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What do I have to do to join?

To come abroad with Dingoos and be part of this our community #SomosDingoos, you just have to contact us. It all starts by sending us an email!

As soon as we read you, we will contact you to know your case in detail and we will help you in a personalized way. We will take care of everything, from advising you on which course suits you best based on your tastes, preferences or budget to enroll in it or process your visa so that you do not do a single paperwork.

Then, we will accompany you in the preparations for your great trip, and once you are here we will receive you as one of ours offering you a lots of services designed so that your integration goes smoothly and you enjoy your international experience to the fullest.

Who are part of the community?

We are many people from many different places, but we all have something in common that unites us: we were looking for a great life experience, to turn our lives 180 degrees, and Australia and Canada gave us an opportunity that we will never forget.

Community #SomosDingoos It is basically made up of students, travelers with the Work & Holiday visa and #DingoosTeam. We are spread throughout Australia and part of Canada and even in different parts of the world. Our maxim is to help each other to realize our common and individual goals.

What exclusive advantages do members have?

As a member of the community #SomosDingoos, you will enjoy a lot of exclusive advantages that will make you wonder why you did not dare to come before.

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Contact with other members

In Dingoos we know that being out of the house gives vertigo and that there are many moments when you can miss your family and friends. Therefore We have a Telegram group in each of the cities in which we are present. In them, you will meet a lot of people in the same situation. You will be able to solve any doubt in real time. You will find job offers that we are sharing, apartments that are rented and even bicycles or cars that are sold among the members of the community. In addition, belonging to these groups, you will be up to date with all the events and plans that we organize in the different cities of Australia and Canada.

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Dingoos events

Every two by three we look for a way to spend more time together, whether in the form of a surfing masterclass, soccer party, ski classes or barbecue on the seashore. And all free, of course! As a good family, Dingoos like to share time together. Look at everything we've done in recent months and imagine the great moments we have left to live!

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Student service

As a member of the community #SomosDingoos, you will never be alone. You will have to student service department always at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise and accompany you throughout your stay in destination for anything you may need. From helping you find a flat to giving you advice to find that job opportunity you are looking for. And no, we do not charge you for it, it would be more: it is a 100% free service that no one else can offer you.

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Exclusive discounts

When you have lived in a place for a long time, you become a real expert on that place. At Dingoos we are experts in Australia and Canada, and our experience has allowed us to interact and get discounts and exclusive advantages in products and services that will make your stay much easier (and cheaper).

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Leisure and accommodation plans for Australia and Canada

One of the best things you can do to make the most of your experience is to travel within the country and discover its paradisiacal beaches, its infinite deserts and its cosmopolitan cities. Wherever you go, you will need a hostel to stay in: as a member of the community #SomosDingoos you will save a lot of money enjoying the collaboration agreements we have with companies from accommodation in Australia and Canada. But that's not all: we also have agreements with companies with organized plans so that you can parachute, tour Niagara Falls, dive with sharks or go on a cruise through the Whitsundays at the best price.

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Access to other Dingoos services

All these advantages are not few, but the best thing is that there are still many more: Dingoos services are a complete and free package created specifically so that you do not miss anything during your stay in Australia. Discover everything we have prepared for you!

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