jobs for foreigners in canada

Jobs for foreigners in Canada

Canada is a land of opportunity for all who dream of a better life. A multicultural country, made up of people from all over the world who welcome those who come from outside as one more. An ideal place to find that job you are looking for!

The Canadian labor market

Canada has a thriving and growing job market. Due to tourism, the increase in the standard of living of citizens and the formation of new companies, the sectors with the highest demand for labor are services, manufacturing and natural resource management.

Something very remarkable about Canadian labor market is the low unemployment rate compared to other countries with the same level of development. Before the global COVID-19 crisis, the unemployment rate was 5,6% and, although during the pandemic the rate rose to 13,7%, in September 2020 the Canadian government promoted the creation of new jobs and the rate dropped to 9%, making Canada one of the first countries to begin to recover from the crisis.

If you are thinking come to find work in Canada, you will have more options to find it and receive a better salary if you decide to settle in one of the Canada's four fastest growing cities: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal. And of course, to find a good job it is essential that you have a valid work permit. So your potential employers will have no doubts when hiring you, and in the future it is very possible that they will want to collaborate with the renewal of your work permit, offering you a job offer so you can request a permanent residence in Canada.

Canada is full of job opportunities, especially for those who speak well english and french.

And as is often the case in most countries, the more you specialize, the better the job opportunities and wages which you can access.

Specifically, in Canada higher paying positions they are kept by people who:

  • have a university degree or professional training. 
  • Have been formed in specialized fields: computing, communication and marketing, manufacturing ...
  • Its proactive 
  • They know teamwork.

As you can see, not everything is having a degree and there are many ways to practice the social skills and work ethic what do you they will stand out among other candidates while you are studying.

Combining your studies with a part-time job in Canada is a very successful way to improve your skills. And this in Canada, thanks to its healthy labor market, it is very easy to get, since there is a lot job offers of this type. The jobs part timemost in demand are those related to services and hospitality sector.

Although they are not the best paying jobs, you will earn enough to cover your stay in Canada, and above all, they will be great for improve your skills and accumulate work experience! There is no better way to practice dealing with the public like working in the reception of a hotel or improve teamwork like being a waiter in a very busy restaurant.

What are the sectors most in demand for foreigners?

As we mentioned above, Canada is emerging from the COVID-19 economic crisis, and it is reflected in the recovery of more than 75% of jobs pre-crisis. This continues to make Canada in the ideal country to go to workr a season or permanently.

Also, thanks to immigration programs that the Canadian government has been promoting for years, you will have the option of get permanent residence in Canada if you are a qualified professional and your profession is in high demand in the country.

If this of get permanent residence, the best way to get hold of her is training you in one of the fields in high demand.

Do you want to discover what they are? Keep reading! 



How could it be otherwise in a country as advanced as Canada, the teachers and else education professionals they are in high demand in the country.

There are vacancies in both Private and public colleges, And the academic requirements and work experience vary depending on the type of educational center you want to apply to.

To get a job in education in Canada, the best thing is to know it soon and train with that objective in mind and within the country, so your resume will be adapted and it will be much easier for you to get a job.



Another sector that, depending on how it works, clearly dictates the level of development and prosperity of a country is the health sector. Health in Canada works to a thousand wonders. That is why they need many qualified professionalsAs nurses and doctors who want to join the country's labor force.

If you have studied nursing and want to stay in Canada, you can settle in almost any part of the country. These profiles are in high demand throughout the territory, especially in the rural areas, where there are not so many doctors and registered nurses they fulfill their functions.


Commercial Real Estate

Another advantage of a country that has been prosperous for many years is that the business landscape it is more than established and… the professionals of the sector are beginning to retire!

That makes many vacant positions in consulting and business management.

So if you have studied or plan to study something related to the world of business, in Canada you will have a good chance of getting a good jobor to get more Experience or, if it is what you want, residency in Canada.



La truck driver demand for interstate freight is growing, due to the fact that current truckers in the country are getting the retirement age.

