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Study French in Canada: Everything you need to know

(Intro) If you're thinking of learn french in order to broaden your horizons, either work or personal, in Canada you can study French and meet your goals with profit. French is the second official language the country (the first in Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba), the educational system is excellent, The Job opportunities varied and well paid and the quality of life It is something that will not only help you broaden your horizons, but will possibly raise the bar for what you expect from life.

Join us and discover why it is a good idea to tell him see you soon to everything you know and come to study French in Canada!

Why study French in Canada?

Pourquoi? Pourquoi pas ?! Studying French in Canada is much more than learning a language.

To make it easier for you to make the decision, convince whoever you have to convince and pack your suitcase to start your adventure in Canada, we have prepared this list with all the reasons that make Canada a perfect destination to study French.


First official language in Quebec

As we anticipated before, the French is official language of Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba. In Canada, 23% of the inhabitants, about 7,7 million people speak French. In these states, all public media, like television, radio and the transport system, they use French to communicate, with what you can do your day to day in this language and let go much faster.


One of the best educational systems in the world

Canada has a public education system that year after year is in the first position of the rankings of countries with the best universities and quality of studies.

In addition, for years Canada has been a perfect host country that welcomes international students so you can enjoy the educational offer of the country, with which the student experience is highly developed, with a multitude of options for accommodation, leisure, work and transportation designed exclusively for students.


Multiculturalism in its purest form

Canada and its colonial past have resulted in a country where everyone is welcome and that, for generations, many have chosen as their new home.
Here the 21% of the inhabitants are expatriates that now coexist in peace and harmony perfectly integrated into society and providing a very special flavor and color to the Canadian local culture.


Multi-linguistic immersion

If you like languages ​​and not going to bed without learning a new word, in Canada you are in luck, and in Canada, apart from english and french, they speak 200 languages plus!
What about if He Spanish is the third unofficial language most widely spoken in the country, behind Punjabi (a language spoken in India and Pakistan) and Chinese.

This great language diversity will make you can learn French better and faster, since it will force you to communicate yes or yes in French And at the same time, you will be less ashamed to speak as you will know that everyone is doing the best they can in a language that is not their own.


The quality of life is exceptional

The quality of life of a country is measured by assessing different factors, such as the fullfilment of security requirements, the level of social and environmental awareness excellence of the education system, The opportunities and work-life balance effectiveness of public health… And did you know that Canada gets very good marks in all those fields?

Life in Canada is enjoyable. The day to day is simple and you live without stress, Since the canadian society is used to being listened to and valued by your government.


A dream for nature and sports lovers

And outside the cities, the quality is exceptional too. Canada has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Their colored forests that change with the seasons, their majestic mountains and its thick layer of perpetual snow make this cold country a lovely place to do mountain excursions, Do Sled racing, play ice hockey and spend a couple of days in some of the best ski resorts in the world.


You will make friends from everywhere and forever

No life experience is complete without a good Group of friends that make any moment a historical moment. Studying French in Canada You will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world with whom you will share a lot of new experiences that will unite you for life.

In Dingoos we know how lonely the beginnings in a new place can be, that's why when you come to study french to canada With us, we will connect you with more students like you so that you have a group of friends with whom to share your adventures in Canada from the beginning.


Your resume will earn points

Study French in Canada has many positive things about you. It doesn't just mean that you speak the language, it also shows that you are a person with initiative, unafraid of changes, adaptable and capable to fend for herself. And those qualities are highly coveted in the world of work!


An experience that you will remember for a lifetime

Because not every day you pack your suitcase, buy a plane ticket and cross the pond to learn a new language in a completely new country. And that's how the best movies start! Study and live in Canada It is one of those movies that you want to see as soon as they put the trailer on YouTube and it is full of unforgettable scenes.

Types of French courses

Now that you know what you want study French in Canada, you will be interested to know what options do you have.

At this point we recommend that you contact us. In Dingoos we have tracked the Canadian educational offer to collect the best courses for our students. In addition, we will put one of our Dingoos guides at your disposal for you to explain What are your goals or in which city in Canada you want to live and that together you can choose which is the perfect french course for you.

