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Do you want to live an experience that will change your life?
study in canada
If you are thinking of living a season away from home to improve your English, deepen your studies and perhaps perfect or learn a skill while living an experience outside your comfort zone, we have a destination that you cannot get out of your head: Canada!

Study in Canada It is a great opportunity at all levels, since you will not only be able to study in one of the most valued educational systems in the world, but you will also live in a country very advanced socially and with an incredible quality of life, in which sports and outdoor activities are highly encouraged ... and the landscapes in which to practice them are literally breathtaking.

If you want to know all the advantages and opportunities to study in Canada and what you need to make your dreams come true, keep reading!

Or if you prefer to take the fast route that leads yes or yes to Canada, Write us. In Dingoos we will advise you and carry out all the procedures so you can come to study in Canada without worrying about anything.

Advantages of studying in Canada

Canada is the union of many different cultures and heritages. Luckily, the best of each house has been taken and, with the dedication of a government very involved in the well-being of its inhabitants, it has greatly improved it.

There is a Canada for every type of person, thanks to its multicultural, relaxed and very balanced lifestyle. In Canada, you will enjoy both your free time and the time you dedicate to work or your studies. Sounds crazy? Let's look at the 11 advantages, to name a few, of studying in Canada.


Education is very top

As we anticipated, Canada has a education system valued worldwide, made up of a wide variety of renowned universities and colleges and supported by a very comprehensive network of schools with a technical and practical approach. This type of program stands out for being one of the best ways to prepare students great professionals of the future. 

Ready to excel at your job and earn a good salary? You will be delighted to know that Canadian schools and universities are famous for being part of the education and CVs of many world leaders, and also for giving access to the best salaries of the global business landscape.


Offers the possibility of studying English and French

Canada had for many years the French colony of Acadia, and that is why much of the country retains the french like second official language. It is more, in Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba it is considered the first official language.

This makes Canada the ideal place for those who already know French and for everyone who wants to learn this language to be able to access more job opportunities in the future.

In Canada, You will be able to study language courses or Professional Training in English, French or in both languages ​​at the same time.


Post study work

If you're looking for a country to make your home for the future, this could be Canada. The Canadian government offers many benefits to all well-educated people who want to contribute their knowledge and skills to keep the country at the forefront in innovation and maintain its recognized economic and social prosperity.

For this he has created several programs that facilitate the application for permanent residence to international students who have completed their training in the country.


Your CV will be more attractive

Studying in Canada will be a story that your friends and future employers will want to hear.

The Canadian education system is designed to promote a number of qualities and way of thinking that will make you stand out in any job interview.

Additionally, most of the country's educational programs have an approach that mixes theory with practice. This results in a more complete training and a much more confident young professionals. And companies know that!


Quality of life is the most

One of the most striking things about Canada is how well everything works. Is a very safe country, politically calm, prosperous and stable economically and socially. The unemployment rate es very low y their salaries are high. And this, friends, is called quality of life.

As a result, the people of Canada are very friendly, welcoming and calm people. Who wouldn't want to live in a place like this?


Landscapes that will take your breath away

Canada has something to say to everyone who they love nature and they want to live more in contact with her: come and stay! 

Canada is known for its mountainous landscapes which are reflected in lagos of icy and crystalline water and its beautiful forests full of Trees of feeble leaves that are changing color with the change of seasons.

If you are one of those who are looking forward to the first snowfalls to go to the mountains to ski or snow in Canada you can enjoy fresh snow almost 365 days of the year, in one of his numerous ski resorts, some of them world reference in the world of winter sports.

study in canada landscape

Canadians are good people

Canada is a land of colonies and settlements, that's why they are very used to receiving with their arms open to people from all over the world.

In addition, its political and economic situation has been stable and prosperous for many years, a fact that has contributed to Canadians having a very open minded and confident what will make you feel super welcomeas soon as I land in Canada.


A multicultural country

When you come to study in Canada you will realize that living here es like living in several countries at the same time. 

Canada's population is known to be one of the most diverse in the world. In the same city, communities from all over the globe have coexisted daily, for generations and in complete harmony: Asian, Indian, European, South American...

Everyone contributes, understands and collaborates in their own way to the economy and culture of Canada. And they will add a lot to your life too!


