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Living in Melbourne is living in the best city in the world

Melbourne is one of the cities in the world that offers the best quality of life to its inhabitants.

The state capital of Victoria

Melbourne is known for its cultural variety and the infinity of plans and places to discover. It has a population of almost five million inhabitants, almost like Sydney, although only 70.000 people live in the center.

It is a very lively city, in which many activities are organized and which has beautiful parks. It mixes Victorian and contemporary architecture. In the center, on the margins of the main streets you can go through a maze of Gothic streets, where many trendy establishments are established, be they cafes, boutiques, bars or record stores.

Living in Melbourne has advantages and disadvantages. The downside is that if you want to surf, in this city there is no beach nearby to practice this sport, but within an hour is Bells Beach, a world renowned beach for surfing. Despite this, if you want to surf daily, Melbourne is probably not your city. In any case, Melbourne has a great advantage, and that is It is ranked among the best cities in the world to live due to its high quality of life indices and its low poverty rate.

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Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Our Dingoos with experience in Melbourne

How is the accommodation?

As in the main Australian cities, you will find cheaper accommodation if you do not just look in the city center. There are several neighborhoods to live in Melbourne outside the city center.

  • Fitzroy: alternative neighborhood where is the well-known street "Jhonston St". Here you will find the typical Spanish "tapas" and good nightlife.
  • Brunswick: in this neighborhood you will find single rooms at a good price.
  • Richmond: This is the area with the most nightlife in the city.
  • St. Kilda: the most characteristic of this neighborhood is that it has a beach. In it you will find a lot of work, especially in summer, since it has many bars and restaurants.

The weekly prices for accommodation in Melbourne depending on the location, are:

  • Single room between $ 250 - $ 380 AUD / week, price range depending on how central the room is.
  • Shared room between $ 170 - $ 200 AUD / week.

Come with Dingoos and We will manage the accommodation of your first days in Melbourne, the pick up at the airport and we will give you tips to find your accommodation as soon as possible. You will have your Dingoos Integrations Coordinator ready to help you with your first days, which we know are the most vertigo days. You will have the whole Dingoos team in all your adventure in Australia. You just worry about packing and deciding if Melbourne is your ideal city and we do the rest, we are experts in Australian visas.

How does transportation work?

The system public transport in Melbourne It is composed of an extensive network of buses, trains and trams distributed throughout the city. If you decide to live in Melbourne, you will have to use the Myki card. It is a rechargeable card that allows you to travel in any of the city's public transport. Your rates They will vary depending on the route and the type of Myki Card you have chosen. For example, the students have a 50% discount at the normal rate.

Upon arrival in Melbourne, your Dingoos Integrator will accompany you personally to take out your Melbourne transport card, explain how everything works and you will be ready to start your new life.

Food and leisure

To make the purchase, we recommend the cheapest supermarket in Melbourne, the Aldi supermarket, although it does not have too much variety of brands it is quite economical compared to the rest.

If you do not find what you are looking for in Aldi, there are also two large supermarket chains such as Woolworth and Coles. To save some money on your shopping list, it is best to take advantage of the offers offered by these supermarkets. A trick is to go at the last minute, where they usually have discounted prices on perishable products such as meat, fish, etc ... In any case, an average purchase can be around $ 40 and $ 50 AUD a week.

How are the salaries?

Melbourne is one of the main Australian cities, and as such, the cost of living, although not as much as in Sydney, is high. Undoubtedly, this high standard of living is compensated by the high salaries offered by the city. For example, in case you are a student and work part-time (20h / week), the average salary in Melbourne is $ 554 AUD per week.

How is the weather in Melbourne?

"Four seasons in one day" is a phrase that is already part of the popular Melbourian culture. And is that the Oceanic climate of this Australian city, it is characterized by changing weather conditions. The rains are distributed throughout the year although they are more abundant between the months of May and October. The temperature is colder than in Sydney with an average of 19ºC in summer and 9ºC in winter. Although temperatures do not rise much, they do not fall too much.

Tourism What to see in Melbourne?

Living in Melbourne, will serve as a base to explore places like:


Federation Square and Flinders street station

What an ambience you will find on Federation Square beach and what a beautiful picture at the Flinders Street train station, right in the center of the city, where we are sure you will find all kinds of events, stands, shows or games for children. The center of Melbourne has a lot of glass and is an ideal place to walk or have a drink.


Victoria State Library

Open to the public practically every day of the year, it is one of the first free access libraries in the world and the oldest in Australia (1854). Its architecture and the octagonal floor of its main hall deserve a visit, in which you can also enjoy exhibitions in the corridors of the upper floors.


The Royal Botanic Garden of Melbourne

It is a beautiful botanical garden with an area of ​​38 hectares very close to the city center. An ideal place to disconnect and connect with nature.


St Kilda Pier

This place deserves a must-see at sunset if you want to see how the fairy penguins (the smallest species of penguins) of maximum 40 cm leave the water every afternoon when they return from fishing.


Brighton beach

The unique colorful stamped houses on Brighton Beach have become an icon of the city and a place visited by instagramers.


The Great Ocean Road

If you want to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in South Australia and, hopefully, see some koala in freedom, we recommend you travel the more than 240km of road that take you to the famous beach of the 12 Apostles.

Leisure and social life

Melbourne is not only Australia's most modern and hipster city, but also the most mysterious. If you want to let yourself be carried away by its cultural plans, its lanes full of stories and art, its rooftops, its streets where gastronomy and vintage fashion are combined, or simply stroll through its streets while still surprising you in every corner with its street music or its inhabitants from all parts of the world, this is undoubtedly your city.

And if you want to know the experience of other Spaniards studying and working in Melbourne, it's as easy as contacting them through Facebook Groups.

Facebook groups in Melbourne

With this group you will have it easier to find accommodation, work, a new surfboard, etc. They will also be great for meeting people, making plans and solving some doubts.

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Spaniards & Latinos in Melbourne

Did you know?

  • Melbourne is the Australian city where the country's first pizzeria opened. It's called Tato's and it was founded in 1961 in Lygon Street, Carlton.
  • Melbourne was the richest city in the world in 1880.
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At Dingoos we give you all the information and we create a personalized plan so that you can come with us to Australia, for free, without worrying about paperwork, just packing and bringing a lot of desire for an unforgettable experience.

We are experts in visas and we will advise you with our specialized guides, so you can see that it is super simple to come with us to the other side of the world, Melbourne is waiting for you.

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