study at university in canada

Study at a University in Canada

Studying at a university in Canada is a life changing experience. Its universities are among the best in the world, thanks to their high educational standards and their wide variety of degrees with an interdisciplinary approach and where theory and practice are combined.

What is college education like in Canada?

Canada is synonymous with quality. And every year more international students they know it and they choose to come to this country to complete your university studies.

Canadian universities enjoy world prestige. That is why it is not surprising that if the great companies of the world shine their eyes when they see in a CV a degree awarded by a Canadian university.

And is that the canadian government invests many resources to maintain its educational structure in the World TOP. The country has more than 250 schools and universities, all of them are controlled by provincial and federal institutions. These institutions are in charge of regularly passing all the centers through rigorous quality controls to guarantee the educational excellence. 

Furthermore, the institutionscountry are famous for having a wide educational offer, with many different programs y very practical approaches, adapting to the needs and levels of students from anywhere in the world, whatever their previous studies.

But success of the Canadian education system, not only has to do with the good work of their universities. It is also attached to its quality of life, its low unemployment rate, The great job opportunities with good salaries and the work-life balance. Fewer problems and frustrations, more time to focus on studying. Not bad, right?

As a curious fact, you will like to know that 95% of Canadians make use of public education and that 1 in 2 inhabitants has a university degree. Two facts that undoubtedly speak highly of the quality of the Canadian educational system.

What is the school calendar like in Canada?

Usually the school year runs from September or October to June. 

The school holidays longer are in summer (July and August). In March is the famous spring break: are two weeks vacation that international students take the opportunity to do the study trip or for work hard, since in vacation period if you are with a student visa this work full time.

Advantages of studying at a university in Canada

Permanent residence, better job opportunities, One more innovative educational systems of the world ... The truth is that there are many advantages of studying at a university in Canada. We have prepared this list of advantages for you, just in case you need to finish convincing yourself why doing your university studies in Canada is a yes resounding.

  • Canadian universities are the most international in the world. Canada is a country founded by immigrants, so even local university students have European, Asian, Latin American roots ... 
  • Best Universities in the world. The University of Toronto and McGill University are on the list of best universities in the world. And for years.
  • College in Canada is affordable. It is cheaper to get a university degree in Canada than in the United Kingdom or the United States.
  • Campus life! 95% of universities in Canada have university residences. A very authentic way to live your college years. And very comfortable, since if you live on campus, you can choose a plan that includes meals and you won't have to worry about paying utility bills.
  • Option to permanent residence. The government has various programs to facilitate permanent residence for students who complete their higher studies in the country.
  • Great job offer for college graduates. There are more than 1.5 million positions available in Canada alone. Imagine around the world!
  • Quality teaching staff. Teachers in Canada stand out for being very supportive and well trained: almost 40% of workers in universities and educational centers have an international degree.
  • Schedule flexibility. You can study full or part time.
  • Practical and multidisciplinary approach: students will be able to participate in cultural experiences and outreach programs.
  • Innovative educational system. Canada is at the forefront of education and invests heavily in R&D.
  • University Transfer Programs (PTU). Getting a double degree in Canada is quite common. You will be able to study the first 2 or 0 years at a college and then complete the last years at university.
  • No French exam. Unless the institution requires it, in principle it is not necessary to take an official French exam to accredit your level.

Requirements to study at a university in Canada

El canadian college game es strong. Here every school or university has its own admissions process, with its own standard, its own test and its own regulations.

In addition, it will not be worth it if you exceed a exam . He admissions manager value each file and each application separately and will take into account your ratings, being the ones who will decide what are your previous academic studies, if they have been made outside of Canada.

Still, take it easy! There are a number of common requirements that most likely they will secure your tuition at a Canadian university without hassle. Keep reading!


It is imperative that before applying to a university, evaluate your chances of being admitted. Things like having good grades in your previous studies and un clean record they will be signs of success.


Letter of intent

A good cover letter will make the head of admissions look at your academic record much more quickly.

