instagram accounts about australia
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10 instagram accounts that you should know before traveling to Australia

If you want to open your mouth before coming to Australia, know the best places to visit and learn a little about aussie life, do not miss these Instagram accounts, they will inspire you and enchant you. Let's go?

Top 5 official Instagram accounts about Australia

Come on, let's go with the officers, who have some great tips and photos.


It is the official account for tourism in Australia. You will find photos of all regions, some really good. In addition, the information of each post, although summarized, is very interesting, and first hand!


The official account of the Queensland state government. Are you going to be in this area? Well, then you are interested and much! Great photos, tourist tips and a community manager that does not miss one.

instagram accounts about australia


If you want to know things about Sydney outside the purely tourist, take a look at this account. They give you a lot of ideas about places to visit!

instagram accounts about australia

Visit Melbourne

It is the ideal place to discover beautiful places both in Melbourne and its surroundings. Take a look and you will see how you learn things that will enrich your stay in Melbourne.

instagram accounts about australia

Destination Gold Coast

Many incredible landscapes and proposals for plans in nature, where to eat, what to do ... A tourist account in full rule, but that brings some very interesting ideas.

instagram accounts about australia


We get into the official accounts of Australia, why not? If in our account you will find a lot of useful information about Australia, great photos and information about the events we organize or participate in. If you are coming to Australia, follow us! That we want to tell you little things.

instagram accounts about australia

Top 5 Australian instagramers

And to know the aussie lifestyle and other very interesting things, nothing better than to follow these pieces of pure-bred Australian instagramers.

Laurene PBath

If in the world of Instagram there were Oscar awards this instagramer would carry a few statuettes. With almost half a million followers, he has some great photos, comments his day to day and brings a lot of info about Western Australia.

instagram accounts about australia


A professional photographer that will leave you open-mouthed with the work you do. Everything is landscapes, but ... what landscapes! Take a look at your photos and hallucinate.

instagram accounts about australia


He lives in Sydney, but the boy travels a lot and takes a piece of amazing photos. Especially of animals and landscapes.

instagram accounts about australia


This photographer has a very personal style. He brings to all his photographs a bucolic and soft touch, as if he were caressing velvet. So, visiting his Instagram is a journey for both the sense of sight and the sense of touch.

instagram accounts about australia


If you are from road trip, surf and pretty things in general do not stop following this account. Melissa is a crack and her account has a lot of style.

instagram accounts about australia

Have you been keeping an eye on the accounts and are you already in Australia? Normal! If this is one of the most incredible places in the world. Come! We will help you with everything if you come with the student visa.

Will you be in a short time visiting the places that appear in the photos? Why not? Contact us and you will be a little closer.


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