In addition, Canada is a very large country with a rather extreme climate that causes many remote areas where there are practically no physical stores. The inhabitants of these places are highly dependent on transporters for their basic supply of fresh food and clothing. Can you imagine being the driver who brings happiness to the most remote areas?



In Canada, taking care of yourself is fashionable. And that, together with the Life expectancy is growing makes the physical health professionals are in high demand.

Physiotherapy is occupying the place it deserves within hospitals and health centers, and more and more treatments of this type are being incorporated to treat and prevent injuries among the entire population, especially the elderly, and thus be able to free up beds to care for other people who really need it


Informatics Engineering

The future is here, at least in Canada, and they need computer engineers y software developers to be programmed.

If you have studied or are thinking of studying something related to computers Mobile Technology and telecommunications, in Canada it is very likely that the job of your dreams, since it is estimated that before 2026 more than 20.000 jobs within this sector.



Canada is a country that is strongly committed to innovation and industry it is one of the most advanced. This makes technical careers related to constructionn are in high demand.

So if, among others, you have the welder title and you have Extensive experience in the sector y handling of tools and finishes, it is very likely that in Canada you can excel in your craft and earn a good salary.

Most in-demand jobs for international students

In the same way that skilled jobs are in high demand, a country with such a prosperous economy too demand unskilled workers that can perform functions that, although do not require much experience or skills, are essential for a country works perfectly and can be on the list year after year the countries with better quality of life.


Barista and Researcher

If there is something better than good coffee, it is good coffee served by a friendly person. Working as a barista in a coffeeshop or hotel in Canada is a good option to practice your skills customer service and the noble art of perseverance to make some art lattes that leave a gallery owner with their mouths open. The best thing is that it does not require much of a lot of previous experience and you can improve your English and your technique to prepare lattes, cappuccinos and long blacks with practice.



Working as a waiter is another ideal job for make some money and improve quickly in English or French as soon as you arrive in Canada. exist many opportunities to work as a waiter in Canada And while the hourly wage is a bit low, you'll also get the tips, which are mandatory here and range from 10% to 15% of the total account.


sous Chef

If you like the kitchen world and you'd like to make a career in it, it's time to get your hands dirty! Most great chefs began by washing dishes, cutting ingredients, and preparing sauces.

In Canada you will have many opportunities to work as a sous chef or kitchen assistant, where you will learn from below and with the best all secrets of the stove. 



Nobody takes a sweet tooth, much less if they pay you to make them. If you already have previous experience and training In the field of confectionery, in Canada you can continue your career as pastry chef and get a job in a bakery, cafe, restaurant, hotel or catering company. 



If you have always been struck by those people who welcome you smiling and watch over your well-being when you visit a hotel or restaurant ... in Canada it could be you!

The hostesses are in high demand in Canada, since the hospitality sector does not stop growing. In this job you will be able to hone your skills customer, since your day to day will consist mainly of receive, attend and ensure satisfaction of all customers who pass through your establishment.


Reception assistant

There are more and more hotels, resorts and holiday establishments that need a receptionist to manage the arrival of new guests to the facilities. As front desk attendant you will have the opportunity to earn money while honing your skills customer service and office automation.


Cleaning and maintenance

The houseperson They are in charge of the maintenance and cleaning. It is a job in high demand, since everywhere you need someone to take care that everything is clean, in order and working. Also no you need previous experience or a high level of English, making it perfect if you've just arrived in Canada.



For people with Gift of people, un high level of English or French and fantastic organizational skills, start working from front desk agent it will be a very good option for make your way in Canada. 

This person is in charge of receiving the guests in the hotels, so the hours are very varied and include night shifts and 24 hours.


Floor supervisor

For those who dream of having their own hotel, nothing better than to start by seeing how everything works. The housekeeping leaders are in charge of supervising the floor waiters, that is why it is important that they be very organized and methodical. Only in this way will they stand out while maintaining the standards of the Canada hotels. 

The work of floor supervisor is in high demand, well paid and usually also has very good working hours.


Delivery man

Work as a delivery boy in Canada is the best way to know the city by heart, improve english and earn some money to start your adventures in Canada.

They are usually jobs with very flexible hours and easy to get, which is great for combine with studies.