The atmosphere of their cities

Multiculturalism is a key point to understand the attractiveness of Canadian cities. Something interesting is always happening here! In the main cities of Canada you can enjoy every day of hundreds of activities and plans of all kinds. Thanks to the mix of cultures gastronomy is spectacular and the fact that the country is committed to innovation and new technologies, makes live in Montreal, Toronto y Vancouver be like living with foot in the future.

The scene in these cities is vibrant, very genuine and with a beautiful obsession for always wanting to integrate a little nature within the citiesSo you won't have to go far to enjoy a picnic in a park or a hockey game on a frozen lake. Canada got you! 


Peace of mind and security

Studying in Canada is for all those who value tranquility and security. Even your most populated cities, like Toronto or Montreal, are on the lists of safest cities in the world. The pace of life here is relaxed, and everything works fine, including the transportation that is efficient and punctual, so that you can join the quiet life Just arrived.


You will live an unforgettable experience

Living away from home changes your life. And if you also choose a place that can contribute to your personal and professional growthWell, much better. If you come to study in Canada, you will be able to feel the magic of the first few times almost daily.

Simple things like looking for a flat, going to a new school, taking the subway or shopping will be an adventure ... and that, without forgetting the great adventures that you will live traveling through the country.

Also, the best thing about choosing to study in Canada is that you will meet a lot of people like you with what you will make friends that may be for life.

Canada benefits

What requirements do I need to study in Canada?

If after reading all the opportunities that Canada has in store for you, you want to go and discover them for yourself, don't worry, we are going to help you with that!

And for starters, congratulations! It is more than likely that you meet all the requirements to come to study in Canada. The único what you will need is collect a series of documents to apply for one of the visas with which you can study in Canada.

The general requirements that you have to fulfill are:

  • Valid passport and valid throughout your stay in Canada.
  • Certificate of studies.
  • English level certificate Achieved through an official accredited school such as IELTS or TOEFL (Only if you are going to take a Vocational Training course or university degree).
  • Certificate of good health.
  • Un clean police record of criminal charges.
  • Prove you have sufficient savings to pay for your stay in Canada.
  • Be enrolled in an educational center accredited by the Canadian government.
  • A motivation letter explaining why you want to come to study in Canada.
  • Fill out and send the visa application .

If all this seems too muchRelax, at Dingoos we are here to help you. If you want to come to study in Canada without the bureaucracy killing you or your patience, get in touch with us. A Dingoos guide you will advise for free so that you can get all the papers you need, enroll in the course of your dreams and manage your student visa successfully.

How to get a student visa for Canada?

There are many ways to get a visa. But if what you are looking for is the fastest and easiest way ... call Dingoos!

Our Dingoos team knows everything that you are probably not interested in about how to come to Canada. That's why I we will assign a Dingoos Guide so you can tell him what they are your goals and plans in Canada. He will be in charge of giving you all the information you need to choose a city and then he will search the entire educational offer in the country to find an ideal course for you.

And of course you Guía Dingoos will be in charge of managing your registration at school and then your case will be passed on to Visa Department so that they carry out all the procedures and you get your visa without any problem.

Also, once you get to canada, we will receive you in the airport And you we will accompany you to carry out the first steps in the country so that your arrival is as comfortable as possible. Everything, at no cost to you.

Why come with Dingoos to Canadait's join a community with which you can count at any time during your stay, both to organize a getaway to the snow and to extend your visa. Deal?

Write to us and we will solve all your doubts

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    What courses can I study in Canada?

    If you have ever dreamed of being something, it is very likely that Canada, with one of the most varied educational offerings in the world, have a perfect course for you.

    Here you can receive training for everything you can imagine, from courses languages, going through courses training, to university careers y doctorates.

    The only important thing to decide which course you will do in Canada will be your wishes and the time you have.

    Whether you barely speak English or French, or are looking to learn one of these languages ​​in a more professional way to expand your job opportunities, in Canada there is a perfect language course for you.

    The courses have varying durations and objectives, But they all focus on making you feel more and more confident writing, speaking, listening and expressing yourself in English or French.


