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What are the main cities of Australia?

Today we tell you how are the main Australian cities so you can go thinking about which Australian city you would like to live. We anticipate that you will not have it easy, because they all have irresistible things.

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It is the city you have heard most about and that, although many do not know, is not the capital of Australia! Nevertheless:

  • You have 5 million Happy to inhabit it daily.
  • It's in a bay, a super pretty enclave.
  • It belongs to the state of New South Wales.
  • It has the main airport in Australia, so from it you can travel to many other places in the world.
  • It has a very low unemployment rate and many possibilities to work in tourism or hospitality.
  • There are spectacular natural areas, such as Blue Mountains, which are very close to the city.
  • In summer the weather is very pleasant and in winter it is cool, but it does not usually go too low.
  • Es the most expensive city from Australia, although salaries are also the highest.

Living in Sydney is doing it in one of the most cosmopolitan places on the planet. With people of all nationalities and with an exciting cultural and leisure environment. You will find great neighborhoods and you will know where to live as soon as you get to them, because you will see if the neighborhood is what you are looking for instantly, only through the streets and the style of the neighbors. Get carried away by her public transport and enjoy the city to the fullest. Regarding the study, you will be able to choose between lots of english schools. And if what you want is to become professional or study once and for all what you have always dreamed of, in Sydney you will find VET courses on everything you can think of: photography, fitness, marketing, ...


The city of bohemia and culture, Melbourne is an architectural beauty and a peaceful city to live in, despite its size.

  • They live in it 4 million and a half people.
  • It is in the state of Victoria.
  • Its temperature is quite cool in winter and in general, the weather is quite changing.
  • It's great to get around in bike.
  • Every day you will have appetizing leisure options, some free.
  • If you link Australia with surfing, you will probably discard it.

It is a great city and that is why many international students choose it for study in Melbourne. On a practical level, unemployment is low and easy to find work. You will have great neighborhoods where to live And to feel like an authentic aussie or to be the coolest person on the planet, you decide. If you decide to live in Melbourne surely you will not regret it. its public transport It is good and will take you to perfect corners, like St Kilda or Sorrento.

Gold Coast

  • Gold Coast is one of the best places in Australia to practice surf.
  • La temperature is nice throughout the year.
  • It is medium in size, with 1.5 million people.
  • Receive enough tourism and part of the city, especially the Surfer Paradise area, is very designed for them.
  • It belongs to the state of Queensland.
  • It only 70 km from Brisbane, so if you want a bigger city, in half an hour you will be in it.
  • You will find places to live at better prices than in the big Australian cities.

The fact that it is quite touristy makes it easy for you to find work in the sector. Also, if you come with the student visa, you will be able to study in Gold Coast whatever you want, because there is a great offer of English and VET courses. It is a city that can be easily explored on foot or by bike, but if you need to take public transport, there will be no problem. Anyway, you'll get to super leisure plans both during the weekends and during the week.


It is a cozy city with a lot of character.

  • It is the third city in Australia, with two and a half million inhabitants.
  • It's in Queensland, between Gold Coast and Noosa.
  • Receive enough international students.
  • Employment is not seasonal, so you can get it all year long.
  • The winters They are very warm.
  • You will not get bored, every day you will have a lot of leisure things to do and super interesting places to visit.

If your idea is study in Brisbane, you will not have a problem finding what you are looking for. It is a city in which not many think a priori to live, but once you know it, get hooked. Not only for their possibilities of study and work, but for the quality of life in general. Its neighborhoods are very diverse, so whatever you like, you will find a good place where to live in Brisbane.. In addition, you will meet people from all over the world who will greatly enrich your experience.

Byron Bay

Are you thinking of leaving us behind stories and big cities because what you come to look for is relaxation and lots of beach? Well, if we have read your thoughts ... Byron Bay is your place anyway.

  • It has stunning beaches that enjoy less than 5000 inhabitants (more tourists).
  • It's in New South Wales, 165 km from Brisbane.
  • Si quieres playica all year, in winter you have to know that it is cool, although you can continue enjoying it.
  • Finding a job is more complicated than in other places in Australia, because it is quite seasonal.

It is a bohemian town, with a touch between hippie and interesting chill out. Despite its size it is quite well known and international students approach to to study English while enjoying a sabbatical time. It has quite interesting sites where to live and more recreational activities than those that a priori usually offer such small towns, so you will not get bored at all.


We go to the other end of Australia to reach Perth, an innovative, dynamic city surrounded by spectacular nature. It is the great capital of Western Australia and the reference city on the West Coast of Australia.

