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Discounts for Dingoos students in Adelaide

If you come to Australia with Dingoos you can enjoy a lot of discounts in the main Australian cities. Keep reading because we tell you about the discounts available for Dingoos students in Adelaide.

Discounts on transportation and travel

Your cheaper trips and transportation for being part of the #FamiliaDingoos. Enjoy discounts:


Airport parking discounts

Reserve your parking near any airport at super prices with Vuelapar and this discount just for being part of the #FamiliaDingoos


Car rental to work on Uber Drive

Splend offers special discount in the rental of these vehicles for Dingoos students who work as Uber Driver in Australia.


Vehicle rental discount

As a DIingoos student, you can rent the Cheapa Campa and Hippie Camper models with a 10% off with Apollo Camper.


Car and campervan rental

En Travelers Autobarn you're going to have a 5% off in the daily rental rate only by entering in on the web the code "dingoos".


Discount on Nomads World accommodation

Nomads World has a network of backpackers around Australia and you can enjoy a discount of 10% throughout your stay in Australia just for being part of the #FamiliaDingoos.


$ 39 AUD off on Airbnb

When you create a new Airbnb account you can save you $ 39 AUD in your first reservation just for being a Dingoos student. Just follow these directions.


Uber discount

Being from Dingoos you will save $ 10 AUD when you make your first trip with UBER. You have to enter the code hpfug7fsue when you create your new account in the promotions section.


Transportation to and from the airport

With Con-X-ion you will have your transfer 20% cheaper from or to the airport when booking through this link and just for being a Dingoos student.


Travel insurance discount

Just for being a Dingoos student you have a 5% off in your travel insurance with World reserving through this link.


Your cheapest travel insurance for W&H

Hiring travel insurance when you come with W&H is almost essential. Who wants a setback to condition an entire experience? Also, if you book it through us with Travelfine it will be much cheaper.


Move around Australia with Greyhound and this discount

For being part of the #FamiliaDingoos, you and your companions will have a special discount in any of the trips offered G


Cheaper eggs

Take advantage of the agreement we have with the Qatar Airways airline and enjoy discounts and special conditions on your plane tickets to Australia just for being part of the #FamiliaDingoos. Take a look at discount code and take advantage of it.


Accommodation with YHA

Enjoy a special discount for being a dingoos student in the YHA backpackers network. Here are the conditions of the discount code.

Leisure discounts

With these leisure discounts in the Sunshine Coast you will enjoy the beauty:


Excursions and trips with My Dream Adventures

Discover the wonders that Australia, New Zealand and the Fiji Islands have to offer with My dream adventures and this exclusive discount just for being part of the #FamiliaDingoos.


Shark Cage Diving with Shark Cage Diving

Calypso Star Charters It has been operating in Australia for many years and is one of the two companies that exist in the country to dive with the great white shark. Take a discount at discount code that you have available for being a Dingoos student.

Discounts on purchases

You can save a little money on your purchases, it is very easy with:


Uber Eats

Thanks to the fact that you belong to the #FamiliaDingoos you will have a $ 10 AUD discount on your first home delivery purchase. Enter the code eats-hpfug7fsue after creating your account and voila.

Training Discounts

Get trained at an unbeatable price:


Online English classes with Preply

For being a Dingoos student you have a special discount on Preply, an online platform where you have 100% native English teachers to give your private English classes from home.


Improve your English online with Gymenglish

Gymenglish offers fun, short and personalized English courses, and just for being part of the #FamiliaDingoos you will have a whole month to enjoy this tool totally free.

Other discounts

And many other things ...


Your cheapest tax return

With The Guardian Tax Solutions you have a special discount so that your tax returns in Australia are cheaper. Here We tell you the prices and how to do it.


First international transfer without commissions

If you belong to the #FamiliaDingoos your first transfer with Transferwise up to $ 912 AUD will be free. You just have to sign up and do it through this link.


Free home delivery of your sworn translations

Hisparos Translations offers sworn translations at an unbeatable price and with free shipping just for being a Dingoos student.


Psychological assistance

Your first session with Qataris By video call it will be free just for being a Dingoos student.


International transfers with NexPay

Send money to or from Australia with Nexpay and save $ 15 AUD for every $ 1,000 AUD you send.


Health insurance with Allianz

With the health insurance it offers Allianz you will be insured throughout your experience in Australia with the better coverage at an unbeatable price.


SIM cards to travel the world

For being a Dingoos student you have a 5% off on physical SIM cards and a 10% discount on the eSIM card offered by HolaFly.


NAATI Certified Translations

You have discount on different services translation services offered by NAATI. Get informed here!


Luggage shipments

Do you need to send suitcases? Well in, for being a Dingoos student, you are going to have a 15% off. You just have to enter the code "dingoos" on the web during the purchase process.


Movies online with Amazon Prime Video

For being part of the #FamiliaDingoos you have one month free to watch all the movies you want with Amazon Prime Video. We recommend you you are 9 to travel to Australia from the couch.


Online music with Amazon Music

For being a Dingoos student you have one month free to listen to all the music you want with Amazon Music.

And so far our discounts available for Dingoos students in Adelaide. Stay tuned because we will include many more soon.

And if you are not yet a Dingoos student and you are thinking of coming to study for a season in Australia, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you plan your experience.

Listen to the best selection of Australian music

Enjoy 30 days of free subscription on Amazon Music to listen to the music you love the most.


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