In this letter you will have to enthusiastically expose why do you want to study at that university and talk a little about your Academic achievements. This process is usually done online through the websites of the universities.


English level

You will have to demonstrate a good level of English or French, equivalent to a 83 in TOFEL or a 6,5 in IELTS, CAEL or the TEFaQ.

This is the minimum grade and it may vary if you choose study medicine Or any education title.

What degrees can be obtained at a university in Canada?

At Canadian universities, you can choose from one wide variety of titles,doctorates y master's degrees. These titles have the Canadian seal of quality recognized by universities around the world. 

Let's see the degrees you can get at a Canadian university:



Also called undergraduate, is equivalent to a bachelor's degree and can last from 3 or 4 years full time. The duration depends on the program, the province in which you are and if it is a general or specialized degree.


Postgraduate / Master

These are the studies that you can access after having obtained your bachelor's degree. The duration is 1 to 2 years. Master's and postgraduate programs usually include a part of research and other theoretical.



The last university step. He PhD equates to a doctorate and in order to access it you will have had to first get a bachelor's and a master's degree. 

In the doctorate you will have 3 or 4 years to prepare your thesis, which is usually a study on some relevant and novel topic related to your field of studies.

If you don't have that much time but you still feel like it study something that Canada and do not miss the opportunity to live the campus experience, you also have the option to do a certificate course or professional diploma. These courses last from 1 to 2 years and like the rest, they are taught by Canadian Universities and Colleges, with what they share educational level and facilities.

Some examples of this type of course that you can study in Canada are: related to science, technology and innovation, with which you can obtain the following professional certificates or diplomas:

  • Chemical Laboratory Analysis
  • Chemical Production and Power Engineering Technology
  • Construction Project Management
  • Embedded systems Engineering Design
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology
  • Process Piping Design
  • Quality engineering Management
  • Architectural Technology
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technician

What are the top universities in Canada?

Of the more than 200 universities in Canada, there are ten that are especially known and valued worldwide:

  • University of Toronto.
  • McGill University.
  • University of British Columbia.
  • University of Alberta.
  • McMaster University.
  • Université de Montreal.
  • University of Waterloo.
  • The University of Western Ontario.
  • University of Calgary.
  • Queen's University at Kingston.

Surely, among the more than 10.000 different academic programs offered by all Canadian educational centers, there is one that is perfect for you.

Scholarships to study at a university in Canada

Si attend university in Canada It's your dream, you have to know that Canadian universities want you here too. That's why there are a lot of scholarships, financial aid y financing plans designed so that money is not the one that stands between you and your future.


York University International Scholarships 

If they admit you in the York University you can apply to a scholarship between $ 60000 CAD and $ 100000 CAD to cover the costs of the four-year degree program you are studying.


University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students 

This university allocates 4 each year$ .000.000 CAD to scholarships and other financial aid for recognize merit and incentivize international students that stand out the most in their studies.

His most popular scholarships are:

  • International Leader of Tomorrow Award.
  • International Student Humanitarian Award.
  • Outstanding International Students Award.
  • President's Entrance Scolarships.

Vancouver Island University International Regional Scholarships 

Each year grants 5 Scholarships of $ 5000 CAD for International Students undergraduate.


Concordia University Undergraduate Scholarships 

A very good reason to study at this university is that each year it grants more than 159 scholarships and awards to its international students. 


Carleton University Entrance Scholarships for International Students

En Carleton University you can apply for a partial scholarship between $ 4000 CAD and $ 16000 CAD if you are an exemplary student.


Fairleigh Dickinson University Scholarships for International Students 

If it's you first undergraduate, en Fairleigh Dickinson University you can choose your scholarship for international students between $ 13000 CAD and $ 25000 CAD.


Dalhousie University Entrance Scholarships 

Dalhousie university ofrece Partial Scholarships for International High School Students who have been admitted to a undergraduate. 


Dalhousie University Entrance Scholarships 

Dalhousie university ofrece Partial Scholarships for International High School Students who have been admitted to a undergraduate. 

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English courses in Canada

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