  • Here they live almost two million people. It has grown a lot in recent years.
  • Both mining sector like that of the construction They generate thousands of jobs.
  • It's in Western AustraliaThat is, far from the rest of Australia's main cities.
  • Its climate is very similar to Mediterranean climate.

Perth is dynamic and familiar. It is not a city with a culture of international student reception, and although it is changing, it shows in the environment and in its type of leisure. However, if what you want is study in good schools, live in Neighborhoods of film and spend a season more overturned in nature than at the party, Perth can be great for you.


We keep going north until we reach Cairns. Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Great Barrier Reef? If so, you may be interested in considering the possibility of living in Cairns, a town-sized city that, due to its location, is the city from which more excursions depart to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

  • It has medium size, with 120 thousand inhabitants.
  • At the level of nature It's a pass, you'll be surprised. And if you like diving, you will cry with happiness.
  • The weather is mild throughout the year.
  • It is a of the cheapest cities from Australia to live.
  • In the tourism sector it is quite simple find a job.
  • It has some great neighborhoods where to live.

If you would like to live in a place with aussie style, Cairns may be your place. You'll have enough Things to Do, and not only in the natural environment, but also of culture and celebration. Regarding the studies, you will find less options than in larger cities, but if your idea is to study English or specialize in something that is not very extravagant, you will surely find options.

Noosa and Sunshine Coast

We take a super jump to return to the east coast, to one of the areas with the best climate and beaches in Australia, Noosa and Sunshine Coast. We tell you about these two cities together due to their geographical proximity and the similarities in the lifestyle of both cities located just 35 minutes away by car.

  • In both cities you will find fantastic beaches and a general atmosphere very holiday.
  • They are in the State of Queensland, North of Brisbane.
  • If you want to work in the tourism or hospitality sector, both cities can be a good destination.

They are located in a paradisiacal area just as "paradise" comes to mind. They are great destinations to live and study for a season, but depending on your goals in Australia, perhaps a larger and less vacation city can provide more professional outings. Be that as it may, there are great things to do, and if not to stay to live, at least one visit we recommend.


We teleported back to the capital of South Australia; Adelaide. The fifth largest city in Australia and one of the fastest growing in recent years. Many of our students are attracted to job opportunities since the penetration of immigrants in this city is lower than others such as Sydney or Melbourne.

  • It has an approximate population of one million people And growing.
  • It is a coastal city bathed by the Indian Ocean.
  • It was established in 1836 and its name comes from Queen Adelaide, consort of King William IV of the United Kingdom.
  • Its climate is warm, very similar to Mediterranean climate.

This city is a very good option if you are thinking of staying in Australia for the long term and want to explore the options of applying for permanent residence.


Hobart is the oldest city in Australia, founded in the XNUMXth century by Colonel David Collins. It is located in the state of Tasmania, at the mouth of the Demwert River.

  • For years, its inhabitants were exclusively convicts, whalers and seal hunters
  • Is a of the cheapest cities in Australia
  • Due to its relative proximity to Antarctica, Hobart is the city with lowest temperatures of all Australian cities

Hobart is capable of combine the best of a modern city with the best of the wildest nature: beach, forests, mountains and natural reserves surround it, configuring an impressive landscape in which, in addition, it is lived very well.

What factors influence the choice of city to study and work in Australia?

It is interesting to consider these factors:


Employment possibilities

Depending on what you want to work in Australia you will have more options to find work in some cities than in others.

For example, many jobs for international students are linked to tourism, for that reason a place of reference is Gold Coast, the tourist city par excellence of Australia.

If for example you are a mining engineer, and you want to end up working of yours In Australia, a good place to come will be Perth, where the mining sector is very relevant.


Leisure options

Do you like surfing Well, you will have to come to a city with good beaches nearby where you can do it like Gold Coast or Sydney. Are you an inveterate cultureta? Well then your ideal city may be Melbourne ...


Distance to other important cities

In Australia the distances are immense. That is why many people choose the Pacific Coast from Sydney to Cairns to travel more comfortably between cities.



Although many times we see Australia as a country with warm weather, being so large we can find many climates inside of her. If you come with the idea that you do not want winter, in Melbourne, for example, you will find it. Look how is the weather in Australia.


Quality study centers

Although Australia's schools are generally quite level, you may want to study something very specific or take a master's degree in a prestigious university. This will be a key variable that will make you choose between one city or another.


Cost of living

If you go to work while studying this you should not worry too much because wages are closely linked to the cost of living. If your idea is not to work, cities like Brisbane or Gold Coast are cheaper than Melbourne or Sydney.

And with all this, hopefully you already have more clear what is your ideal Australian city. Ahhh, what are you still with doubts? Well, nothing tell us what they are and how you see yourself living in Australia and we will recommend you city.


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