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Express Entry

If Canada demands your qualified profession, you can come with the Express Entry to work in Canada.

CanadaWith its incredible landscapes, its high quality of life and its wide range of studies and highly paid job opportunities, it is one of the countries in which many dream of establishing themselves.

The good news is that the Canadian government knows this and that is why it has created several programs designed to facilitate the entry into the country for all international citizens who want to make Canada their definitive home. If you are looking to emigrate to Canada, keep reading, because we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the programs to obtain residency in Canada. 

What about Express Entry?

To facilitate the process of entry of international workers with different levels of study and qualifications, the government of Canada has created the program Express Entry.

Through this program, any qualified international worker can apply to a residence visa in Canada, with which you can develop professionally and enjoy all the opportunities that the country offers.

General requirements to qualify for Express Entry

Express Entry divides workers according to their studies and work experience. To begin, let's see the general requirements to be able to request an Express Entry:

For people who have been temporarily working in Canada:

  • Have at least 1500 hours of work experience. This equates to 1 year of full-time work, or 2 years part-time. Only the work experiences obtained in a way legally, that is, with a work permit and a valid visa.

For people studying in Canada:

  • Having successfully completed a course of at least 16 months (other than languages) at an accredited post-secondary institution (You can see what they are in this list).
  • Accumulate 1500 hours of work experience. As we said before, it is equivalent to 1 year full-time and only the jobs obtained with a legal work permit and a valid visa.

eye! If you intend to settle in Quebec, You will have to meet another series of requirements, since this province has a special program for skilled workers. We recommend that you visit the official government page dedicated to Quebec for the latest information.

Types of Express Entry

The Express Entry has three programs for three profiles of workers.



Federal Skilled Worker Program or Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you have completed higher education and already have some work experience both outside and within Canada, you can apply to Federal Skilled Workd Program to continue your professional career in the country. Let's see all the requirements:

  • Have a Certificate, Diploma or Degree that accredits your knowledge in the same field in which you are developing professionally.
  • Count on work experience of at least 1 year full-time in a job type 0, A or B of the list of National Classification of Professions (NOC for its acronym in English and you can consult it !).
  • Certify that you have a level of English or French of at least 7 in the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).
  • Show that accounts with enough savingss to pay for your first months of stay in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades Program or Federal Skilled Trades Program

If you have chosen to develop professionally by exercising some trade related to construction, industry, cooking or any other service sector and you already have some experience, the Federal Skilled Trades Program It can be your key to Canada.

The requirements to apply to this program are:

  • Have at least 2 years of work experience in the last 5 years in a position of type B work of the NOC list
  • Having a 1 year job offer in Canada related to your trade. Or, have a Official certificate that allows you to access that job offer.
  • Certify a level of English or French of at least 5 at Canadian Language Benchmark.

Show that you have enough savings in order to stay in Canada for the first months of your stay.


Canadian Experience Class Canadian Experience Program

Have you been or you are in Canada on a temporary work or student visa? Well, applying to Canadian Experience Class Program You won't have to say goodbye to the country yet.

The requirements to enter this program are:

  • Count on 1 year of work experience in Canada in a position of job type 0, A or B from the NOC list. The work experience must have been acquired in the last 3 years with a legal work permit and valid visa.
  • Certify a level of English or French of at least a 7 in the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) if type 0 and A jobs from the NOC list; and a level 5 in the CLB if you have been working in a NOC type 5 position.

How to get the Express Entry?

Determined to get your Express Entry to move to Canada indefinitely? Great! Applying is very simple, and as always, the only thing you will need is gather some documents, create a profile on the government page and wait patiently. Every so often, the Government of Canada will review applications and send invitations to complete the application to the candidates They accumulate more points.

As the bureaucratic part can be a bit intimidating, we are going to see a step by step on how to go through the whole process to enter the Express Entry program and get your permanent residence in Canada. You will see that there is nothing to fear!


Step 1. See if you are eligible for any of the 3 Express Entry programs

First things first. Check if you are eligible and in which program you have to apply.

