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emigrate to canada

Everything you need to emigrate to Canada

Why immigrate to Canada? There are many reasons to emigrate to Canada, both socially, politically and professionally ...

Miguel Martín
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enter Canada with a student visa

How to enter Canada with a student visa during Covid-19?

If you want to take advantage of these rare times by studying something that you are passionate about, you will like to know that Canada allows entry to all international students with a valid student visa. There are some extra requirements, but this promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. Read on to know everything you need to study in Canada during Covid-19.

Sylvia Díaz
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customs in canada

Everything you need to get through customs in Canada

If there is a key moment in any trip, this is the moment when you get off the plane and go to the queue to cross customs. "Will I have all the papers in order?", "Have I forgotten any documents?", "Will they let me pass?"

Miguel Martín
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requirements to travel to canada

Requirements to travel to Canada

Unless you are Canadian, to enter Canada you will need a visa, and to get that visa you will have to meet a series of requirements. We warn you that the processes can be long, but with our help you will be packing your suitcase and heading to Canada almost without realizing it. Do you want to know what visa you need to come to Canada and what are the requirements to get it? Keep reading!

Sandra Pascual
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biometric tests canada

Biometric tests to travel in Canada

Getting everything ready to start your Canadian adventure and have you stumbled upon biometric tests? Well rest assured, although they have a somewhat disturbing name, biometric tests are simply a slightly more advanced way of collecting data that will be essential for you to enter Canada. Read on to find out exactly what they are, what they are for, and where to get them.

Miguel Martín
4 'reading

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