part if there is a difference between the academic and the general type. If you examine yourself from the academic you will have to answer questions about three long texts taken from academic journals, books, etc.

If you choose the general type, you will have to answer questions about 5 short texts taken from magazines or newspapers.

  • Written expression (60 minutes)

In this part there are also two versions. If you examine the academic IELTS you will have to perform the analysis of a graph, table, text, etc. (150 words) and then write an essay on a proposed topic (250 words).

If you are the general, you will have to write a letter explaining a proposed situation and write a paper on a general topic.

  • Speaking (about 15 minutes)

Is divided into three parts. In the first, the examiner will ask you questions about your personal situation, your family, etc. In the second one he proposes a topic and you have to talk about it and in the third a natural conversation is held on a specific topic with the examiner.

Results, validity and punctuation.

One very important thing about the IELTS English test is that there is no approved or suspended as such. When they evaluate you, they give you a score of 0 to 9. Afterwards, the different institutions that claim it put a cut note.

For example, to access a university it may be necessary to have an 7.5 in the IELTS but to do it in another it may be sufficient with an 6. The same thing happens when applying for a visa that requires an English level, for example, with the Work and Holyday Visa an 4,5 is requested in the IELTS.

Places of realization and price.

In Spain it can be done in the British Councils, the price is 212 € and they have presence in 29 cities.

If you are thinking about studying in a Australian university the best thing is that you prepare it directly here. We can help you find the academy that best suits your needs. Also discover the rest of services that we offer you from the Dingoos herd, we take care of everything so that you get your IELTS as soon as possible.

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