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Living in Vancouver

If you want to come to Canada and live in the city with the most checks in the country, welcome to Vancouver! Here nature will leave you speechless, the urban plan comes from the future and its population is so multicultural that after living in Vancouver you will feel that you have lived in many other places.

Vancouver: dynamism and modernity in a privileged natural environment.

The concepts of quality of life and large cities do not usually go hand in hand ... until it appears on your radar Vancouver, the most modern city on the Pacific Coast. One of the characteristics that make it very special Vancouver, is that it was conbuilt inside a forest, resulting in the 600.000 inhabitants of the City and its more than 2 million inhabitants of the metropolitan area, have a very connected with nature, in which many outdoor sports and leisure activities.

Moreover, Vancouver is a pioneer in the use of innovative technologies and renewable energy, and in the city the use of electric cars is encouraged. This has a positive impact on the quality of life that you will enjoy living in the City: less pollution and much less noise, which helps promote feelings of peace and tranquility, even in the heart of the city.

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Vancouver views

Advantages and disadvantages of living in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of most desired cities to live, although that does not mean that it is perfect. There is always room for improvement, even in Vancouver!



  • You will be able to choose between a great variety of different leisure activities: cultural, sports and night plans.
  • La educational quality is exceptional and has many renowned schools.
  • La population is very nice and lead an active lifestyle.
  • If you like to be in contact with nature Here you can go hiking, kayaking, cycling, mountain excursions, sledding ...
  • Vancouver is a coastal city and has numerous beaches.
  • El weather is quite friendly for most of the time.
  • El public transport works very well.
  • It is very safe and quiet.
  • In a short time you can lose yourself by countless National Parks.


  • The rainfall is abundant and constant for most of the year.
  • El cost of living It is one of the highest in Canada.
  • No almost no atmosphere outside the city center.
  • If your plan is to travel through Canada, maybe Vancouver is a bit isolated from the rest of the country.

Our Dingoos with experience in Canada

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Raul Cely
Dingoos Guide
"Its population is so multicultural that after living in Vancouver you will feel that you have lived in many other places"

Vancouver accommodation: the best neighborhoods

Vancouver, always so modern and dynamic, has accommodations for all tastes and pockets. Are you more of living in the center, in the Asian neighborhood, in the trendy neighborhood or on the outskirts? Let's find out!



Only suitable for people with large budgets and very persevering. Downtown are the most expensive rentals, although price will not always go hand in hand with quality. Finding something in condition, even paying, can be very hard work.

The good thing is that it is one of the more comfortable areas, since you will be right where everything happens. Theaters, cinemas, restaurants of all kinds, cafes and bars are concentrated in this area.



Is very close to downtown and is famous for its large number of inhabitants of Asian origin, and therefore of Asian restaurants and grocery stores. Perfect for culture lovers on this side of the world.


West End

If you're a quieter life, but at the same time with some life, in the West End you will find your place. Despite being quite populated, it has many parks and access to beaches where you can breathe calm.



Yalestown it is ideal for those who want live in the trendy neighborhood and have under the house the best restaurants, trendy cafes and many nightlife plans.



This is the historic downtown Vancouver and every day hundreds of tourists stroll through its streets full of history and dotted with souvenir shops and restaurants for all tastes.


Commercial Drive

Called The Drive For the locals, it is the commercial area that brings together the most alternative shops. It is full of cool shops and trendy restaurants, and the neighborhood's nightlife is very lively, so if you like to party, it will be good if you place it on the map.



Famous for its hippie beginnings, now Kitsilano is a residential area with a lot of life and ideal for lovers of the sea since it is side of the beach. Although the rent is a little high, live in Kitsilano means to live very near the center, in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Vancouver.


East Vancouver

It is one of the most popular neighborhoodsbetween theinternational students, since it is close to downtown and many of the study centers. It has many leisure options, as well as restaurants, cafes and pubs where you can have a drink with your friends at the end of the day.

What's the weather like in Vancouver?