    Language courses (English and French)

    In general, in Canada you can take five types of language courses

    • General language courses: in which you will learn to learn the basics of the language.
    • Preparatory course for official test: to prepare you for an official certificate in English or French.
    • Academic language courses: You will learn to express your ideas perfectly, to debate and to make presentations.
    • Language courses for business: for those who want to perfect the language to open up to the international market and be able to access more job opportunities within the business world.
    • Intensive courses: like general courses, but condensed in a few weeks.

    Do you want to know more about how come to Canada to study English? read this page that we have prepared for you.


    Vocational training

    In Canada you can choose between one great variety of courses in which you will learn everything you need to become a great professional and power immediately join the world of work. 

    These are Vocational Training courses such as Diploma with or without Co-Op.

    Of this type, the most interesting are the courses with Co-Op, which basically mean that they include a practical part. In this way, I course them with Co-Op are divided into a theoretical block and another practical. During this last block, internships in real companies which, in addition, are normally paid.

    Courses with Co-Op have very good reputation, both for the local and foreign companies, as for students, since one of its main advantages is that During the theoretical block, you can work 20 hours a week, and during holidays and the internship period you can work 40 hours in a company related to what you are studying. Good for your pocket and for your resume!

    Also, if you want continue living in Canada upon completion of your studies, if you take one of these courses in a Public college this request a Post Study Work Permit.

    Still, the option to do a course without Co-Op (without practices) is also valuable. These courses are a little more flights and, most importantly, they also allow you work part time during the course and full-time during vacation periods.

    So if your budget is a little tighter or you want live the Canadian experience in a more relaxed way without the pressures of having to do “your thing”, a course without Co-Op is your ideal option.

    Lee our page on how to study a vocational training course in Canada and find out everything you need to know.


    University studies or masters

    A very good way to make your CV stand out from other candidates is to do your university studies in Canada. The quality of its universities is appreciated all over the world and there are also many scholarships designed both to help best students so they can continue your studies how to support innovative projects in the most advanced fields such as research and technology.

    Also, once complete your higher studies, the government will make it very easy for you to get the permanent residence in the country.

    Do you want to know more about studying at a university in Canada? We have prepared this article for you.

    study in canada experience

    What is the best city to live in Canada?

    These are the main cities where you can study in Canada:



    How about living in the largest city in all of Canada? With its almost 3 million, of which half were not born in Canada, in Toronto it will be very difficult to get bored. 

    Here you will always have something to do or see. Cultural events all types, live music, great restaurants and a City full of green areas in which to disconnect.

    Moreover, Toronto is very safe and it is super well connected, so you can go from the bustle of the center and its skyscraper to the tranquility of their residential neighborhoods in no time.

    Of course, get ready to live a long snowy winter, perfect to fully enjoy the snow and the warmth of the heating. 

    Do you want to know all advantages of living in Toronto? We have prepared this article for you.



    Vancouver is the ideal city for those who love do outdoor activities. Here people are very active and enjoy their free time doing kayaking, trekking, ice hockey or going to the beach (of ice water).

    Although a little smaller than Toronto, in Vancouver you will never be alone. The city ​​has 60.000 inhabitants and with one of the more lively cultural scenes from the country. Perhaps because being located in a strategic enclave of the Canadian Pacific coast, Vancouver It was for years the main port of the country, through which goods and people from all over the world passed every day. Many knew how to appreciate all that this city had to offer and they stayed, like the 30% of population of Asian origin that you can find in your famous and colorful Chinatown. 

    The mentality of Vancouverites is very open and are very warm with foreigners. So do not be surprised if as soon as you arrive you already make a great group of friends with whom discover Vancouver. 

    Do you want to know more about all the advantages of living in Vancouver? We have prepared this article for you.



    La university city par excellence and one of those breathe more history. With almost 400 years behind it, Montreal has a bohemian charm that lovers of architecture, art and endless walks will appreciate very well, since its streets, museums and parks are the perfect setting for it.

    Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and is famous for being one of the cities in which the French is the first official language and for being the cradle of ice Hockey, el National sport. 

    Do you want to know all advantages of living in Montreal? read this article that we have prepared for you.

    How to study in Canada? Steps to follow:

    If you already know what you want come to study in Canada, with Dingoos you will have it very easy. Follow these simple steps and one day without realizing it you will be catching a plane to the adventure of your life in Canada.

