Living in Toronto

The capital of Ontario is the most iconic city in Canada, thanks to its CN Tower and its proximity to Niagara Falls, but also for its multicultural vibe and dizzying pace. Toronto has a thousand stories to tell and in every corner you will discover something interesting to do. Ready to discover all the secrets of the “New York ”from Canada? Let's go!

Toronto, the capital of Ontario

Let's start with some data that will make you put yourself on the Canadian map better. Toronto It is the largest city in Canada, its financial capital and the fifth largest city in all of North America. Besides, his geographic situation It is privileged, very close to the border with United States, Great Lakes and the Atlantic Coast. In addition, its metropolitan area has numerous lush forests in which getting lost sounds like a good plan and in which you can enjoy the snow and a lot of different activities.

Like the frenetic pace and unexpected plans of the big cities? Well Toronto, with its almost 3 million, of which more than half are foreigners, will not leave you indifferent.

Su cultural and leisure offer It is created to satisfy the demand of a very diverse public, so you can activities from morning to night… And taking a break to eat whatever you want: thanks to its multiculturalism, in Toronto at gastronomy is the most varied and will delight those who love to discover new flavors.

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Toronto Views

Advantages and disadvantages of living in Toronto

Although it is considered lto ideal city For many, it doesn't always rain to everyone's liking, not even in Toronto. We'll see the pros and cons of living in Toronto so you can decide for yourself if this city is for you.



  • Its inhabitants are very friendly, respectful and with a very open minded
  • Despite its size, it is a very quiet city with a system of very efficient and well connected public transport
  • Is one of the safest cities in the world
  • The mix of cultures is very rich. People of many ethnicities live together in total harmony
  • Count with one very lively job outlook, with many job offers for all sectors
  • The salaries are among the highest from all over Canada
  • It is within walking distance of the Great Lakes, lush forests and the Atlantic Ocean


  • Rush hour traffic congestion
  • Has a fairly cold continental climate, with long, rainy and windy winters
  • Shopping or renting a room is quite expensive

Our Dingoos with experience in Toronto

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Dingoos Guide
"Toronto is Canada's largest city, its financial capital, and the fifth largest city in all of North America."

Toronto accommodation: the best neighborhoods

Toronto has all kinds of neighborhoods for you to start your life in Canada, depending on whether you like to be where everything happens, your lifestyle or if you are a student or a young professional. Join us to quickly visit the 7 best neighborhoods in Toronto.



It is the downtown district, and it is where you will live essence of Toronto in its purest form. If you look up, you will see tall office buildings of world-class companies. Around you, the dizzying pace of a city that never sleeps, its streets crowded with people of all cultures, restaurants of all kinds, bars, cafes, discos, theaters, museums ... You will never lack something to do, but at the same time can become a little stressful living with so much noise, traffic and colored lights. In addition, you will have to come with money in your pocket, since living in the center of the city is expensive.



The favorite of young people and students, foreigners and locals. It is close and well connected to downtown and the University of Toronto. Rents are a bit more affordable in this part of the city and its streets are lined with trendy shops and lively cafes and restaurants.



This district is a local favorite and one of the parts of the city that has become the most fashionable lately to go out to dinner, to have a drink or to party. The atmosphere is very cool, with vintage shops, live music in beautifully decorated bars, many art galleries and cafes where you can be interesting by yourself.


Old Town

It is another of the coolest areas of the city. In the old part of Toronto the most interesting shops have their place, from art galleries, vintage clothing and coffee shops and restaurants. Further, walking through its streets is very instagrameableas they are full of street art.



It is a area very visited by tourists seeking the tranquility of taking a walk on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is surrounded by parks that look like forests and also has all kinds of establishments such as shops and restaurants.

Being such a tourist area, it is quite expensive to live.



West direction, is this area, ideal to live if you like tranquility from the neighborhoods on the outskirts, but with a very good connection to the center. Also, Etobicoke is a very comfortable neighborhood, with many grocery stores and restaurants and cafes.



If you are looking to try the multicultural flavor of toronto, this is your district. This district is an ode to the mix, which coexist perfectly and that you can try in one of its many restaurants of all kinds. Among its charms is also being very close to Toronto Lake and having its own, and pioneering, Urban National Park.

What's the weather like in Toronto?

Toronto weather, by Canadian standards, it is smooth. If you are used to living in areas closer to Ecuador, your temperate continental humid climate they may seem rather cold to you. Still, Toronto is a perfect place for those who love change, as this city brings together four distinct seasons, all with their own charm.