Au Pair Course

One way save on accommodation, food and improve English quickly is looking for a Au Pair job. Taking care of the little ones in the house can bring you many good times and joys. Also, many families will treat you like one more, which is great for learn more about Canadian culture from inside.

Requirements to work in Canada

If you see yourself doing some of the work that we have discussed so far, it is time for you to think about what visa and other requirements you'll have to have to be able to do it.

Work visa for Canada

There are three visas to work legally in Canada. Depending on your story and your goals, you can request one or the other.


Student visa

Si quieres study and work in Canada, The best way to do this is with a student visa and taking a Vocational Training course or a university degree.

The courses that allow more hours to work are courses with Co-Op. These courses are divided into a theoretical block and a practical block.

During the theoretical block you can work 20 hours a week, and during practical block and course holidays, 40 hours a week.

Also, if you do a course with Co-Op in a Public college, once you have completed your studies, you can request a Post-Graduation Work Permit, a permit for extend your stay in the country and with which you can work full time in a company related to what you have studied.

Apply for a student visa to come to Canada It is very simple. You just have to put yourself in us. In Dingoos we will advise you and help you to carry out all the procedures so that you can get your visa without problems.

Take a look at our page about student visa in Canada to discover all the advantages of this visa and what you need to apply for it.


Work and Holiday Visa

La Work and Holiday Visa is one of the most attractive forms of power work, study and travel in Canada.

With this visa you can live a year in Canada, work full timea, yestudy a maximum of 6 months.

The biggest drawback you have is that places are very limited, is not available for all countries and is so in demand that they run out within hours of leaving.

Also to apply for this visa you will have to meet several requirements. For example, you cannot be over 35 years old and yes or yes you will have to have a degree that certifies that you have a medium-high level of English.

And as if that weren't enough, the assignment is done through a draw, with which it will be luck who decides whether or not you come to Canada in the end.

Curious? Read our page about the Work and Holiday visa for Canada and find out everything you need to know.

And quiet! If you are over 35 years old, you do not have a certificate, your level of English or luck has not smiled on you and you have not got one of the very limited places, you can always come to Canada with a student visa which is the perfect visa for those who do not want anyone to tell them that they cannot come to Canada to live the experience of their lives. 


Express Entry

If you are a young professional What does he want Live in Canada y develop professionally in one of the most prosperous economies in the world, you can do so by entering the Express Entry program.

El Express Entry is a immigration program created by the Canadian government to facilitate the entry and processing of permanent residence for qualified foreign workers that can contribute to the prosperity of Canada.

The program includes three types of visa for three worker profiles with different studies, skills and language domains.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: For people with university degrees and other higher education.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program: For professionals with professional experience in high demand trades.
  • Canadian Express Class: For people who are studying in Canada and want to continue their life in the country.

You want to know more? Read our page about Expres Entry and find out all the advantages and what you need to be able to participate in this immigration program.

Health Insurance

Hiring health insurance is mandatory to be able to apply for any visa or work permit in Canada.

Having a health insurance assures you that you can cope with medical expenses in case of accident, since healthcare is very expensive in Canada.

There are many insurance companies and many different policies. If you have any questions, we recommend that you contact us. At Dingoos we are experts in everything related to Canada and we will advise you for free so that you get the best travel insurance for Canada.

English level

In order to access better job opportunities you need to have a good level of English and, in most cases, you have a title to prove it.

If you don't have a English title, the best thing is that you come to Canada with a student visa And now, once here, go building your future, while enjoying your present exploring the country. In Canada you can study a preparation course for one of the official English qualificationsLike IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge. Besides being here you English will improve rapidly, since your whole life will be in this language. In no time, you will be ready to pass the exam with a grade and apply for better job opportunities.

If you need help completing this process, please contact contact us. A Dingoos Guide will study your case and advise you on which courses are the most suitable for you and will also help you complete all the procedures for the student visa and enrollment in the course completely free of charge.

Bank account

To access your money y receive your payroll once you start work in canada we recommend that you open one Canadian bank account.

Or if you prefer, you can come with Dingoos to Canada and we will take care of open an account in time for your arrival, and so you can have access to your money nothing else to land.

