Sydney city

Living in Sydney: the iconic city of Australia

Its multicultural environment, the life of its streets, the culture of surfing and the thousands of activities to be carried out make it a very complete city to travel and to live.

Australia's oldest and largest city

If you are looking for that cosmopolitan atmosphere and many job opportunities, Sydney is your city.

As with all major cities, there are also certain drawbacks and in Sydney they are closely linked to the high cost of living. However, one of its main advantages is that offers higher salaries than other Australian cities, so if you are thinking about studying and working in Sydney, you will be able to face the high costs of living.

In the end it is a matter of valuing everything, and to help you do it there is also Dingoos. One of ours Dingoos guides specialized will advise you throughout the process and resolve all your concerns, considering a feasible plan to start your adventure in Australia.

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Our Dingoos with experience in Sydney

How is the accommodation?

In major Australian cities, accommodation is a bit more expensive. However, if you are looking for cheap accommodation to live in Sydney, the further you get away from the center, the cheaper it will be. Of course, the comfort of the floor will also influence. For example, if you want a single room, it will be more expensive than a shared room. The weekly prices for accommodation in Sydney depending on the location, are as follows:

  • Single room between $ 259 - $ 350 AUD / week, price range that varies depending on how central the room is.
  • Shared room between $ 150 - $ 200 AUD / week.

For the first few days, and in order that you don't have to worry about anything, we will also manage your accommodation and airport pickup, all from the department of Coordination of Integrations of Dingoos.

How does transportation work?

Public transport in Sydney covers practically the entire metropolitan area and consists of train, bus, tram and ferry. Its price is high compared to other cities, but with the Opal Card You will be able to save a little since it serves all the mentioned transports. The weekly prices of this card depending on the transport that best suits you, are:

  • Train: $ 23,52 AUD
  • Bus: $ 28,00 AUD
  • Tram: $ 16,80 AUD
  • Ferry: $ 16,80 AUD

If you have doubts about how to get the transport card in Sydney, you can breathe easy because your Dingoos Integrator will accompany you personally the first day to get it.

Food and restaurants

Although the cost of food depends a lot on each person, the average cost of weekly purchase in Sydney, the $ 90 AUD is usually around. But do not worry, as soon as you have been in Sydney for a while, you will learn how to save a few dollars by taking advantage of the supermarket offers like IGA and Aldi.

If you want to eat out, keep in mind that there is a big difference between the cheaper restaurants (about $ 16 AUD) and those more expensive ($ 37 AUD). A pint of beer can cost about $ 7-10 AUD and if you decide to order a drink in a pub, it usually costs about $ 12 AUD.

How are the salaries?

One of the main advantages of living in Sydney is undoubtedly its high salaries. Thanks to this, the high cost of living in the city can be easily tackled. For example, with the student visa, working part-time (20h / week), the average salary in Sydney It is $ 570 AUD per week.

What's the weather like in Sydney?

The climate in Sydney has many similarities with the Mediterranean climate. The seasons of the year are distributed as follows: the summer months are December, January and February, and the winter includes the months of June, July and August. Although rainfall is spread evenly throughout the year, it is normal to enjoy a sunny day.

The summers are moderately warm with an average maximum temperature of 26ºC, and winters are tempered with an average minimum temperature of 16ºC. Thanks to the pleasant weather in Sydney, you can enjoy outdoor activities almost all year round.

How could it be otherwise and taking advantage of these magnificent temperatures throughout the year, from Dingoos we do not stop organizing events for our students and Work & Holiday: barbecues, theme parties, beers and surf lessons, among many other plans. Welcome to the aussie life!

Tourism What to see in Sydney?

If you finally decide to live in Sydney, these are some of the places you can not miss.


Sydney Opera House

It is another essential. The Sydney Opera House is in the harbor area and you can attend shows but also arrange guided tours behind the scenes. Seeing its architecture and live details still impresses more. A must see in Sydney!


Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the most recognized bridge in Australia. It connects the city center of Sydney with the north coast. It is huge, measuring 1149 meters with eight lanes for vehicles, two train lines and bike lane. If you dare, you can climb its 134 meters high with a harness.


Bondi Beach and Coastal Walk

Perhaps the best known beach. It is about 7km from the center of Sydney, it is 1km long and there are always plenty of surfers. It is one of the main attractions of this city. Its beach, the good roll it houses, the iconic iceberg pool and its Coastal Walk to Googee are some of the reasons to visit this area of ​​Sydney.


The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney has 30 hectares of garden neither more nor less, with a lot of vegetation, trees, flowers, colors, lakes, green areas and the most spectacular views towards the Sydney Opera House. A magical and special place to disconnect, walk, read or do yoga in the heart of the city.


The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains or Blue Mountains are located about 50km west of Sydney. It is a picturesque and unique landscape for its views, its mountains, waterfalls, vegetation and the optical effect that occurs when viewing the mountains from afar, which achieve a very characteristic blue capable of impressing the hundreds of tourists who visit them. It is a World Heritage Site since 2000.


The Port of Sydney

With 240 km of coastline it is considered one of the most beautiful natural harbors in the world. Surely you've ever seen an image of its characteristic bridge or of the Circular Quay, where ferries are taken to go to the different parts of the port, beaches, etc.

Leisure and social life

In Sydney it is impossible to get bored because there are always plans, options to go out, day and night events, quiet or more lively activities, new places to know, beaches and mountains ... It is a city to everyone's taste and with a lot of life and international presence .

Also, in Dingoos We organize many events so you don't stop meeting new people, because people are the ones who make your experience even more special.


Facebook groups in Sydney

How could it be otherwise, on Facebook there are also groups of foreigners, such as Spaniards in Sydney, where plans, events, jobs, accommodations and information relevant to your stay in Australia are continuously published. Do not forget to follow them because they are super useful.

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Spaniards & Latinos in Sydney

Alejandro Barroso's experience in Sydney

The best way to get to know Sydney before visiting it, is through the opinion of other international students who tell us about their experience in the iconic city of Australia.

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Did you know?

  • Sydney has not always been called Sydney . Before receiving this name, this city was called Ney Albion making reference to the poetic denomination of Great Britain.
  • The medals of the Olympic Games of the 2000 were made with the coins of 1 and 2 cents that they had funds for circulation in 1991.

What do you think? Do you want to visit or live in Sydney? If so, and you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us; we know the dingoos in depth and we can guide you.

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What do you think? Do you feel like living in Sydney? If so or if you have any questions do not think about it anymore and contact us; We know the dingoos in depth and can guide you.

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