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Living in Hobart: the capital of Australia's most famous island

The capital of the state of Tasmania, located at the foot of Mount Wellington at the mouth of the Demwert River, is one of the oldest cities in Australia. A place full of life, with impressive landscapes and many corners to discover.

Welcome to one of the most distant places in the world

So, so, so far away, that in its beginnings it was conceived as a penal colony for 300 prisoners and 30 free settlers. For years, its inhabitants were exclusively convicts, whalers, and seal hunters. The best of each house, come on.

Little remains of that small colony founded in the early nineteenth century by Colonel David Collins beyond its history and a valuable historical heritage. At the dawn of the second decade of the XNUMXst century, Hobart prides itself on being a privileged enclave (for many, one of the most beautiful places in the world) able to combine the best of a modern city with the best of the wildest nature: beach, forests, mountains and nature reserves surround it, configuring an impressive landscape in which, in addition, one lives very well: it is the cheapest city in Australia, which makes it an even more interesting destination.

Like any city in the world, Hobart has its pros and cons, although as in any city in Australia the good wins by a landslide. Read on and let's discover Hobart together!

live in hobart

Our Dingoos with experience in Hobart

How is the accommodation?

Hobbart is one of the cheapest cities to live in Australia And that is why it is a highly valued option by students who come here looking for an opportunity.

There are areas for all tastes: the most central area corresponds to the pier and is called Sullivans Cove. Noted for its cafes and historic buildings, it includes the picturesque Salamanca Place, a historic neighborhood that has been turned around to turn historic buildings into picturesque shops and restaurants. Then you have the north and south of the city: while North Hobart is known for its leisure options and its famous Elizabeth Street, a foodie's paradise, South Hobart is a residential area with untouchable mansions in terms of price, but for the that it is always a pleasure to walk and let yourself go, like the mythical Battery Point.

In terms of prices, Hobart offers different residential options much cheaper than in other Australian destinations. As always, we will make two distinctions: shared room / single room and in the center / outside the center.

  • Shared room in Hobart: In the center you can find options for $ 180 AUD; outside the center, the price would drop to $ 100 AUD.
  • Single room in Hobart: In the center, you can find options for $ 260 AUD. Outside the center, the price would drop to $ 15O AUD.

How is the transport?

In Hobart and Tasmania in general, the best way to get around is the bus. You can take off the Greencard and recharge it both for individual tickets and in monthly subscription format. The average price of a ticket is $ 3 AUD each way, and the monthly pass costs about $ 77 AUD. The price will also change according to trips within urban areas or in areas further away from the city center.

Not being a city as huge as Sydney or Melbourne, Buying a bike or taking long walks is also a highly recommended option to move while you do some exercise.

Food and leisure

In general, the shopping basket in Australia is usually more expensive than in most countries of origin of international students. A dozen eggs in Hobart can cost you about $ 5,38 AUD, a loaf of bread for $ 1,15 AUD, a liter of milk for $ 1,32 AUD and a kilo of chicken fillets for $ 10,67 AUD.

If instead of going to the supermarket you go into that markets (the markets of a lifetime, come on), you'll see that fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables are much cheaper than anywhere else. Plus, if you buy food with a near expiration date, you'll save a good handful of dollars too! Plan your weekly shopping well and you will save whole.

As to leisureEating at a cheap restaurant will cost you an average of $ 18 AUD, a pint about $ 99 AUD and a cappuccino $ 6 AUD.

How are the salaries?

Wages in Hobart are proportional to the cost of living. If you compare them with Spain they may seem very high, but it is also true that everything here is more expensive. In the end the important thing is the proportion, and in this case both things go hand in hand.

In euros, a waiter in Hobart can earn around € 2063 per month, a bricklayer around € 2300 and a babysitter about € 1380.

How is the weather?

Possibly due to its relative proximity to Antarctica, Hobart is the city with the lowest temperatures of all Australian cities: the historical minimum is at -2ºC while the maximum reached 8ºC, both records recorded in the 40s. Its climate is temperate oceanic and is divided into four seasons.

It is the second Australian city with the fewest daylight hours in winter and the one with the most daylight hours in summer.


Hobart is full of places that you cannot miss. As good city ​​of contrasts, combines exuberant nature with architectural icons from different historical periods:


Musem of Old and New Art (MONA)

The largest private museum in the southern hemisphere. Imagine the things that fit in there! Among them a hotel, a brewery, a restaurant and even a winery, yes, but also large collections of ancient, modern and contemporary art from the collection of businessman and collector David Walsh, whose most controversial themes revolve around sex and death. . The museum is incredible on the inside, but don't ever miss out on its surroundings because it is a wonder in itself. Add to all this an endless number of concerts that take place every year and you will have, as a whole, a building that is a great plan.


Mount wellington

It is not the same to see it from below than to crown it, which is something that is a very local plan and you have to do yes or yes. Going up to the last of its 1270 meters high and seeing a panoramic view of the city and the surroundings is priceless… Well, yes: get a good hiker tute or catch a bus that takes you to the top. It's up to you!


Port Arthur

An authentic open-air museum, so much so that it is declared a World Heritage Site. Here you will find the buildings that remain from that first time when Hobart was a great penal facility for convicts from overseas. It is a place that will surprise you and will transport you to another time, luckily far away.


Bruny Island

You have surely seen it in photos. Separated from Tasmania by the D'Entrecasteaux channel, we could say that it is the small island of a world famous island of a continent that everyone thinks is an island. Curious, right? To get there you can go by ferry and even stay to sleep at its campsite, but visiting it one day you can see the main thing. Famous for its cliffs, for its incredible underwater world that it houses and for its legendary viewpoint of The Neck, which divides the island into two parts.


Cascade Brewery

From the outside it looks a lot like a horror house, but inside it houses Australia's oldest brewery. Ideal to go on a weekend day to do the visiting tour with tasting included. A place that seems to be haunted and that you will certainly love!

Leisure and social life

Hobart may not be Australia's coolest city, but still It has several plans that you can do all year round and seasonal events not to be missed.

As for the first, there is nothing like a night in the Salamanca Place area. Dinner, drinks, beers, cinema, theater and people everywhere… No one is bored here!

And as for annual events, although there are several very interesting options, we especially like two: the Summer Festival, which consists of 14 days in the open air of theater, music, drinking and non-stop street food; and The Falls Festival, an indie music festival that during the last 3 days of the year brings together groups such as Vampire Weekend, Wombat or Halsey. Almost na!


Facebook groups in Hobart

At Dingoos we have a Facebook group for every Australian city and Hobart is no exception.

Take a look at the group we have in Hobart and feel free to ask what you want to know about there to the people who live in the Australian litte big city: from how to request your transport card to if there is someone available to have a few pints 🙂

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Spanish & Latinos in Hobart

Did you know?

  • Tasmania is well known for the quality of its seafood and produces 40% of the Pacific oysters.
  • Tasmania is the home of the well-known Tasmanian Devil or Devil, the world's largest carnivorous marsupial made even more famous thanks to his cartoonish version in the cartoon series The Looney Tunes, where he was represented by Taz. On the island, this little animal is an icon and many companies include it in their logos.

And here we come! We hope you like what you've seen about Hobart, that you see yourself living there 100% and that we will see it sooner rather than later. And as always, for anything you need, we are one email from you. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions! We will be happy to help you 🙂

Other cities

As we know that it is very difficult to choose a destination in Australia, we want to help you by sharing with you the advantages and disadvantages of living in each city.

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