What are wages like in Canada?

Work in canada has as a result that you take one joy at the end of each month. Salaries in this country are quite high, although they vary a lot depending on the province and occupation.

El mean annual salary in Canada in 2019 it was $ 58.295 CAD. If we divide it by 12 pays, the monthly total would be $ 4.895 CAD.

If we talk about hourly wage, these vary between $ 15 CAD and $ 11,32 CAD. In this way, working 20 hours a week, your monthly salary will be between $ 1200 CAD and $ 905 CAD.

As always, qualified and specialized jobs requiring training and a decent level of English, are better paid. If you are within this profile, your salary could amount up to $ 60 CAD per hour.

Tips for looking for work in Canada

Whether to seek the work of your life or one with which to cover your expenses, we are going to give you the advice that will make your job search in Canada a lot more easy, fast and effective.


Perfect the language

Better English, better job, capici? Unless you are in Quebec, where was speak French in the local labor market. In the event that you want to apply for a position in a qualified job, you will score points if you master English and French.


Be flexible

Your best cover letter when looking for a job is be open to all job opportunities.

When you arrive in Canada, if you are open-minded and willing to do a CV, you can easily access survival jobs, which most likely will not be your life's work, and may not fill you with pride, but they will help you gain work experience in Canada that in the future will open many doors. And also, it will allow you make money to pay for your stay in Canada while you get another job that you like more.


Consider volunteering

To work as a volunteer is the perfect way to start make contacts, improve your social skills, improve your English and make you feel much more confident about yourself in general.

Approach it as a test to prepare yourself for when you have a real job. And the best part is that you help the community while helping yourself. Two in one!


Enroll in a professional training course with Co-Op

If you want to ensure a I work while you study, you can do it by studying a course of Professional Training with Co-Op. During the practical block of these courses you can work 40 hours a week in a company related to your studies.

And best of all, is that schools help you contact these companies and besides, these internships are normally paid. 

Once your course with Co-Op, and if you have studied it in a Public college, you can request a Post-Graduation Work Permit to continue working in Canada full-time for the same time that your studies have lasted.


Adapt your Curriculum Vitae to the Canadian style

Nothing makes a better impression than having a impeccable resume, not only because of the content, but because it isperfectly adapted to the country mode.

In Canada, for example, does not putphoto or date of birth. Very good measures to stop job discrimination.


Write your Cover letter

This will be the presentation letter that will always accompany your CV. He English It has to be perfect and in this letter you will have to tell your possible future employer why are you interested in him job and what does he do to you ideal candidate. 



If there is something that opens more doors than a good resume, it is a contact in the right place. In fact, networking is the best way to get to know Canadian people and companies before setting foot in the country. In this way, you can start your search from home, contacting recruiters and Spanish-speaking groups in Canada to establish relationships and make yourself known in the job market.


Search for work through Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great way to find work. You can talk to people like you who have been in Canada for a while. In groups as they usually post job opportunities daily.


Look for cold door work

It tienes good presence And you're not too shy, you'll have a chance to get a job by literally going out looking for it. In Canada, the print your CV and leave it in the places where you would like to work.

Even if the company does not have a sign announcing that it is looking for workers, they will accept your CV with a big smile as they are always open to new hires.


Explore other resources

Lastly, don't forget to keep an eye on the tschool bulletin boards, to pages like craiglist where everything is sought and offered, and at newspaper ad pages. It is even likely that talking to someone you just met will arise a job opportunity (you have been practicing networking all your life and you without knowing it).

The most important thing is that do not be discouraged and think positive. Life is full of Job opportunities for those who seek without despair. Especially, in Canada.

Are you already convinced that you want to come to work in Canada? If you are considering the option of coming with a student visa and to be able to combine work and studies, write us. In Dingoos we will listen to what your objectives are and we will advise you to choose the course that best suits your life plan in Canada. After our Visa Experts Department will help you perform all the formalities, and once you get to Canada Dingoos integrator will help you do your curriculum canadian style and other steps that will make get to Canada and start work be a piece of cake.

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