The season of orange, yellow and brown tones. Fall is enjoyed with the eyes in Toronto. The great trees lose their leaves that now dress the soil of the city. You will enjoy letting your mind fly while you walk through one of its many parks, while listening to the fallen leaves crunch under your feet.

At this time from early September to late November, the average temperature is 15 ° C And the winds begin to blow



Starting in December, the temperature will rarely rise above 0 ° C, snow will cover the streets, the wind will blow strong and constant and the sunset will be at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Also, with winter comes the authentically Canadian activities: It's time for ice hockey, sled racing, skating on frozen ice lakes and experiencing a Christmas out of a fairy tale.

Even the most chilly will come to feel comfortable in Toronto during winter, as the city has the so-called PATH, a laberint of underground streets that runs through the whole down town so that you can live without dying frozen in the attempt.

In addition, there is no cold, if not little preparation. And in Canada they are very prepared. The houses, public transport, study centers, shops… everything is perfectly conditioned to withstand the cold temperatures, frost, snowfall and winds.



After the harsh winter spring comes to Toronto and you will feel it like a gift. The average temperature reaches 14 ° C. From May to June you will see the magic of nature awakening. The lakes thaw, the trees fill with leafy leaves again and your days begin to fill with more hours of light.



El summer rejuvenates the city, filling the streets with life and people eager to enjoy the sun, which now sets at 8 in the afternoon, and its heat. Usually the days of cloudless skies and average temperature is 25 ° C. But Toronto is the city of contrasts and variety, also in its climate, so prepare for some 40 ° C days, in which all you want to do is take a dip in one of its beaches.

How is the cost of living in Toronto?

While you may love Toronto as a city, one of the things you should keep in mind when it comes to choose city to live in Canada, is the cost of living. Let's take a tour of the main expenses that you will have to face as an independent person and how much it will cost you in Toronto.



Generally speaking, filling the shopping cart is expensive in Canada. Most of the products that are sold in Canada, whether in large supermarkets or neighborhood stores, are imported and that raises prices a lot.

In Toronto, a young person spends on average about 350 $ CAD on the monthly purchase, not counting whims or extras.

If you are a student and you are trying to save some pennies, your best option will be to go to the large supermarkets, since these types of chains also tend to do great promotions and discounts that will help you save money.

Our favorites to save on shopping are Costco, No Frills, and Food Basics. And if you want to go over-insurance, we recommend that you download the Flipp App, with which you can Compare prices of different stores and see their offers.



In Toronto the public transport system or TTC (Toronto Transist Commission), it is very complete, since it includes subway, tram and bus. In addition, all transports are integrated in the same network, so with the same ticket you can make use of all of them.

  • Metro: It has four lines that run through almost the entire city. The main lines are the yellow and the green, They stop at most of the main stations. The metro runs from 6am to 1am. 
  • Trolley car: They are known as streetcars and they go from east to west. They have stops on the main streets of the city, such as King and Queen Street.
  • buses: It is the most extensive of the entire transport system, it has more than 100 lines and it works 24h. 

In addition, it has a specific line that connects the city center with the airport, the Airport Rocket. 

The price of Single ticket is $ 3,25 CAD. With this ticket you can make all the transfers you want for an hour and a half.

The subscription weekly comes out por $ 43,25 CAD and $ 146,25 CAD monthly.



As we already anticipated, renting a room or house in Canada is expensive. Even so, Toronto receives hundreds of students each year and has developed a whole series of infrastructures that are very good for students, economically speaking.

Without a doubt, the best way to save on accommodation is live in a room in a shared apartment. There is a wide price range, but you can find something decent for a few $ 640 CAD all expenses included, just outside the city.

In the city center renting a room will be around $ 1000 CAD per month.

Our advice to save you money and trouble is to look for options that include expenses, such as electricity, water and internet. Closed prices give less surprises.

Another highly recommended option if you want a all in and not having to worry about cooking or making your house your home, is stay with a local family. The houses of local families are usually in residential neighborhoods somewhat away from the city center. The good thing is that, to the fact that the rent includes the three main meals, staying with a local family will allow you to live a unique and very Canadian experience, and it will also improve your English a lot. You will make plans with them, such as barbecues and going to see hockey games.

If you choose to stay with a local family, prices will be around $ 300 CAD a week, with three meals a day.

Finally, if what you are looking for is to live alone or as a couple and as much as possible in the city, you can look for a basement. They are the basements of Canadian houses and can be found from about $ 900 CAD per month.


Leisure and free time

Next we will see the prices of some plans or activities things you can do in Toronto, to give you an idea of ​​what you could spend on leisure while living in Canada.

