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Living in Montreal

Surrounded by rivers, islands and with a charming architectural harmony, Montreal has become Canada's university city par excellence. Join us on this tour where you will discover the magic of the most cosmopolitan city that has managed to perfectly combine the best of France and England and all the hidden opportunities for all students who choose to live in Montreal.

Montreal, a modern and cosmopolitan city

Located south of Quebec, Montreal and its 1.704.000 inhabitants occupy with an unusual tranquility the position of second most populous city in Canada. Montreal and its cosmopolitan air, is considered the perfect city for many, thanks to the quality of life provided by a city with good job and study opportunities and an excellent quality of life. Perhaps that is why each year, she is chosen by hundreds of students to go to college and by young professionals to continue their professional careers.

Its streets, unique thanks to its rich french heritage, they are a delight for stroll and enjoy the architecture. In addition, the city is full of beautiful theaters, concert halls and museums where you will see works of world prestige.

The French heritage has not only left a beautiful architecture, it also left French as the official language along with English, making it perfect for those who master this language.

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in Montreal

Although it is considered lto ideal city for many, it doesn't always rain to everyone's liking, not even in Montreal. We'll see the pros and cons of living in Montreal so you can decide for yourself if this city is for you.



  • The weather in summer It is charming and invites you to always be on the street.
  • If you like to eat, in Montreal you will find one very rich gastronomic offer.
  • The city has a vibe very bohemian, university, cosmopolitan, relaxed and cooltureta. 
  • Schools and academic level is one of the best rated from Canada.
  • Impossible to get bored thanks to the large number of cultural and leisure events.
  • Strolling through its streets is a joy for the architecture lovers.
  • It has two official languages: English and French.


  • Many offers from specialized work.
  • Although they are extremely nice, it can be difficult make friends with local people
  • You will spend a large part of your budget for rent and food

Our Dingoos with experience in Montreal

Roberto André
Dingoos Guide
“The city that never sleeps, there will always be a leisure plan available and offers the possibility of disconnecting at its periphery”

Montreal accommodation: the best neighborhoods

Montreal has all kinds of neighborhoods for you to start your life in Canada, depending on whether you like to be where everything happens, your lifestyle or if you are a student or a young professional. Join us to quickly visit the 12 best neighborhoods in Montreal.


Ville Marie

This is the downtown district and matches the area where most of the offices of large multinational companies, businesses, universities and shopping streets, which is an area with a lot of noise and a lot of people. Also in Ville Marie is the Mount Royal Park and islands of Saint Helen's Island and Île Notre Dame.



Griffintown es Montreal's Irish Quarter and is a gastronomic paradise in which you will find restaurants of chefs known around the world. Located just minutes from St-Catherine Street, It is said that this neighborhood was established after the famine, when many Irish immigrants arrived in the city by boat and settled in this area.


Petite Patrie

It is a very cozy neighborhood, where lovers of Italian food will delight: in Petite Patrie eat the best pizzas and pasta dishes from all over Montreal. Also here is the famous Jean Talon Market.


Mcgill Ghetto

Quiet, Mcgill Ghetto it does not honor the popular meaning of this word. What's more, it is one of the best areas for students in terms of location, since it is very close to the McGill and Plateau University and a 15-minute walk to just about everything you'll want to do in Montreal, like taking a stroll along the St-Laurent, have a drink somewhere café de Ville Marie, go to class, disconnect in the Mount Royal Park and in summer, enjoy a show in the Place des Spectacles.


Mile End

Mile End is the neighborhood with more vibes in all Montreal. Here are the cafes where everyone wants to be seen, bars coolest in which to enjoy live music and stores most exclusive vintage.



Vieux-Montreal, As the name suggests, it is the Old Montreal. Here you will find the main museums of the city, like the acclaimed Pointe à Callière.

In addition, this neighborhood has its own Notre Dame basilica and you can visit.



Chinatown is a very colorful neighborhood and built respecting the traditional chinese architecture. Here you will find almost all Asian restaurants and shops de la ciudad.


Latin Quarter

Latin Quarter It stands out for being one of the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of students and also for being the neighborhood in which you will never get bored since there is always a show or cultural plan programmed for your enjoyment.