You just have to answer this questionnaire with questions related to your age, nationality, studies, work experience and level of English or French


Step 2. Prepare your documents

If you have verified that you are eligible, it is time to collect the official documents that will have to accompany your application. It is important that you prepare in advance, because many of these roles include many institutions and these steps tend to go slowly. The documents you will need are:

  • Certificate of studies. It is a process that may require some time, you know how bureaucratic procedures are.
  • Educational Credential Assessment. If you have not studied in Canada, you must validate your degree with that of Canada. You can get this report from World Education Services.
  • Official certificate of English or French. You will have to take an official test and get the required grade in the program you are going to apply.
  • Job offer from a Canadian company. It is not mandatory, but if you have one, prepare the documents to be able to present them because it scores points.
  • French Mobility Program or LMIA. If you are in Canada with a work visa from a special program, you will also have to present the documentation that proves it, since this also adds points.

Remember that in order to submit your application successfully, all documents must be in one of the two official languages ​​of Canada, English or French. Make sure you get certified translations of all your titles and documents.


Step 3. Create and submit your profile

As soon as you have obtained all the papers, you can create your profile and upload your documentation. 

We recommend that you give this step your full attention and do it calmly. From your data, the Express Entry will award you a number of points y you will enter the pool of candidates. Although quiet, you can enter whenever you want to update your information or upload new documentation. 

If when filling out your application you see that you are short of points, don't worry. There are always tricks to earn an extra point. The easiest of all is improve your level of English. Look, try to calculate your score by giving yourself one more point in English. Have you seen how it improves? Improving your score is the best way to get sent to you quickly your invitation to permanent residence in Canada.


Step 4. Receive the invitation to apply to the PR via Express Entry

If one day open your email and you have received an ITA, You've got it! The ITAs are the invitations that the government gives and that allows you to complete the rest of the application to obtain residency in Canada.

As we told you above, to distribute the ITAs, the canadian government performs every so often rounds of invitations. For each round they establish a cut-off score, and only candidates with that many points or more get the invitation. For example, in a round with a cut-off score of 320, all candidates with that score or higher will receive their ITAs.

After receiving the invitation and celebrating it, you will have 90 days to complete your application and upload all relevant documentation to your profile. The papers that you will have to upload are:

  • Medical report certifying your good physical condition.
  • Police certificate that proves that you do not have a criminal record in any of the countries in which you have lived for more than 6 months since you are of legal age.
  • Certificates of studies.
  • Official certificate of level of English or French.
  • Job offer (only if you have one).
  • A banking status where you can see that you have money to cover your stay in Canada.
  • A copy of your valid passport and valid for at least 6 months.
  • Valid credit card. You will need to provide a card to pay the application fees and processing of the Express Entry, the permanent resident fee and the biometric tests. If you have dependents and you have included them in your application, you will also have to pay the fees for these procedures.

Step 5. Express Entry approved!

If you have done the whole process correctly and survived the wait, chances are good that by now they have approved your Express Entry. 

The steps to follow now are a little different if you are in or out of Canada, but in both cases, it is time to celebrate and relax a bit, you will be permanent resident of Canada. 

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    How does Express Entry Canada work?

    The Express Entry is a system with three immigration programs, focused on three different professional profiles. In order to participate in this program and obtain the permanent residence Applicants must meet a series of different requirements for each program, and related to the work experience, studies and level of English.

    Do I need a job offer to join the Express Entry group?

    It is not essential to complete the application, but it will give you points that can speed up the process.

    Is there a limit to the number of candidates admitted to Express Entry?

    No, anyone who wants to and meets the requirements can apply. If you complete the application, you will enter the pool and from time to time the government will send invitations to complete your application.

    Do I have to make a payment to apply for Express Entry and for Canadian Residency?

    No, applying is free. Only if your application is approved will you have to pay the fees for the procedures.

    Is Express Entry the fastest way to get Canadian residency?

    Yes, the Express Entry program It was designed to streamline the Canadian residency application process.

    Specifically, the Canadian government targeted process all requests in 6 months. Thanks to Express Entry, which makes the processes easier for both applicants and workers who have to process applications, they are doing it!

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