For example, let's say you want to go out to dinner in a quiet plan with your friends and you decide to go to one of the famous fast food stalls. For a puppy and a soda you will pay some $ 6 CAD.

If you feel like trying your luck in a food courts, where you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants around the world, you will pay for a plate about $ 12 CAD.

And if what you want is treat yourself and go out to dinner at a good restaurant, it will cost you $ 25 CAD onwards. 

Yes, more than going out to dinner, you are going to go to have a few beers, in Canada you can go to a pub and drink a pint for about $ 8 CAD. If you want to pay half ... go to happy hour.

Do you want to see the latest movie that everyone is talking about? In Toronto, a movie ticket is around $ 13 CAD, and those of theater cost between $ 20 CAD and $ 100 CAD, depending on the show.

And if you are one of those who like sweat a little every day in the gym, in Toronto you can get a monthly pass for about $ 45 CAD.


Phone and others

Another of the fixed costs What you will have to take into account is the telephone, internet, water and electricity.

For the phone, the main Canadian communications companies (Bell, Freedom, Telusy, Fido and Rogers) offer very complete plans starting with a few $ 40 CAD.

On the other hand, hiring an internet rate costs about $ 45 CAD per month.

As for home spends, a study of one person will spend about 100 $ CAD, while in a shared apartment the average expense will be about $ 150 CAD.

What are wages like in Toronto?

Toronto is the financial capital of Canada. Here, world-renowned companies have their headquarters, which is why there is a large supply of highly paid jobs.

But not only the big businessmen have good salaries. In Toronto, the minimum hourly wage is $ 14 CAD, although they typically pay $ 16 CAD.

This means that if you are student and you work part time, you can win some $ 1000 CAD per month, enough money to support you.

If you work in something more specialized, or depending on your responsibilities, your salary will increase. For example, if you work as a waiter, you will have to add to your salary the tips, which in Canada are mandatory, so your salary could easily double.

With the student visa you can also work full time during your holidays and, if you have decided to study a CO-op course, in the practice blocks, so you can easily do some $ 3000 CAD, more than enough money to support you and save to travel in Canada, or wherever you want.

What are the most demanded jobs for students?

Such a lively city offers many options for young people looking to combine their studies with a job to cover their expenses. In Toronto you can work as:

  • Delivery man
  • Au Pair Course
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Kitchen assistant
  • Hospitality
  • Stewardess
  • Apartment supervisor
  • Receptionist
  • Baker
  • Construction worker

Tourism: what to see in Toronto?

Few things are as fun as to be a tourist the first days that you arrive in the city where you are going to have a good time. Toronto is a very iconic city where you can visit many mythical places and stroll through wonderful parks and even islands!


CN Tower

One of the tallest buildings in the world, with its 553 meters and the icon of Toronto.


Loma House

If you like history, you have to visit this impressive castle in the purest European style (it is a replica of Balmoral Castle), built by a billionaire. You can visit the gardens and dance a waltz with hundreds of tourists in one of its exquisitely decorated rooms.


Toronto islands

Ideal for a day trip. Get on the ferry and enjoy its beaches where you can have a small picnic.


Ripley Aquarium

Lovers of seabeds and marine animals can enjoy a good afternoon in this aquarium, located on the ground floor of the CN Tower.


St. Lawrence Market

One of the largest, most beautiful and popular markets in all of Canada. Here you can buy local and very fresh products and feel like a true Canadian.


Royal Ontario Museum

The largest museum in Canada has well-chosen collections ranging from art to science and archeology. A must for anyone who likes to spend hours and hours learning.

Did you know?

When you come to live in Toronto, each day will be a new adventure in which you will discover the little things that make this city unique. We have compiled three curiosities that make Toronto a very cool place to live.

  • The Path, or your salvation during the harsh winter. Canadians have thought of everything, including how to make Toronto residents go about their lives without having to feel the strong north winds that hit the city during the winter months. The solution? 19 kilometers of underground streets with their corresponding shops and restaurants.
  • It's brunch time! The hype has come to Toronto to stay. If you are also a big fan of avocado toast, pancakes, poached eggs and to lower everything with a coffee and, maybe, with a margarita ... you are one of us and Toronto awaits you!
  • Tips are mandatory. If you plan to look for a job as a waiter, you will be delighted to know that in Canada tips are mandatory and are 15% or 20% of the bill. And don't worry, if you don't have money, in most places you can include the tip and pay it with your card, 🙂

Other cities in Canada

What do you think? Do you feel like living in Toronto? If so or if you have any questions, do not think twice and contact us; We know the dingoos in depth and can guide you.

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