La Salle

La Salle is one of the Montreal's largest neighborhoods, and has around 75.000 inhabitants. Being so large, its population is very divided: some only speak English, others only speak French. But for your peace of mind, most residents of La Salle are bilingual.



Lachine is the ideal neighborhood for young familiesSince the rent is cheaper than in downtown Montreal, the lifestyle is quieter and there are a variety of bilingual public schools.



The neighborhood for those who want to have a good time. Is he gay neighborhood, One more fun from all over Montreal, with a wide variety of shops, restaurants and museums, and also the neighborhood with a very lively nightlife. Every night you will find one party or any other good reason to go to sleep late.


Plateau Mont-Royal

Plateau Mont-Royal is one of the neighborhoods most beautiful in Montreal, thanks to its traditional architecture. In summer, its restaurants set up large terraces that are filled with locals and tourists who enjoy the sun.

How is the weather in Montreal?

Montreal weather es wet continental and has four distinct seasons and a large temperature fluctuation.

Due to the humidity, winters feel colder and hotter summers.

Autumn and spring are warmer and where else meteorological oddities usually occur, as Aurora borealis, indian summers y geomagnetic storms, due to large temperature changes that are produced in a matter of hours.



September to November, Montreal dresses in yellow, oranges and reds to welcome autumn. In this station you can enjoy walking around the city watching the colors change, the bare trees and listening to the rustle of fallen leaves under your boots.

The days are cool and as winter progresses they will be undoubtedly cold.

The average temperature varies between 14.5ºC and 2,5ºC, so it is advisable to have good warm and waterproof clothing.



From December to March, winter looms over Montreal, covering everything with a thick layer of snow.

January is the coldest month of the season, and the temperatures will hardly rise from -6ºC and can reach the -19ºC during some moments when it is better that you find yourself well protected in the warmth of your home.

To make the most of this season and be able to enjoy winter outdoor activities, so typical of Canada, We recommend wearing suitable clothing for cold and snow.



In spring, from March to May, temperatures begin to rise timidly, oscillating again in the positive part of the thermometer, between the 2,5ºC and º16ºC.

At this time the snow begins to melt, filling with life nature. The first green shoots begin to appear on the trees and small wild flowers dot the forests.

In spring they are frequent rains, so to be able to enjoy thegreat outdoors from Montreal we recommend one warm, waterproof jacket and shoes.



Summer has arrived! Montreal dresses in lustrous green that you can enjoy walking in the long summer afternoons.

Average temperatures are 18,5ºC and can reach the 26,5ºC. This pleasant heat is usually accompanied by clear skies and crowded terraces. Even if you don't trust yourself, summers are humid and sometimes somebody falls shower.

For this time, forget about the coats, and bring out your more summery clothes. And of course, don't forget the protector solar!

How is the cost of living in Montreal?

Montreal is one of the 10 cities with the best quality of life. And also one of the cities in which the cost of living is higher. While it is true that if you come to study and work in Montreal you may not have access to great luxuries, if you can take a simple and fun life.



In Montreal, a person will spend an average of $ 300 CAD per month.

To have this budget, your purchase must have first need products, like eggs, rice, pasta, and some chicken. If you are a bit picky or your palate is looking for more sophisticated flavors, the price of your shopping cart will go up substantially.



Montreal has a very well connected and efficient transport system consisting of a metro network and another bus that you can use interchangeably with the same ticket. The price of a one-way ticket is $ 3,5 CAD and that of a day pass is $ 10 CAD. You can also get a Opus Card, which is a reloadable transport card. Cost $ 6 CAD And it will allow you to forget about buying tickets every time you go to catch a bus or a metro.

A person using the Public transportation frequently spends on average $ 80 CAD per month.



In Montreal there are many types of accommodation, designed to meet the demand of all profiles of students, professionals and travelers what do you want live in Montreal, either permanently or temporarily.

Normally, the first few days you are in Montrealyou will sleep in a backpacker. The price of this type of accommodation has a price of about $ 30 CAD per night.

From there you will decide where you are going to live. If you decide to look for a study for you alone and outside the city center, the price will be about $ 550 CAD.
If you want to live in a I study in the city center, the price can easily amount to $ 1000 CAD.