If you are not a big fan of climatic extremes and you get along with the rain, in Vancouver you will feel very comfortable. It is true that it rains a lot, is affectionately known as Rainy City, but that makes its landscape especially lush and captivating. Let's see a little more in detail how they are stations in Vancouver.



From September to December the temperature is quite moderate, hovering around 15 ° C. The cloudy days invite you to put on good water boots and a light coat to explore the pretty parks dressed in orange, red and yellow. All an emblem of the station and that in Vancouver you will enjoy very much since nature is perfectly integrated into the city. If the rain squeezesNothing better than meeting your friends in a cafeteria to watch the rain fall behind the window.



Winter is coming and the first snows. At the end of October, Vancouver dresses in white to welcome the city's inhabitants with their hockey sticks and sleds. It's time for some winter sports!

Although the sky will pass cloudy in different shades of gray during these months, the truth is that Vancouver enjoys a very mild temperatures about 7°C on average, perfect for those who like the cold, but not so much.



Now is the time to enjoy the awakening of nature. From February to April, temperatures rise until reaching the 18 ° C. Es rainy seasonStill, so we recommend that you take your umbrella and camera for a walk and go to one of the parks. The treetops are repopulated with leaves ... and the cherry trees are in full bloom. Very instagram approved! 



Following in his moderate line, Summers in Vancouver are mild. The temperatures, always pleasant, never exceed the 27° C or drop below 18 ° C.

In this age they blow warm winds from the Pacific, with what the humidity is greater and is felt in the skin.

From June to September Vancouver takes to the streets to enjoy the longest days and the wonderful nature of the city and its surroundings, where kayaking, bicycle rides and, the most daring they enjoy a swim in the ocean.

How is the cost of living in Montreal?

Ready to see what budget you will need for live in Vancouver? To give you a clearer idea, we have prepared this list of fixed expenses that you will have yes or yes when you start your adventure in Canada. Keep in mind that some expenses are very personal and that depending on your lifestyle or how capricious you are, your average monthly expense it can go up or down.



On average, a student in Vancouver spends per month about $ 400 CAD to make the purchase. In general, grocery shopping is one of those that is going to take the biggest chunk out of your monthly budget. And, although it is true that shopping in Vancouver is a little more expensive than in other countries, if you plan and get your research skills, you can fill your shopping cart at a better price.

To do this, the key is to go to large supermarkets, where promotions and offers are the order of the day.



Si Te gusta exercise and save money while going to work or class, in Vancouver you can do it, since it has a very efficient cycle path network and that covers almost the entire city.

For those days that you are more lazy or that you do not feel like arriving all sweaty to your destination, you can get around by public transport.

Vancouver has Translink, the transport network that brings together bus, trams, Skytrain (subway), train and Seabus (ferry).

These transports are distributed throughout the city and connect in a thousand wonders the entire urban complex of Vancouver and its metropolitan area.

With a single pass you can use all means of transport and the price will vary depending on the area in which your monthly pass is valid. The city is divided into zone 1, 2 and 3 and the prices for a monthly pass is 93 $ CAD, 126 $ CAD and 172 $ CAD respectively.



Living in Vancouver is quite expensive in general. The solution? Search for shared accommodations and look out of town. As we have already seen, everything is very well connected and you will notice it at the end of the month in your pocket.

Rent a room in a room in a shared flat en Vancouver City costs about $ 750 CAD, while if you decide to move to the suburbs, you can find a nice room for about $ 500 CAD.

And if you are looking for a whole home for you, we are in the same. Within Vancouver city prices for a study starts at about $ 1000 CAD.

If you decide settle in the outskirts, the price drops to 800 $ CAD, which means a substantial saving.

Something cool about accommodations in Canada is that they usually include in the price the community expenses, water and gas. Less things to pay!


Leisure and free time

Not everything is going to be working to meet the expenses in the supermarket ... we will also have to have a little fun, right?

El leisure budget it is one that can be the most disparate. There are so many things you can do to have fun without spending, and more in Vancouver where the outdoor leisure. 

