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How much does it cost to live in Australia?

How much money do I need to live in Australia? Is it realistic to think that with my savings I will be able to stay for a while? Will you give me the money I earn working for a living?

If you are thinking about all these questions, you have come to the right place, because our experience living in these lands will clarify your main doubts about How much does it cost to live in Australia?  Also, since not all cities are the same, we are going to talk to you about some of them so you can get an idea of ​​which ones are more expensive.

4 factors that will determine your cost of living in Australia

These 4 elements will have to be present when calculating your cost of living in Australia.

The city where you live

As it happens in all countries, large capitals are usually more expensive than the rest. In general, the cost of living in Madrid will be higher than in Almería, because the same happens between Sydney and Gold Coast. Above all, you will notice the difference in the cost of accommodation and transport (not because it has to be more expensive, but because you will use it more because of the greater distances).

Does this mean that you can forget about living in Sydney? Well, not in principle, because as it happens between Almeria and Madrid, you can also earn more in Sydney in time and have more jobs to choose from. Therefore, to opt for a city, the cost of living does not have to be a determining factor, and other factors must be taken into account.

Place where you live inside the city

In addition to this, in principle, the closer to the center you live in a more expensive city the rents will be. But, in addition, there are neighborhoods cheaper than others and within the neighborhoods, it will always cost more an apartment on the beachfront or with great views of a park.

Type of accommodation you choose

The cheapest is always going to be to share a room in an apartment with another student. After that, renting a room will be cheaper than living in a student residence, Por ejemplo.

Offer of available services

It tienes low cost supermarkets close to home will always be cheaper to buy. These are usually not in the center of the cities, so your maintenance may cost more or less depending on the access you have to cheaper stores.

On the other hand, if you can move freely, on foot or by bike, you will save a good peak. That is why it is important to value the decisions that make you save very well.

What will be my initial investment to live in Australia?

A few months ago we published an article about the savings you'll need to start your Australian adventure. In a rough way, we calculate that some $ 5500 AUD (about 3500 euros). These are the accounts we made taking into account $ 620 AUD of the student visa, $ 1.500 AUD of the tuition in one course, $ 1.500 AUD of airline tickets and the rest to pay for accommodation, food, etc. during your first month.

Cost of living in Australia by city

As we said, the cost of living changes depending on the city. So, to give you an idea, we are going to tell you the peculiarities of some of the most important ones, especially regarding accommodation, which is what most marks the differences.

Cost of living in Sydney

El Sydney accommodation It is usually more expensive than in other parts of Australia, but it also depends on the neighborhoods. For example, the North of Sydney is quite glamorous and it shows in the rents, which can be even higher than in the center. In the outskirts, a room can leave you for about $ 250 AUD per week, but in trendy neighborhoods or downtown you will easily leave for $ 350 AUD.

Regarding food, cooking at home you will not notice much difference between cities, since the typical supermarkets have the same prices in all. So, for about $ 60-80 AUD a week you can be perfectly fed, no frills, of course.

Transportation in Sydney is carito. Anyway there are quite a few tricks to save (like traveling out of rush hour), the first of all to get the Opal Card, but there is more, look at how public transport works in Sydney how to save.

Regarding leisure, there is so much in Sydney that you will always find options that fit your pocket. There are expensive restaurants and pubs where you can get an eye for a pint, but there are also at reasonable prices.

Cost of living in Melbourne

Living in Melbourne usually something cheaper than doing it in Sydney, especially for the lower price of accommodation and savings in transportation (There are free tram lines and the bike is used a lot). In the center of Melbourne there are quite a few accommodation options, so practically everyone lives in the surroundings. In neighborhoods close to the center the week, in a single room, you can leave for about $ 250 AUD, but if you move away you can find good options for about $ 180 AUD.

One great thing about Melbourne is that there are always a lot of free cultural plans, so, on that side, you save a lot.

Here we leave you some neighborhoods of Melbourne that are very well to live.

Cost of living in Perth

As you can see, we go from more to less expensive, although in the case of Perth, the cost of living can be very close to Melbourne. In the center, you can easily get a room for $ 250 AUD. What sets it apart from Sydney or Melbourne, is that if you go to a remote neighborhood you can find much cheaper options ($ 130-150 AUD). If you are thinking of living in Perth, do not miss this article about its main neighborhoods.

Regarding leisure, Perth has fewer options than other cities, but you will also find plenty of price variability, it will only be a matter of having once located your favorite places and that fit your budget.

Cost of living in Brisbane

The price of accommodation in Brisbane is usually lower than the previous three. In the center, as in all, we could be talking about $ 230-250 AUD a week, but if we go away we can find options for about $ 150-170 AUD.

For public transport, the card that works in Brisbane is the Go Card with which you save an 30% with respect to the simple ticket and if you travel outside peak time an 20% more. In addition, you can rent public bikes, which are free during the first half hour if you have the Go Card in subscription mode.

Cost of living on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is cheaper than previous ones. For rent, you can find rooms in apartments or houses very well located for about $ 200 AUD per week, and further away from the center for about $ 150 AUD.

Regarding leisure, keep in mind that it is a very tourist city. This indicates that there is going to be a lot of price variability and that there are bars and restaurants in the most famous areas that it is better not to frequent (not only for the prices, but for the quality / price ratio). Do not worry because we dingoos are great cicerones and we will guide you great so you do not fall in the box of the scam.

Regarding transportation, the Go Card also works here. Something very good that Gold Coast has, compared to other bigger cities, is that you will be able to move a lot by bike, with all the savings that implies.

Cost of living in Byron Bay

In Byron Bay, you are going to save on transportation since almost all trips can be done on foot or by bike. Regarding accommodation, there is a lot of price difference between high and low season. In low season you can rent a room between $ 150 and 200 AUD and even less. But in high season things get complicated, and if you have not lived there for a while, you have contacts and a good eye, it can cost you enough to find something decent and affordable.

Tips for saving in Australia

Let's go with some tips that will make you save a lot:

  • Do not discard room sharing, keep in mind that you can always look for an individual if you are not well.
  • Make a shopping list and go to the cheapest supermarkets, Aldi type, once a month or a week. That way you will not be buying little by little in small shops, which tend to be more expensive.
  • If you are not very agile with the bike, put your batteries, because in many cities it is the best means of transport.
  • Beware of unfurnished rooms. Think carefully about what it will cost you to furnish it before "give yes".
  • In most cities offer a lot of free cultural events: visits to museums, workshops, screenings, etc. When you get there, get them, because they will make you enjoy without spending a hard time.
  • At Dingoos we also offer many for our students: yoga classes, excursions, parties, etc. Stay tuned and do not miss any.

And ... keep in mind that in any city working part-time you will be able to stay without problems in Australia. So, if you have your initial savings, jump like a kangaroo because here we are going to welcome you with open arms. See everything we can do for you.


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