Un three bedroom apartment it can cost between $ 1000 CAD and $ 2000 CAD, depending on the state of the home and where it is located.

the best way to save on accommodation es live in a shared apartment with other students or young professionals like you. In this way you will share expenses and the total price of the house will be divided among all. Not to mention the funny stories and moments that you will live together.


Leisure and free time

In Montreal there are many plans that you can do, many of them free. Still, if you fancy going out to dinner, going to the movies, visiting a museum, or seeing a show, you'll need to pack your wallet.

On average, a person who goes out a couple of weekends a month spends $ 200 CAD.


Phone and others

In Montreal, you can have a line on your mobile phone and internet for about $ 60 CAD per month.

And if we talk about the home spends, like electricity and water, the monthly cost for a house is $ 125 CAD.

Finally, you will have to face the typical extra expenses, like cutting your hair or buying you some clothes. On average in this section you will $ 110 CAD per month.

How are wages in Montreal?

The province of Quebec is the favorite of many to live in and has many charms, but salary is not one of them. The average salary in the province of Quebec is among the lowest in Canada, being $ 52.000 CAD per year. This may vary depending on the work you do. As we have already spoken on other occasions, the ospecialized ficess have higher income at the end of the month. For example, him minimum wage is $ 13,10 CAD The time. Unless you're a waiter or have another tipped job. In these cases, your hourly wage will be a little lower, $ 10,45 CAD, but to that you will have to add the tips, which are mandatory in the country and range from 10 to 15% of consumption.

What are the most demanded jobs for students?

If you are doing a course in Montreal and you need to work to cover your stay in Canada, with a student visa You will be able to legally access many part-time job opportunities. Take a look at the list of most demanded jobs:

  • Hospitality
  • Au pair
  • Delivery man
  • Construction worker
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Baker
  • Kitchen assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Floor reviewer
  • Stewardess

Tourism: what to see in Montreal?

Montreal is full of museums and with its beautiful architecture it is a work of art in itself. Here goes the list of lTOP places that you cannot miss in Montreal.


Mount Royal Park

Enjoy spectacular views of the entire city of Montreal from the Mont Royal Chalet's observation deck.


Notre Dame basilica

Is the most important church in Montreal and is located in the Ville Marie district, the heart of the city. Inside you will see precious historical treasures in the form of colorful stained glass, wood carvings, paintings and a valuable collection of sacred art. 


Oratorie Saint Joseph

The European influence is noticeable in this wonderful Catholic basilica. It was completed in 1904 and its architectural design is a walk through different styles.


Museum of Fine Arts

If you like art, you cannot miss this museum, considered one of the top 100 museums in the world.


The Old Port

Every year thousands of tourists visit it, making it the most visited historical place in Montreal ... and we are not surprised, because it is really beautiful.


Clock Tower

Walking through the Old Port of Montreal You will come across this famous watch with a special charm that has been portrayed by thousands of photographers from all over the world. It is also known as the Watch of the Sailors, as it was raised to commemorate the Canadian sailors killed in World War I. If you like curiosities, you will be delighted to know that the mechanism that powers the watch was made in England and is very similar to the one that moves the hands of the clock. famous Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.


The Olympic Tower

At 165 meters, it is the tallest leaning building in the world. the best part is that you can visit. The photos from above are impressive!


The Grande Roue of Montreal

It is a large Ferris wheel where you can spin around and contemplate Montreal's beautiful nighttime skyline from the top.

Did you know?

  • Montreal takes its name in honor of Mount Royal, the hill that is located right in the center of the island, and therefore, of Montreal. Canadians love this mountain and it has become an icon of the city where Montréal people go on weekends with their families and friends to play sports and enjoy picnics on sunny summer days.
  • In Montreal there are no skyscrapers. Despite being a big city, like New York, Washintong or Sydney, in Montreal there is a municipal decree that prohibits the construction of buildings taller than Mount Royal hill or what is the same, that exceed 120 meters in height.
  • Little Italy, Chinatown and a consistent Jewish community. Despite not having skyscrapers, Montreal does have other characteristic features of large cities, such as multicultural neighborhoods

Other cities in Canada

What do you think? Would you like to live in Montreal? If so or if you have any questions, do not think twice and contact us; We know the dingoos in depth and can guide you.

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