And is that, a educational system as good as canadiane attracts thousands of students each year, bringing the course offer is very varied and covers different objectives, levels and study time.

Broadly speaking, we can divide the French courses into: Intensive French, General French, official exam preparation courses and French and English courses for immigration purposes. Keep reading to know more!


Intensive French

The intensive French courses last between 2 weeks and 3 months. Its programs, taught by Native teachers, are oriented to prepare students with all the basics of the language both spoken as written and also working the ear and the reading, in the shortest possible time.

They are ideal courses for let loose quickly in French and having a duration of less than 6 months you can study them with a tourist visa.


General French

The French courses general last from 3 months to 2 years. During this time you will learn the language in depth achieving optimal looseness and compression in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

These courses can be started in any level. The first day of class they will make you a simple level testHe will put you in a group with more students with the same level. As you learn, you will level up and you can go to preparation classes to do any of the official exams that prove your level of French.


Preparation for official exams

If you're looking for demonstrate a certain level in French To improve your CV and gain access to more work and study opportunities in Canada, this is your course. Duration is from 4 to 16 weeks, during which they will prepare you to get a very good grade in one of the official French exams, such as the DELF, TEFAQ or TFI.


French and english

These courses are designed for you to get the skills required in the two official languages ​​of the country. To do this, you will start studying English for a while and then French, until reaching the desired level.

What visa do I need to study French in Canada?

You can study French in Canada on a tourist visa, a student visa or a Working Holiday visa. Which to choose? Well that will depend on your objectives and needs, since each of these visas have different characteristics.
The main difference is the duration of study time and the possibility of combining them with a job. 

  • Tourist visa: you can study courses up to 6 months duration and does not allow to work Meanwhile.
  • Student visa: with this visa you can study without time limit and you can work part-time during the course ya full time en vacation or during the course practice period, as long as you study a Vocational Training course with (include internships) or without Co-op. You have to keep in mind that language courses do not allow work, that is why we recommend that if your intention is to work to cover your expenses while you study in canada, combine your French course with one of Professional Training.
  • Working Holiday Visa: with this visa you can travel and work full time in Canada 1 to 2 years. In addition, it allows study for a maximum of 6 months. Keep in mind that during the time you are studying you can only work part-time.

You want to know more? Read our page about all types of visas and permits for Canada and what you need to do to request them.

And if you want forget all the papers and procedures to come to Canada, Get in contact with us. In Dingoos we will advise you completely free of charge for you to choose the coursefrom French that best suits you and then we will help you with all the visa procedures. And one day, without realizing it, you will be saying Hello by streets of Montreal.


Requirements to apply for the student visa

This is not in the movies, but great adventures start with a lot of roles. So your time in Canada will start like this too!

To request the student visa you will need to gather the following documentation:

  • Valid and valid passport for at least 6 months.
  • 6 photographs in color passport size.
  • Present your biometric tests.
  • Acceptance letter from the institution in which you have enrolled certified by the Canadian government.
  • Demonstrate sufficient savings to cover your expenses in Canada (about $ 833 CAD per month).
  • Pay visa fees. This is from $ 150 CAD for all of Canada, except for Quebec where it is a little cheaper, $ 111 CAD.

Si vas a study in Quebec, to this list you will have to add one more requirement:

  • Certificate of Acceptance in Quebec (CAQ).

Although it is not a complicated process, process the student visa requires patience and good handwriting, since you have to get and present many papers at the right times for you approve your visa And you can go to Canada as quickly as possible. If you want to skip the frustration and stress of bureaucracy, write to us. At Dingoos we have a Visa Experts Department formed by certified professionals who will take care of all bureaucratic procedures so that you forget the headaches of paperwork and dedicate yourself to packing your suitcase and living the adventure of Live in Canada.

How much does it cost to study French in Canada?

Tu budget to study French in Canada will depend on many factors, such as the duration and type of course city where you want to live, the kind of accommodation what do you choose and you lifestyle. The good news is that there is a Canada for every pocket and, many schools offer financing plans to be able to adapt to all kinds of students.

