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What does this discount offer?

Little Camper Co is a fully equipped Gold Coast Campervans rental company, including gas stove, sunroof, unlimited kilometers, insurance ...

What advantages does being a Dingoos student have


Being a Dingoos student you have a 10% discount on all reservations from Monday to Thursday.


Special conditions

  • Not valid during the months of December & January.
  • Only valid for reservations from Monday to Thursday.
  • Not valid on holidays.

What do I have to do to take advantage of this discount?

  • Look into your website Disponibility
  • Send an email with the dates you want to book to saying that you are a Dingoos student to apply the discount.


Dingoos assistant
"If you are a Dingoos student you can also enjoy a discount on your travel insurance with Mondo to travel without worries"
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