    Step 1: contact Dingoos

    To begin with, fill out this form y we will contact you as soon as possible to meet you and start map out your plan to study in Canada.

    Step 2: choose city

    When we know a little more about you, tewe will assign a Dingoos Guide that can understand well what you want. He will take care of telling you the pros and cons of cities so that you can choose well informed which is the ideal city in Canada for you. 

    Step 3: choose course and school

    Do you already know what your ideal city is? Great! Now is the time to find your course and school. Your Dingoos Guide will be in charge of tracking all the local educational offer to find a school and a course that meets your objectives.

    Step 4: School enrollment

    Once you have decided on a course and a school, your Dingoos Guide will help you get all the documents. Afterwards, he will take care of process your registration and to do any other paperwork. So you don't have to worry about anything. Well, not?

    Step 5: Application for the student visa

    With your license plate approved and a suitcase full of official papers and documents, It is time to pass your case to our Visa Department. One of ours Visa Experts will carry out all the procedures to successfully apply for your student visa at Canadian Immigration Department.

    Step 6: Buy flights and pack your bags

    Good! Bureaucracy over. Now is when things start to get really interesting. It is time to start preparing your - drum roll-!arrival in Canada!

    We will pass you with one of our loved ones Coordinators of Integraciones Dingoos. They are machines finding the best flights and they know everything, so much thatwhat do you have to put in the suitcase as it in which neighborhood you better start looking for a house.

    If you have any questions, they will solve it for you.

    Step 7: Start a new stage in Canada

    The big day has arrived! Next stop, Canada. A few goodbyes, a "see you soon" and a "buckle up, the flight is going to take off" and ... you're in Canada!

    But don't worry, even if you have crossed an ocean, we are right next to you. At the airport one of our Dingoos integrators to give you your Dingoos Welcome Pack and accompany you to carry out the first procedures so you can operate on your own in Canada. Things like fetching a sim card, open your bank account in a Canadian bank or help you book a backpacker for the first days of the adventure of your life in Canada.

    Can I work in Canada with a student visa?

    Yes, but as long as your course is not languages.

    To work and study in Canada, you can perform Vocational training coursesAs an diploma with or without Co-Op (internship) or higher studies, such as a university degree or master's degree.

    With any of these options you can work part time (20 hours per week) during the course ya full time (40 hours per week) in vacation periods and, in the case of courses with Co-Op, also during internships.


    Most common jobs for students in Canada

    In Canada there are all kinds of jobs for students, and accessing one or the other will largely depend on your level of English. If your level of English is low, you will be able to access many job opportunities within the hospitality, construction and cleaning.

    These jobs are usually temporary and do not require many special skills, so they are perfect to make some money without leaving your life on it while you study.

    If you want to know more about how you can work while studying in Canada, read our page about jobs for foreigners in Canada.


    How to find a job in Canada?

    The best way to find a job in Canada is recommendation. 

    Here the networking, which, although it sounds very sophisticated, is nothing more than moving through the right circles, being open to meeting people in potential environments and letting it fall that you are looking for work. In this way, when someone in your circle finds out about a job, they will think of you and recommend you.

    You can also go to events related to the sectors that interest you, to visit job portals, like Indeed, or hitting the streets with very little embarrassment to knock on company doors you would like to work on.

    In any case, you will need a Updated, Canadian-style CV to be able to send it by email or hand it out.

    Don't you know what a Canadian style CV is like? Don't worry, in Dingoos We will help you create or adapt your CV and we will give you advice for you to go out there and eat the Canadian job market.


    What are wages like in Canada?

    In Canada the minimum wage in 2020 is between $ 11 CAD and $ 15 CAD per hour, varying especially depending on the city in which you are and the sector to which you dedicate yourself.

    The lowest salaries are in clerk and hospitality jobs. But if you are looking for a job waiter You will also take tips, which in Canada are mandatory.

    In other jobs, such as warehouse valet or sales positions, salaries typically range between CAD $ 13 and CAD $ 14.

    What if you speak English well? Well, your salary will be higher, and you can go on to earn between $ 15 CAD and $ 20 CAD per hour. 