To give you an idea of how much does it cost to study French in Canada, we have prepared a small list with the expenses that you will have to face yes or yes:

  • French course: The price range goes from 400 $ CAD to 1600 $ CAD, it depends on the type of course. The cheapest French courses are the intensive.
  • Accommodation with a host family: A Pair of $ 1000 CAD month, including three meals a day.
  • Room in a shared apartment: The price varies depending on the city, but between CAD $ 600 and CAD $ 1000 per month.
  • Food: You can make the monthly purchase with $ 300 CAD.
  • Telephone + internet: Some $ 30 CAD per month.
  • Public transport: A monthly transport voucher costs about $ 120 CAD.
  • Airfare to Canada: A one-way flight to Canada costs about $ 500 CAD. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the time of year you decide to travel or your country of origin. 

If you want to know more about how it is live in major cities in Canada and how much it costs, read our page about Cities of Canada. 

And of course, write us if you want first-hand and personalized information. Our Dingoos team will be happy to help you and encourage you to come to study French and live in Canada.

Can I work while studying French in Canada?

Technically no, since in Canada you can only study andwork with student visa and a work permit. This work permit They only grant it if you go to take a certificate, diploma, university degree, doctorate or master.

Still if you want improve your french, you can combine a Vocational training course with one of languages. In this way, you can work while you study.

We know it might sound a bit complicated, so don't hesitate to contact us. Our Dingoos team will be in charge of advising you and offer you the options that best suit your goals and needs completely free of charge.

How does Dingoos help you?

Making your life easier and more fun from minute one.

At Dingoos we have created a series of services designed to accompany you through all stages, since Are you thinking of coming to Canada to study French? until you decide to go home or go on your next adventure somewhere else, if you ever want to leave! And you don't have to worry about anything. Our services are completely free for you and our team is made up of a lot of professionals who know everything about Canada inside out.

As soon as you contact us, we will assign a Dingoos guide so you can tell him your case. According ton your goals, plans and lifestyle, you Dingoos guide will advise you on what course to doand in what city do it.

Once chosen course and destination, will also take care of the course registration, apply for your visa, help you get the airline tickets and organize your first weeks of accommodation in Canada.

Because yes you Dingoos guide you know what it means to start a new life in Canada. Everything that is exciting is also stressful, and that is why it will be by your side for everything you need.

For example, meet you at the airport, accompany you to get a SIM card for your mobile, help you open a bank account, request your SIN number y adapt your CV to the Canadian style so you can start the job search as soon as possible, and even give you those tips insiders what will they do to you find accommodation quickly. 

Any questions or problems? During your entire stay in Canada you can count on your Dingoos guide and with our Student Attention Department.

And best of all, is that come to Canada with Dingoos is to be part of the #FamiliaDingoos, a very fun community where something is happening every week: you can participate together with others students like you in activities, events and parties. In addition, you will enjoy discounts and exclusive benefits in restaurants and leisure activities. And together, we will make you canada adventure Be unforgettable.



Can I study French and English at the same time?

Yes, there are courses where the two languages ​​are combined. CONTACT US and we will inform you of the options that best suit you.


How long are French courses in Canada?

The French courses in Canada duran from 2 weeks to what you want.

The difference is that, depending on the duration of the course, you will have to request a different type of visa. One lasts less than 6 months you can do it with a tourist visa or a Work and Holiday visa. If it lasts More than 6 months, you will have to request a student visa.
If you choose to come with the student visa, you can combine your French course with a Vocational Training course. In this way, you can work legally part-time during the course already full time on vacation period and, if you have one, during the course practices.


What are the levels of French courses in Canada?

There courses of all levelsat beginner to advanced. And don't worry, the first day of class they will give you a little level test to find out how you speak French and will assign you a group.


To apply for a student visa, how long must my French course last?

In order to request the student visa, you have to be enrolled in a course of more than 24 weeks duration.


What are the hours of French courses in Canada?

Classes are from Monday to Friday, and you can choose between morning or afternoon shifts.

study vocational training in canada

Do you know the vocational training courses?

Professional training courses are the best option if you already come to Canada with a high level of English.

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