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Study English in Canada: Everything you need to know

It is more than proven that the best way to learn english quickly is going to live in a foreign country. And if you choose study english in canada, you will not only return (if you do) with a highest level of English, but you will also have opened many doors for your future, since today the iEnglish is essential to access the best job opportunities. In addition, Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. This mark on your resume will make you stand out from the other candidates when you enter the world of work.

Do you want to know more about why study english in canada It is a good plan? Keep reading!

Why study English in Canada?

The fact that study english in canada is a good idea is something that is self explanatory. But since we will never tire of talking about this country, we have compiled all the reasons to come to study in Canada It seems to us a great plan personal and professional level. 


Has a quality education system

As we already told you above, Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. Not because we say so, but because year after year it appears in the first positions in the UN rankings.

In addition, Canada has been receiving students from all over the world, which has a large number of schools and programs to learn Englishas well as a wonderful system of student residences, shared accommodation and houses of local families to host international students coming to discover canada, its culture and its lifestyle.


Canada has a multicultural environment

If you are looking to live in a Multicultural environment, Canada is your country. This country has a consistent number of families made up of second and third generation immigrants: more than 21% of the inhabitants of Canada are of other nationalities who came to work or study in the country and decided to stay here forever. This makes Canada in the perfect place to open your mind and learn from others cultures, gastronomies and lifestyles. 


Language immersion

In Canada you will practice English from the moment you get up until you go to bed, as it will be the language you use for everything In your day to day. Also, Canadians are very friendly and will give you conversation when you least expect it. Luckily the canadian accent it is much more neutral than that of other countries such as Australia or United States, so it won't take long for you to understand them perfectly.


Your quality of life

If you have always wanted to live in one of those countries that do not stop appearing in the top positions of the lists of places to live, go buy your ticket to Canada. The quality of life in Canada is recognized worldwide, thanks to the fact that it is a very safe country, socially aware high-level education system, good employment opportunities and work-life balance, a powerful public health system and a environmental awareness


Nature in its purest form

The typical postcard of a snowy mountain with a skirt of pine trees reflected in a crystal clear lake ... if you come to study in Canada, that can be you backyard. Canada has a wild, majestic and very photogenic nature that will delight all lovers of outdoor activities: excursions to the mountains, walks by the lake, and on weekends practicing winter sports as it ski o snowboard in any of the most famous ski resorts in the world. 


You will make friends all over the world

When you finish study in Canada, you will have a home in a lot of other countries. As soon as you arrive in Canada you will meet many others international students with whom you will quickly make crumbs and that will accompany you throughout a lot of unique experiences. And these things, they unite a lot! We are sure that these friendships will be the ones that last a lifetime.

Also, because we know that life when you share it is much more fun, if you come with Dingoos to Canada, we will welcome you to our community so that you can form that little group with which to travel and live a thousand adventures. In addition to taking care of advising you, coordinating your visa procedures and your arrival in the country, we will also put you in contact with other newly arrived students like you so that your experience is much more enriching and fun from the beginning.


Your CV will be more attractive

Study in Canada not only is it clear proof that you have good level of English, also denotes a series of qualities that companies will value very positively when hiring you in the future. Plus, it will give you tons of anecdotes to tell your coworkers around the office coffee machine.


You will live an unforgettable experience

Few things are cooler than live new experiences. And in Canada you will have the opportunity to experience it all for the first time. The adventure of searching where to live, share a flat with a Group of friends, discover new landscapes ... even everyday experiences like shopping or taking the bus to school will become unforgettable moments.

Types of English courses

Well, we've already seen the reasons why study english in canada It is a good idea. Now, let's take a look at the wide variety of English courses that this country offers us.

And it is that in a place with so much influx of studentsThere courses and programs adapted for all levels, objectives and agendas. 

Whether you are looking learn English from scratch or you want to learn a more specialized English that will help you access new job opportunities, in canada you can start your ideal course any Monday of the year. These courses are usually between 15 and 30 hours.

