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What to do to study marketing in Australia?

If you can study marketing in AustraliaIt makes little sense to do it elsewhere.
The landscape of the marketing sector in Spain is not too flattering: professional intrusiveness, little assessment by companies of marketing professionals, low salaries and high unemployment.
However, in Australia (with an unemployment rate that does not reach the 6%), sellers are the only ones who are the most demanding and the best paid. El average weekly salary of a person who works in marketing in Australia (for the year 2016 according to AusStats ) was from 2.097,60 AUD which is roughly equivalent to 1.467 €.
And in what does this derive?
Well in all an elite training ecosystem; with prestigious teachers and specialized study modes, and in continuous evolution, for the changes required by a sector as dynamic as marketing.
In addition, studying in Australia is simple, since you can also study to pay for your stay. It can work a half-day (20 weekly hours), which gives perfectly to live.
In addition, studying marketing in Australia is a plus, and it is English. No professional can develop 100% in the sector if the language is not 100% controlled too.
Thus, training in marketing in Australia benefits in three ways; good training, improving English and increasing the possibilities of working in marketing in Australia.

Study marketing in australia open the doors to the labor market

The VET courses they are known as vocational and their main characteristics

  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Very specialized
  • Linked to the labor market
  • Internationally recognized


  • Business: linked to entrepreneurship, sales and marketing. Prepare students to work in the marketing department of a company, but also to be able to carry out a successful entrepreneurship project: personnel management, sales strategies, etc. The course is round 3.750 AUD (2.300 € approx.) And the duration is 30 weeks.
  • Project management: is focused on the leadership of projects and management skills in a practical way, through experiences in real projects. That way, once we finish the course, we are fully prepared to manage a successful project. These are important issues such as personnel management, networks, the achievement of investors, the assessment of risk and cost and the organization of time. The price is around 6.500 AUD (4.050 € approx.) And last about 54 weeks.
  • Leadership and Management: With this course you learn what is necessary to lead and manage a business or project. Leading theories are worked on such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, team leadership, etc. The price, as in the previous one, is usually around 6.400 AUD (4.000 €). The duration is also 54 weeks.
  • Graphic Design: The diploma in graphic design is obtained from a super complete course, in which in addition to learning design tools and techniques, they teach us to present projects to clients, create a brand image, etc. The courses are around 9.500 AUD (5.900 €) and last for 54 weeks.

Requirements to access a VET course

The requirements will vary depending on the VET course in which we want to enroll and the school, but these are the most common.

  • English level: normally it is the equivalent to Cambridge's Advansed (it can be justified with different official titles).
  • Portfolio for graphic design: to enroll in a design course they usually ask for previous experience and that certain skills are demonstrated through previous work.

How to do internships in a marketing department in Australia

All the schools with which we dingoos have agreements offer the option of doing internships in companies, since they have their own employment pool.
Therefore, when doing one of these courses, yes or yes we will obtain the experience of working in an Australian company. Of course also the possibility that they know us and we can access a job in it.


Having seen, studying marketing in Australia is a great idea. The courses have a similar price to the training in Spain and you can study and work at the same time thanks to the student visa. But also:

  • We will improve our English
  • We will study in prestigious and innovative schools.
  • We will have the possibility to start a career in a place where working in marketing is valued
  • And of course, Australia is an incredible country to live

Bonus: Infographics of the Marketing sector in Australia

If you also think it's a good idea, come on! The dingoos they accompany you in the preparation of the trip, the search of the school, etc. so that you become a super professional of marketing and live a great experience.
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