    Do I have to file taxes as a student in Canada?

    Yes. Anyone who is in Canada with a study or work permit must file an income tax return, even if they have no income.

    It is presented annually before April 30 and with respect to the previous year. For example, in April 2021 the 2020 tax return will be filed.

    Can I renew the student visa in Canada?

    Si, you can renew your student visa by notifying a minimum 30 days before your current visa expires.

    Frequently asked questions about studying in Canada

    Do you have any more questions about studying in Canada. Find yours in the following questions. And if you can't find it. Get in touch! At Dingoos we are always happy to help you.


    Do I need a level of English to study in Canada?

    No. What's more, many people come here to learn English. The best way to start speaking and getting loose with the language is to enroll in a English course in Canada.


    I'm dying to start my course, how long do I have to wait?

    You're in luck, because in Canada courses start almost any Monday of the year, with what you can come whenever you want.


    How many hours of class are taught per week?

    It depends on the course and your desire to dedicate yourself to your studies. exist courses of 15, 20, 25 or 0 hours a week.


    Can I work with the student visa?

    Yes, with the student visa you can work part-time (20 hours per week) during course ya full time (40 hours per week) during the weeks of vacation and, in the event that your course includes a practical block, during the internship periods. And yes, with a part-time job you will earn more than enough to cover your expenses and stay in Canada.

    You have to bear in mind that if you want to take a language course in Canada, you will not be able to work.


    Will I find a job with a low level of English?

    Yes. When your level of English is not very good, you can start by applying to unskilled jobs where you don't have to interact a lot with other people.

    In a short time you will be letting go and you will be able to apply for better jobs. And if you search well, it may even be related to what you are studying.


    Do I have to apply for my own visa?

    Of course not! In Dingoos we have a team of Visa Experts who will take care of all the visa procedures for you.


    Can I get a student visa without an English level?

    Si, one of the main advantages of studying in Canada is that to apply for a student visa you do not need a certain level of English.


    Can I study in Canada if I am over 30 years old?

    Of course! The student visa in Canadahas no age limit with which anyone wanting to live an incredible experience can apply.


    Can I live in different cities in Canada throughout my experience?

    For the most travelers, the answer is yes!

    Tell us what you want to study and in Dingoos We will take care of drawing up a plan tailored to you so that you can live in several cities during your stay in Canada.


    What are the most common courses to study in Canada?

    The most popular courses in Canada are English and Vocational Training courses.

    Within the latter are the courses with Co-Op, which include an internship in a company related to your field of study.

    These courses are very good and span many disciplines, such as Photography, Business, Marketing, Sports ...


    Can I combine an English course with a professional course?

    Clear! A good combination is to start with a intensive English course and, when you have the desired level, continue with the course you want of Vocational training. Count on us to see your options and choose the one that best suits your goals and budget.


    How far in advance do I have to start the process to study in Canada?

    We recommend that you contact us at least 5 months before the date you want to start your adventure in Canada. The process is long, but you don't have to worry about anything, we take care of it!


    How long can I stay studying in Canada?

    La duration of your visa will depend on what last your course in Canada. For example, if you decide to study a 24-week English course, your visa will be valid for 24 weeks + the weeks of vacation granted to you by immigration.


    Can I stay in Canada when my visa ends?

    Yes. In order to stay in Canada at the end of your visa, you will have to enroll in another course and apply for a new visa.

    If you are in this situation, contact us, or speak directly with your Dingoos Guide, and we will see the best option for you.


    Do I have to pay my entire course in advance?

    No, many schools offer the option of paying in installments in order to accommodate the needs of the students. your Dingoos guide will inform you of everything during the personalized advice sessions.


    What if while in Canada I decide to return early?

    Nothing happens. If you have to return to your country before the end of your course, we will study your case and help you negotiate with the school the cancellation of your course.


    How much money do you need to go to study in Canada?

    That will depend on the course, city and school that you choose. But to give you an idea, studying a 6-month English course in Canada can mean an investment of between € 3500 and € 5500.


    Can I go with my partner if I am going to study in Canada?

    Yes, you might come to study with your partner in Canada, And as always, it's a matter of seeing what is best for you.

    If you enroll in a program of a Public college (does not apply to private College), you booths may accompany you requesting a work visa.

