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15 Tips for looking for work in Australia

Are you thinking about coming and you have many doubts about how look for work in Australia? Do not worry, in this article we will guide you in the most important aspects and of course remember that you can always Consult us any doubt.

In Australia it is not difficult to find employment, because due to its low rate of unemployment and economy there are always many offers. However, it is necessary to take into account several aspects when looking for work in this country:

1. Write a good Australian-style cv

Keep in mind the type of work you want to access and always adapt your CV to the position. Imagine what will be more important for your boss and target it, what is not relevant do not target it. We leave this link to you how to make a CV in true aussie style.

2. Obtain the necessary certificates

There are some jobs that require certificate official to carry them out, as would happen in Spain with the food handler. While you find work or not, you can get the barista for example or the RSA if you are throwing the CV in places where alcohol is served.

3. Choose well the Australian city you will come to

Depending on your expectations, preferences, studies, etc. It will be better to come to a city in Australia or another. Contact us telling us what your goals are and we can advise you in this regard.

For now, take a look at this article about What city of Australia choose to study and work?

4. Internet is fine but do not forget the cold door for low-skilled jobs

Then we will talk about the websites where to look for work in Australia, but once you are here, do not rule out the delivery of CV as a lifetime, when you see you, the employer will have more information about you than with a simple «resume» (CV in aussie). In addition, not all companies post their offers on the internet.

5. Always ask for the Manager of the place where you are interested in working

Give your resume personally to avoid losing and not reach the person who makes the decision to hire you or not. If at that moment you are not there, ask when you will return to spend later.

6. Plan the time at which you will deliver the resume to each site

Not only does it matter who you give it to, but also when. For example, if it is a restaurant, try to avoid rush hours, since the Manager will not be able to spend a lot of time even if he wants to.

7. Prepare well what you are going to say in English

When you are going to deliver a resume or an interview get ready what you're going to say in English. If you normally have to prepare the interviews, imagine when you have to do it in English. Do a "theater" with a friend before introducing yourself to the manager It's going to come great to gain confidence.

The dingoos will give you a hand, do not worry, we have all gone through your situation, so we can advise you from our experience.

8 Keep calm

Keep in mind one thing, The person who will interview you will surely be super-accustomed to hiring international students. Therefore, you know that your English is not going to be perfect, that you may have little experience in your sector ... so be quiet, because the really important thing will not be that ... the really important thing will be ...

9. Have a good attitude

Humans make many of our decisions "with the heart". That is, the image that you transmit to the person who receives your CV can be decisive for you to be called. Introduce yourself always with a smile, with kindness, disposition, etc.

10. Relationship with many people

You must open all possible ways to find work. Internet is fine, but many times we find jobs through acquaintances and friends. Thus, your first days in Australia will be important to make these contacts, that will help you find a job.

11. He perseveres

Insist using the right channel. Go back to the site even if they do not respond to our emails and our messages. You know what they say, "he who follows her, gets it."

12. Your level of English will be what will most affect your access to a job or another

If you have a very basic level, the positions you will access will also be (cleaner, dishwasher ...). But do not worry, as you get better you can go promoting yourself within the same company or look for work in others. These are the most typical jobs for international students.

13. Be realistic with your level of English

If your English level is low, sign up for an English course and tell your potential employers that you are in the process of improvement. (This way they will know that if the case occurs they will be able to give you greater responsibilities because you will reach the appropriate level).

14. Do not be sad

If the work you find does not meet your initial expectations. In Australia there is a lot of labor mobility, this means that as you increase your skills (in language, experience, etc.) you can change your job and go little by little fulfilling your objectives.

15. Has the #SomosDingoos community

By being part of #LaFamiliaDingoos, we will help you in your process job search in Australia, so everything will be easier, because you can take advantage of our experience.

Frequently asked questions about work in Australia

These are the most recurrent questions, if you have other let us know in the comments and together we will try to solve them.

  • How much is charged in Australia? The minimum hourly wage in Australia is around $ 18 AUD. The good thing is that although the cost of living in Australia be higher than in Spain, salaries in proportion are also. In this way, with a part-time job you can pay for your stay in Australia.
  • What are the requirements to work in Australia? Have a visa that allows you to work (ex: student visa), apply for the TFN and ABN, and have a bank account in Australia. Here We inform you more completely about all the requirements to work in Australia.
  • With what visas can I work in Australia? Several types of visas. Anyway, we anticipate that the easiest visa to obtain is the student visa, which allows you to work and study in Australia at the same time.
  • What can I work? Depending on your experience, level of English, etc. You will be able to choose some jobs or others. The normal thing is that if you have a low level of English, at first work in low-skilled jobs such as cleaner, dishwasher ... Once you increase your level you will access others who offer higher salaries and responsibilities.
  • What web pages are there to look for work in Australia? To look for low-skilled jobs the most famous one is Gumtree, but there are others like: Careerone o Seek.

We hope that all this information has been useful to you. And remember, subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive key information about life in Australia?


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Laura Villalpando Dingoos Team
Laura Villalpando
[HR Manager] "In Australia people find work because of their brave and open attitude, not because of their low unemployment rate."

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