Canada student visa

Student visa

There is a visa with which it is possible to study and work in Canada: it is called a student visa and at Dingoos we are experts in processing it, so much so that we will take care of doing all the paperwork so that they give it to you almost without realizing it. Read on to see how we do it!

Do i need a student visa?

To study in Canada not always necessary a student visa.

If you come to study a course of less than 24 weeks (6 months) you can do it with the tourist visa. Depending on your nationality you will have to request a Visitor Visa or an eTA. 

Do you want to know more about which tourist visa corresponds to you? Read our article with all the information about tourist visas for Canada.

If you want to do a course of more than 6 months, you will have to apply together with your tourist visa for a Study Permit, which will allow you to study in Canada. That's how they are in Canada.

To get the Student Permit You will need to enroll in a course at one of the Canadian government approved institutions, which appear on the list of designated learning institutions (DLI).

Requirements to apply for the student visa

We are going to see the general requirements to be able to get your Student Permit.

  • Be enrolled in an approved educational facility (DLI) by the Government of Canada.
  • Prove that you have $ 833 CAD per month for your first year of stay in Canada. Even if your course is longer, you will only have to show funds for the first 12 months.
  • Enrollment approval letter of the institution where you are going to study.
  • A certificate showing that you have no criminal record.
  • Submit your biometric tests. (You can read more about what they are here)
  • Three passport photos color in digital format, passport size.
  • Pay management fees ($ 150 CAD)

Keep in mind that, depending on your nationality, the course you have chosen or the state of Canada in which you are going to study, some extra requirements may be required.

If bureaucracy moment It gets on your nerves, you can get in touch with us. In Dingoos we have a expert department in visas and permits who will be in charge of gathering all the necessary papers and presenting them so that your application is approved successfully the first time.

How to apply for a student visa?

The student visa sand request online through the official website of the Canadian Government.

Yes, apply for a student visa or Study Permit, the government of Canada has created a webpage. In a very simple way and from anywhere in the world you can complete the application online.

The most important thing for your application to be approved without problems is that you make sure that you meet all the requirements and that you deliver all the papers in the correct way.

If you have any questions, in Dingoos we help you. Contact us to get your student visa almost without realizing it.

A Dingoos guide will help you collect and put in order all the necessary papers and documents and then our Department of Experts in Visas for Canada will take care of the request for you while you decide when to visit Niagara Falls.

How does Dingoos help you in applying for a student visa?

When you contact us, we will assign you your own Dingoos Guide. He will take care of know your case in depth and will advise you so that you know what to choose. Together you will explore the course and visa options and which one is the best for you, always keeping in mind your goals and budget. 

Once you Dingoos Guide know what you want, He will start looking for the best courses for you and then he will help you with all the enrollment procedures, send the application and get the acceptance letter from school to present later the application for your student visa.

Once you have registration done, it's time to apply to your student permit. Your guide will help you collect all the papers and will pass the baton to one of our Visa Experts, with which you will complete your application in less than it takes to say Oh Canada! 

And this is how, without having to worry about anything, it begins your adventure in canada. Such a good start can only be the beginning of an unforgettable story, are you ready? We are waiting for you in Dingoos!

Courses you can study in Canada

Did you know that Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world according to the UN? With your student visa in Canada a new world of training opportunities. You can choose between one great variety of coursesat language courses via professional training courses and reaching university degrees and doctorates. All these programs are designed so that you receive a very complete education and to prepare for eat the world of work.


Language courses

  • English and French courses: They are designed to reinforce your knowledge of English or French in general. They are hired for weeks and are divided into lessons where you will become loose in the four basic skills that will make you master the language like a local: speaking, writing, listening and reading. In some schools, you can learn a little more practical English, choosing elective classes taught in marketing, cooking or business English.
  • Preparation for official exams: Do you need a degree that certifies your level of English? If you are thinking of studying a career in Canada or applying for a visa, it is very possible that you need it. In these classes, you will be prepared to pass the TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge exams.
  • Academic English: These courses are very useful to refresh your English skills and arm yourself with the security necessary to receive classes in English. Here it is already taken for granted that you know English and fundamentally you will learn structures to improve your presentations, conversations and discussions.
  • Business English: If you want to enter the world of international business through the front door, an intensive course focused on improving your vocabulary and your communication skills focused on making you invincible in any boardroom.
  • Intensive English: If you don't have time to lose and you want to learn English quickly to start studying and your professional training course, this is the course for you. They are like general English courses, but condensed.

