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Living in Sunshine Coast: nature outside the big city

Like the rest of the cities of the state of Queensland, Sunshine Coast has one of the best climates in Australia, which makes it a perfect destination for the practice of any water sport.

Where is Sunshine Coast located?

Sunshine Coast is an Australian urban area located north of Brisbane, southeast of the state of Queensland. With a population of 270.270 inhabitants, it ranks as the ninth largest metropolis in Australia and the third in the state of Queensland. If you decide to live in Sunshine Coast, you should know that there are four small urban centers that are shaping the region. They are Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Coolum and Noosa, each with its own particular charm.

With a great climate throughout the year, this city is a perfect destination to relax or practice an endless variety of water sports on its kilometer-long white sand beaches.

Thus, if your intention is to surf, water ski or sail, it will be an advantage for you to live in Sunshine Coast. On the contrary, if you like big cities guarded by huge skyscrapers, you will find a disadvantage in this city, and that is that Sunshine Coast lacks them. Here most of the houses do not exceed the height of the treetops that surround them.

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Sunshine Coast

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How is the accommodation?

Sunshine Coast has four urban cores that connect and shape the region. Thus, depending on the area in which you are the accommodation prices may vary. The largest cities in the entire region are Maroochydore and Mooloolaba. The smallest urban nucleus is Coolum, and at an intermediate point is Noosa.

To give you an idea of ​​the weekly average price per accommodation based on the location, they are:

  • Single room in three-room apartment in the center of the city: AUD $ 165
  • Single room in three-room apartment outside the city center: AUD $ 140.

How is the transport?

The distances between each of the main urban centers of the Sunshine Coast region vary widely. For example, between Caloundra and Noosa there are some 55km, and of Maroochydore and Mooloolabah only 4km.

The most used means of transport is the bus, since it allows you to move from one city to another in the most economical way. There is Translink card, an electronic pass that allows you to use both trains and Sunshine Coast buses.

You also have the option to buy a bike or scooter to explore the different cities of the region or even use the taxi services offered by the region.

Food and leisure

In general, the Sunshine Coast region is ideal for relaxing and practicing water sports, but this varies a bit depending on the urban center you are in.

Thus, in Caloundra, the first city in the region, with a super long estuary, is perfect for surfing, water sky or sailing.

Maroochydore and Mooloolaba, in addition to great beaches, have an intense nightlife with many restaurants, cafes and shopping centers.

Coolum, the smallest city, with a significant concentration of hotels and resorts of 5 stars. In this area of ​​the region you will find some tourist offers with a very good ratio between quality and price.

Noosa, the last city of Sunshine Coast, combines glamor with beautiful beaches and lots of surfing. Value for money, this city is a bit more expensive in proportion.

So you can get an idea, the average price of the Weekly shopping basket at Sunshine Coast is around $ 30 - $ 45 AUD, approximately. Remember to take advantage of the last minute offers that many supermarkets offer in perishable products such as meat or fish.

How are the salaries?

Being a very tourist destination, there is a very good job offer throughout the year, especially in the services sector. Therefore, if you come to Australia with the intention of studying and working, this is a good destination for you.

You can opt for a part-time job that allows you to combine your studies with work. So with a average salary of $ 361 AUD / week, you can afford your stay in the antipodes and even save a little to travel and get to know this wonderful country a little better.

How is the weather?

Sunshine Coast has a mild and temperate climate, pleasant all year round. With a Average annual temperature of 20,6ºC. The maximum temperature is in January with 41º C and the minimum in July with 9,3º C. The average annual rainfall is around 1478 mm.


If you decide to live in Sunshine Coast these are some places that you should visit yes or yes:


Bribie Island

With only 148m2, to the north of Brisbane just before reaching Calundra, you will find this beautiful island where 80% is declared a natural park. You can travel it in 4 × 4 and discover its most hidden corners and beaches.


Eumundi Markets

In this characteristic Australian market, you can buy fresh fruit and typical food and enjoy live music and shows. A 100% flat style aussie.



An area with practically deserted beaches. A perfect enclave to practice south and enjoy a sunny day of super relaxing beach


Noosa national park

The most visited national park in the state of Queensland. With 4.000 hectares ranging from the end of Noosa Heads to Coolum. Enjoy Australian nature with its paradisiacal beaches, lakes and small areas of rainforest inhabited by koalas.


Australlian Zoo

Visit this Australian zoo and learn about the different kinds of reptiles that Australian fauna possesses. It is located on Sunshine Coast, near Beerwah.


Mooloolaba beach

The beautiful beach of Mooloolaba. Spend a perfect day enjoying the sun and its crystal clear waters, rest in its fine white sand or choose from the many gastronomic offers offered by its nearby restaurants.

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Mooloolaba beach

Leisure and social life

Being a very tourist area, there is no shortage of leisure alternatives designed for all ages. From walks along paths in full natural parks or almost deserted beaches, to Australian breakfasts in trendy bars, or outdoor barbecues.


Facebook groups in Sunshine Coast

If you want that in your adventure in Sunshine Coast the plans and friends are not lacking, we recommend you to join the Sunshine Coast Spanish Facebook group to be in contact with people like you and not miss one.

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Spanish & Latinos in Sunshine Coast

Did you know?

  • Australia is the only country where koalas live. In Sunshine Coast you can see them!
  • The Australian aborigines have been living in the country for more than 40,000 years. Do you know any in the Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast is a great destination to enjoy a unique experience in Australia surrounded by its spectacular nature while you study and work. There is a very good job offer and very good options for academic courses. Contact us if you want to know them all: we will give you a completely personalized and free service.

Other cities

As we know that it is very difficult to choose a destination in Australia, we want to help you by sharing with you the advantages and disadvantages of living in each city.

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