But here we are looking at what the things that can be bought with money cost, right?

So let's do a little review of what it costs the typical weekend plans in Vancouver.

Typically, a student with a average social life, spend in Vancouver about $ 240 CAD in leisure. 

For example, a beer in a local pub, it may cost you some $ 7 CAD. An entry from cinema, about $ 14 CAD and one of theater over $ 60 CAD, depending on the show you want to see.

If later you want to go to dine, the account will be about $ 25 CAD per person. And if you want to treat yourself and go to have dinner at a good restaurant, the price will quietly double, until it reaches the $ 50 CAD.


Phone and others

In Vancouver, you can hire your telephone line and internet at home with one of the main companies Canadian telecommunications starting at $ 50 CAD.
The best thing is that you compare the prices of Bell, Rogers, Fido, Freedm and Telusy and see which one suits you best.

As for electricity and electricity costs, on average in a flat the expenses rise to $ 70 CAD to be divided by the number of occupants.

What are salaries like in Vancouver?

If you have come to make moneyIn Vancouver it won't cost you much effort. Minimum wage is $ 13 CAD per hour, although they normally pay $ 15 CAD.

The base salary will depend a lot on the work you do and, as in almost all places, the more specialized, the more you will earn. The base salary of someone who works full time is around $ 2600 CAD. And if you work as a waiter, make room in the piggy bank for tips! Here they are mandatory and range from 15% to 20% of the bill.

What are the most demanded jobs for students?

Students who come to Vancouver they have many Job opportunities to combine a part-time job and your studies. Let's see the positions with the most demand:

  • Au pair
  • Construction worker
  • Delivery man
  • Stewardess
  • Baker
  • Hospitality
  • Kitchen assistant
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Floor reviewer
  • Receptionist

Tourism: what to see in Vancouver?

We hope you come with time and a good raincoat, because you will need them to discover all the wonders of Vancouver. Here all imaginable plans are perfectly combined, from the most active and natural to the most cosmopolitan.


Stanley Park

How about starting your visit at the National Urban Park biggest in the world? Two concepts that may shock you, but in Vancouver, nature is seamlessly integrated into the city. It has its own boardwalk and is ideal for cycling with mandatory stops at the Vancouver Aquarium and First Nations totems.


Lynn canyon park

If you like nature, hiking and adventure in this park you can enjoy discovering this part, which also hides an incredible suspension bridge.


Capilano Bridge

And speaking of Hanging bridgesHere's another one to check in and let your adrenaline rise. Located in the North District of Vancouver, it is 140 meters long and suspended at Meters 70 over a river


Grouse mountain

Continuing with the most natural part of Vancouver, 15 minutes from downtown are these mountains from which you can see spectacular views. To the top it is reached by chairlift, or if you have a good background, you can climb it by walking on your saturday morning workout. And if you like the ski or snowboard, don't miss it in winter, when it becomes a ski slope for the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike.



If you like culture, and above all asian gastronomy, Richmond will be the neighborhood where you try the most diverse delicacies. Here you will find the best Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese restaurants in the entire city.



El Vancouver Old Town It is a mandatory stop to learn a little better about the history of the city. It is very touristy, so we recommend that you bring your selfie stick and your best smile to go unnoticed in the crowd while you take pictures of yourself in their precious Antique buildings.


Anthropology Museum

If you like history and want to know a little more about the history of the First Nations, that is, the history of the first settlers of Canada in this museum you can do it. Its collection has more than 10000 unique pieces of great cultural and historical value.

Did you know?

For all those who enjoy collecting fun facts and then releasing them at the right time we leave you a few fun facts over Vancouver:

  • The city was named in honor of the English captain and explorer George Vancouver. 
  • Vancouver is the third city that produces the most films per year, after Los Angeles and New York.
  • Vancouver is also known as Raincouver, since it rains more than half the year.

Other cities in Canada

What do you think? Would you like to live in Montreal? If so or if you have any questions, do not think twice and contact us; We know the dingoos in depth and can guide you.

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