Vocational training courses

Diplomas o Career Programs: These are courses Professional Trainingl, where you will learn through programs that mix theory and practice all the skills you need to enter the world of work immediately.

  • With Co-Op: These courses are taught in Public and private college from Canada. Their great advantage is that they are divided into a theoretical block and a practical block. During the theoretical block you can work 20 hours a week. And during the second block you will have the opportunity to do your internships, normally paid, working part-time or full-time in a company within the field of your studies. Also, if you study at a Public college you can request a Post Study Workpermit at the end of your studies to continue working in Canada. 
  • Without Co-Op: The only difference is that they do not include practices. That makes them a bit cheaper than Co-Op courses, but it also has the negative part that you will not acquire experience within your field of study nor will you be able to access the work permit upon completion of your studies.

The courses that you can choose, with and without Co-Op They are super varied: you can study marketing, graphic design, hotel management, laboratory technician ...

Do you want to know more about what Professional Training courses you can study in Canada? We have written this article for you.


University courses

Bachelors or Graduate Degrees: They are equivalent to university degrees or higher education studies and are carried out in universities and institutes. In Canada much of the educational offer of this level is taught in public institutions, and in the case of the Bachelors it was not going to be otherwise. so yes you study in Canada a degree, you can do it in a Canadian government accredited university. That, apart from looking great on your CV, will also allow you torequest residency in Canada in the future. 

Advantages of the student visa in Canada

  • Is the easier visa to getr.
  • With a visa, if you study a course Professional Training or Bachelor, you can combine your studies with a part-time job during the course and full-time on vacation or during internships, so you can make enough money to cover your expenses in Canada.
  • You don't need to know English.
  • No age limit.

The places are unlimited and can apply for your visa andn any time of the year.

Student visa prices

Processing the student visa costs $ 150 CAD. 

And the experience that you will take ... priceless!

Canadian Government Response Times

Things grind slowly. And things with the Canadian bureaucracy, as well. We recommend that, if you feel like it come to study in Canada, start the procedures with some 4 or 5 months in advance. In the case of wanting study within Quebec, you better start with 6 months in advance.

Basically, there are many institutions involved with which you will have to contact to receive or send papers. If just thinking about having to be 5 months organizing your trip to Canada stuns you, get in touch with Dingoos. We are very used to this and will take care of carry out all the paperwork for you, without charging you anything and without snorting.

So you can focus on going looking at plane tickets, and when we tell you it's approved, you buy it, pack your suitcase and We start preparing your arrival in Canada.

We speak? Write us!

Contact us and a Dingoos Guide will get in touch with you in less than it takes to organize a barbecue.
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    Can I work with the student visa?

    You will only be able to work if you are studying a Higher Education course (a certificate or a Career Program) taught by a College, or if you are studying a Bachelor or Degree at the University.

    If you come to do a language course, you will not be able to work legally.

    Our recommendation is that if you want to work while you study in Canada, combine a language course with a Training course. Contact us and we will see which is the best option for you!


    How long can I stay in Canada with a student permit?

    The student visa lasts the same as the course in which you have enrolledPlus Day 90 of grace that you can use traveling or doing the managements necessary for return to your country or to extend your stay in Canada.


    What does the student permit or Study Permit allow me to do?

    The Study Permit you can enroll in the course of Professional Training, Diplomas, Certificates with Co-Op, Bachelors and University Degrees that are taught in different Colleges and Universities of Canada.

    Also with this permission you can work 20 hours per week during the courseand 40 hours a week on holidays and during internships (if your course is with Co-Op).

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