An educational system as good as Canada's results in the veducational ariety be practically infinite. If you want us to give you a hand when it comes to choose the ideal course for you, contact us. We will assign you a Dingoos Guide who will study your case and look for the best schools and courses with your goals, budget and plans in mind.

Now, let's review the options you can choose from.


General English

In the general english courses you will learn the language bases and you will practice the Basic abilities to get loose in the main areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

There general english courses for all levels and, as you learn, you will go up in level until you reach the preparatory classes to perform the official English exams. 


Preparation for official exams

In these courses they will prepare you to get a good grade in the official exams that will allow you to get the most requested English certificatesLike IELTS, the TOEFL or Cambridge.


Academic English

Yes already speak English, but you have it a little rusty or you are just looking consolidate your knowledge to feel safer when studying your higher studies in English, you should consider doing a academic English course. 

These courses focus on improving your language skills, expand your vocabulary and give you structures to improve your conversations level, discussions and presentations. 

Skills that will be very helpful if you are looking improve your english in order of continue your higher studies in Canada.


Business English

English courses for business are focused on young professionals seeking perfect your english for commercial purposes, access an international market, more Job opportunities and be more successful in the corporate world.

In these courses you will quickly improve, through practice, in your communicative skills, will help you feel more confident in meetings and presentations where it is essential that you speak a Professional english.


Intensive English

It tienes I really want to learn English, But Little time, courses intensive English they're for you.

Its general english courses, but concentrated in a few weeks.

Usually these intensive courses are less than 6 months long, with which you can enroll with the tourist visa. The negative part is that this type of short course does not give you the option of obtaining a work permit and therefore you will not be able to work legally while you complete your studies.

What visa do I need to study English in Canada?

There are three visas that allow you study english in canada and that you can request depending on your objectives, since each one has different characteristics.

These visas are: the tourist visa, the Working Holiday visa and the student visa.

The main differences are:

  • Tourist visa: You can study up to 6 months and does not allow to work.
  • Work and Holiday visa: With this visa you can work full time and travel through Canada for 1 to 2 years, and during that time, you can study for a maximum of 6 months. While you study, you can work part-time. 
  • Student visa: If your goal is study and work in Canada, is the visa you are looking for. With it you can study english in canada no time limit and work part-time during the course and full-time on vacation, as long as you combine your English course with one of professional training.

If you want to know more about all types of visas and permits for canada and everything you need to know to request them, click !.


Requirements to apply for the student visa

This is not in the movies, but great adventures start with a lot of roles. So your time in Canada will start like this too!

To request the student visa you will need to gather the following documentation:

  • Valid and valid passport for at least 6 months.
  • 6 photographs in color passport size.
  • Present your biometric tests.
  • Acceptance letter from the institution in which you have enrolled certified by the Canadian government.
  • Demonstrate sufficient savings to cover your expenses in Canada (about $ 833 CAD per month).
  • Pay visa fees. This is from $ 150 CAD for all of Canada, except for Quebec where it is a little cheaper, $ 111 CAD.

Si vas a study in Quebec, to this list you will have to add one more requirement:

  • Certificate of Acceptance in Quebec (CAQ).

Although it is not a complicated process, process the student visa requires patience and good handwriting, since you have to get and present many papers at the right times for you approve your visa And you can go to Canada as quickly as possible. If you want to skip the frustration and stress of bureaucracy, write to us. At Dingoos we have a Visa Experts Department formed by certified professionals who will take care of all bureaucratic procedures so that you forget the headaches of paperwork and dedicate yourself to packing your suitcase and living the adventure of Live in Canada.

How much does it cost to study English in Canada?

If you come to estudy English in Canada, there is a series of fixed costs that you will have to contemplate, regardless of what the English course. In this section we are going to do a review of the average prices of things that you will need yes or yes to be able to start study an English course in Canada. This can vary a few dollars up or down, depending on the time you come, city where you are going to live or simply your lifestyle.