    Still, Public colleges and universities are more expensive than private institutions. For the price of a course in a public college, you and your partner could each study one course in a private College.


    How do I go to study in Canada?

    To study in Canada you will need to have a valid passport for the next six months, enroll in a certified course by the government of Canada and take out health insurance. Get in contact with us. At Dingoos we will study your case and help you throughout the process so that you come to study in Canada.

    How does Dingoos help you to study in Canada?

    The Dingoos team will accompany you in every step of your adventure of study in Canada. Since you decide that Do you want to come until you are in Canada?There will always be someone from the team to help you and solve your doubts. Discover what we can do for you!

    Advice icon

    Personalized advice

    What, when, how and where do you want to study? In Dingoos we are experts in developing a plan tailored to your needs based on your tastes, interests and budget.

    Enrollment course icon

    Enrollment in a course

    Not only do we help you choose the course that best suits you, we also take care of enrolling in the school of your choice so you don't have to move a finger.

    Visa processing icon

    Visa processing

    As visa experts, we know that paperwork to get it is a roll. That is why we do it for you so that you are left alone with the fun part!

    Australia safe icon

    Hiring insurance

    In Dingoos we look for you and hire a great health insurance at a small price so that you can live life and enjoy your visa without fear of anything.

    Student contact icon

    Contact with other students

    Does it make you dizzy to come alone to Australia? Don't have it, in Dingoos we will put you in touch with other students even before arriving in Australia so that you are always well accompanied.

    Flight search icon

    Search for cheap flights

    We help you buy your flight to Australia at the best price thanks to our experience in the sector and our exclusive agreements with airlines.

    Bank account icon

    Opening the bank account

    We help you open your Australian account step by step and from your home country so you can pay in dollars as soon as you arrive.

    Accommodation search icon

    Hiring accommodation for first days

    We will help you book your accommodation for the first days. So, after the long trip, you can take a shower, rest and meet other students who will also arrive.

    Icon transfer from airport

    Transfer from the airport

    We will manage your pick-up at the airport to leave you at the very back door we will have reserved for you.

    Integration Icon

    Reception and integration

    Relax and enjoy, because your Dingoos Integrator will stay with you as soon as you arrive in Australia to welcome you and accompany you to do all the necessary procedures to begin your adventure.

    Mobile icon

    Mobile line activation

    When you arrive in Australia we will give you a SIM card and we will help you activate it so you can tell everyone that you have arrived well and start uploading stories.

    Abn and tfn icon

    SIN number application

    We will take care of requesting your SIN number so that you can start looking for work in Canada as soon as possible.

    Transport icon

    Transportation card

    The only thing you need to get around the city by bus, subway or tram is a public transport card. When you arrive in Australia, we will accompany you to get yours.

    Accommodation search icon

    Accommodation search support

    In Dingoos we will advise you, we will give you advice and solve all your doubts to help you find a long-stay accommodation where you feel at home.

    Job search icon

    Job Search Support

    Australia is full of job opportunities, we will teach you some tricks so you can identify them and find a job that helps you establish yourself.

    Leisure plans icon

    Events and leisure plans

    Every month we organize a lot of events and activities for our students: surfing, diving, barbecues, beers, excursions ... Needless to say, you are more than a guest!

    Student discounts icon

    Discounts for students

    We have a lot of exclusive agreements with local, national and international companies, designed for you and that you can enjoy as part of the #SomosDingoos community.

    Workandholiday icon

    W&H welcome pack

    If you are thinking of coming to Australia with the Work and Holiday Visa, we offer you an all-in-one package at a spectacular price that includes a lot of services that nobody else will offer you.

    Customer service icon

    Student service

    Whenever you have any doubt, whenever you need something that we can help you with, we will be there to assist you and advise you. In Dingoos we will be “your family away from your family”. While we are here, you will never be alone.

    Visa renewal icon

    Visa renewal

    When you decide to stay longer in Australia, you will, we will advise you on the best way to renew your visa and we will do all the paperwork for you.

    Advice icon

    Welcome Pack Delivery

    When you arrive in Australia, we will deliver our exclusive and useful Welcome Pack. So you will have everything you need for your first days on hand aussies.

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