  • English course in Canada: from $ 250 CAD to $ 300 CAD per week. The price varies depending on the course, enrollment, payment method and required materials.
  • Flight to Canada: A one-way plane ticket to Canada costs about $ 500 CAD. This price may vary depending on the season in which you fly or your country of origin.
  • Accommodation with a host family: About $ 1000 CAD a month and includes three meals a day.
  • Room in a shared apartment: between $ 600 CAD and $ 1000 CAD per month
  • Shopping basket: about $ 300 CAD per month.
  • Telephone + internet: $ 30 CAD per month
  • Transportation: About $ 120 CAD for a monthly transportation card.

If you want to get the best price for your English course, the best option is to choose a long course, since, the more weeks the course lasts, cheapest is the week. This way you can be more time working and studying in Canada. More time living adventures and perfecting your English in Canada sounds like a good plan, right?

Also, many schools offer financing plans or the option to pay for courses in installments, so the price of the course will not be what stops you from coming to Canada.

Nor will worries stop you: do you know what is the best way to save money and worries? Contacting Dingoos. Our job is to help you find the English course that best suits your needs and economy, in a totally Free. 

In addition, we not only advise you to choose your ideal course, but we will also help you with all visa procedures and any questions that may arise since you decide come to canada Until you're really here How cool is that?

Can I work while studying English in Canada?

The short answer is no. In Canada you can only work with him student visa if you are doing a certificate, diploma with Co-op and higher studies, such as Bachelor or Postgraduate. By enrolling in these courses you can apply for a work permit, and then you can work legally.

Now if you want study an English course to improve your level, you have the option of combine courses. That is, you enroll in a vocational course, which gives you permission to work and also, you sign up for a English course. This option is not suitable for lazy people, but this way if you could work while studying English. 

If this combining courses seems like too much information, in Dingoos we advise you for free. Contact us and we will study your particular case for free and we will offer you the option that best suits your objectives.

How does Dingoos help you?

In Dingoos we are experts in making your life easier from the moment you contact us.

We have created a series of totally free services for you and that are designed for accompany you in all stages since you made the decision to come to canada until you leave Canada.

When you contact us we will assign you to a Dingoos guide who will take care of your case and advise you to choose the best school according to your plans, goals and lifestyle.

Your Dingoos guide will help you register, process the visa, get the plane tickets, and book a Backpackers for the first few weeks. We know how stressful and overwhelming it is to start an adventure of this size and in a totally new place, and we want you to have someone by your side for whatever you need.

Once land in canada, you Dingoos guide will help you get your SIN number, to get one SIM card with data so that you can get in touch with your loved ones and open a bank account so you can start to feel at home as soon as you arrive.

And not only that, we will also help you prepare a canadian style resume, we will give you tips that work for job interviews and get caught and we'll help you find your ultimate home. 

At any time you can contact our department of Student Service, to solve your doubts.

And you will be part of the #FamiliaDingoos, a very fun community where every week you can participate in activities and parties with other students like you, who have many advantages and discounts for events, restaurants and leisure activities, so that you get the most out of your adventure in Canada.



How long are English courses in Canada?

The English courses in Canada they can last as long as you want. The only difference is that, depending on the duration, you will have to apply for a type of visa or another.

If you want to study a course less than 24 weeks (6 months), you can do it with the tourist visa or with the Work and Holiday Visa.

Si quieres study a language course of more than 6 months, you can do it by requesting a Student Visa

The good of choose the Student Visa is that you can combine your course of English with a Vocational Training course such as Diplomas with Co-Op, and in this way you can legally work part-time during the course and full-time during internships and during vacations.


What are the levels of English courses in Canada?

As in the rest of Anglo-Saxon countries, the classes are organized by levels, from beginners to the most advanced. And somewhere on that spectrum, there will be a perfect English course for you.

If you do not know What's your level, quiet. The first day of class they will make you a little test to know your level of English and they will assign you a class.


To apply for a student visa, how long should my English course last?

In order to request the student visa, you have to be enrolled in a course of more than 24 weeks duration.


What are the hours of English courses in Canada?

Classes are from lJune to Friday, and you can choose between shifts of morning or afternoon.

study vocational training in canada

Do you know the vocational training courses?

Professional training courses are the best option if you already come to Canada with a high level of English.

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