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Living in Gold Coast: Australia's most visited tourist destination

Its subtropical climate and its wonderful beaches for surfing make you enjoy the most visited tourist destination in Australia throughout the year.

The most visited destination by Australians

Gold Coast is a city located on the east coast of Australia, within the state of Queensland.

When you visit the city for the first time, it surprises you a lot, due to the contrast of high skyscrapers and kilometer beaches of white sand.

Summer is the high season of Gold Coast. Many young people decide to visit it attracted by its beaches and its wide nightlife. That is why tourism grows considerably at this time of year, also increasing the labor supply in the services sector. This is a great advantage if your intention is to live in Gold Coast while you study and work.

However, it can be inconvenient if you don't like crowded places.

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Surfer in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Our Dingoos with experience in Gold Coast

How is the accommodation?

The most popular neighborhoods are Surfers Paradise y Broadbeach (what we could consider the center). They are also the ones with the most tourist offer at the level of hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.

Another neighborhood not to be missed is Burleigh Heads, with its bohemian atmosphere, its exceptional beach for surfing and its natural park. Other neighborhoods that are worth visiting are Paradise Point with many green areas or Runaway Bay with its system of canals, marina and reefs.

The weekly prices for accommodation in Gold Coast depending on the location, are:

  • Single room between $ 180 - $ 280 AUD / week, price range between a more peripheral and central area.
  • Shared room between $ 130 - $ 180 AUD / week.

For your first days in Gold Coast, you will not have to worry about anything, because your Dingoos Integration Coordinator will manage your accommodation for the first days. Where, in addition, you will meet other students and Work & Holidays, because we know how worried you are when you undertake this great adventure. Remember that you will always have us and our great community to never feel alone.

How does transportation work?

The most used means of transport is the tram. It has a 13 km line that connects the most populated neighborhoods. Buses are also a good means of public transport in Gold Coast, running 24 hours a day and reaching the main points of the city. With the system “Translink”You can use the same ticket to travel both by bus and by tram.

Upon arrival at Gold Coast with Dingoos, your integrator will personally accompany you to get the transport card and explain how it works. Our Gold Coast team will make it super easy for you to adapt as soon as possible.

Another way to get around Gold Coast is by bike. You have the option to buy a second hand or you can also rent it. In addition, the town hall is building bike lanes. There is already a finished section that is the Ocean way that runs 36 km parallel to the coast.

Food and leisure

The price of an average shopping basket per week in Gold Coast is not as expensive as in other Australian cities. If you make a smart purchase and brands are not your priority, you can do Your weekly purchase for $ 30 - $ 50 AUD.

The price of leisure is quite permissive in this city. To give you an idea, on Tuesdays you can go to the cinema for about $ 10 AUD, a coffee can cost you $ 4 AUD and you can eat at a fast food restaurant for $ 5 - $ 10 AUD.

How are the salaries?

Gold Coast offers a high and constant job offer throughout the year, especially in the services sector. If you manage well, it is possible to pay for your stay working part-time. So if you have decided to live in Gold Coast With the student visa, you can work 20 hours a week with an average salary of $ 448 AUD.

How's the weather?

Living in Gold Coast means being able to enjoy a pleasant time during most of the year. With its subtropical climate you can have about 245 sunny days a year. The average temperature in summer (from December to February) is 25ºC. The atmosphere is somewhat humid but it is compensated by the fresh sea breeze. In winter (from June to August) the average temperature is about 16ºC, with a cool and dry environment.

Because this weather is ideal for outdoor plans, in Dingoos we do a lot of events which are also free: barbecues, surf lessons, yoga, soccer, and much more. With so many weekly plans you won't have time to get bored. Check our Facebook page if you want to see all our monthly events in advance.

Tourism: What to see in Gold Coast?

If you finally decide to live in Gold Coast, these are some of the places you should not miss:


Surfers Paradise

It is a central neighborhood with many high-rise buildings and a beautiful white sand beach. This beach is recognized worldwide by thousands of surfers who travel every year to enjoy their favorite sport. You can surf, get a nice tan and even eat at any of the many restaurants nearby.



You will not be able to miss the experience of going up to the Skypoint, the tallest building in Australia and one of the tallest in the world with 230m high and 1331 steps from the ground to the 77th floor. It will only take 42,7 seconds to reach the top in all one of the fastest elevators in the world. The best: 360º views of the entire city. And, if you want, you can enjoy a drink or a meal with those wonderful views in the cafeteria that you will find on the 77th floor.


Burleigh Heads

Mandatory visit if you come to Gold Coast. Burleigh Heads is a national park with amazing views. You can walk along a path along the seashore with 1,2km of travel, or climb up to the viewpoint of the hill. It is an ideal place to play sports, disconnect, enjoy nature and watch the sunset. Australian atmosphere guaranteed.



Coolangatta is one of the quintessential areas for surfing in Gold Coast. It has its surf roll and countless possibilities outdoors. Do not stop going, you will be impregnated with its relaxed and good atmosphere.


Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park is a magical site with spectacular waterfalls, rainforest and ancient trees, where you can relax and connect with nature. If you come to Gold Coast, Springbrook will be on your check list, we are sure.



Coombabah is a 1.200-hectare natural park with green areas, eucalyptus forests and, best of all, kangaroos and koalas, among other animals, in their natural habitat. It is a preserved area ideal for walking, cycling or for a pleasant time with native animals.

Leisure and social life

If you like the party, in Gold Coast you will find it, and if you have more day plans and sports, it is also your place. This Australian tourist city combines many leisure plans, parties, outdoor events, surfing and street markets.

There are very popular plans in Gold Coast such as yoga on the beach or in green areas, outdoor picnics and barbecues. At Dingoos we take care of organizing plans every week so you can stay active and enjoy the adventure to the fullest.

Gold Coast has a very international character. Proof of this are the different groups of foreigners on Facebook where they also inform about parties, plans and interesting getaways.


Facebook groups in Gold Coast

The city of Gold Coast is very active, and you can be aware of everything that happens also through the most relevant Facebook groups. Here we leave you one of the most active in Gold Coast:

fb logo

Spanish and Latino in Gold Coast

Study in Gold Coast

Its mild climate, multicultural environment, low cost of living and endless leisure options, together with the quality of the schools to study english y VET courses, makes the Gold Coast a great destination to study and live a unique experience in Australia.

International student experience in Gold Coast

Learn about Adrián Ramírez's experience studying English on the Gold Coast to discover the Australian golden coast before arriving.

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Did you know?

  • Gold Coast has more channels than Venice and Amsterdam together. More than 500 km of navigable canals. In fact the city is built between the canals.
  • In Gold Coast you can see whales from the coast. The season for whale watching is very long, it starts in June and lasts until November.

Many of our dingoos choose Gold Coast to study and work as there are many educational options and many possibilities to find seasonal employment in the services sector.

If you feel like starting your Australian Gold Coast experience, don't hesitate to contact with us, we will advise and accompany you on this wonderful trip.

Other cities

As we know that it is very difficult to choose a destination in Australia, we want to help you by sharing with you the advantages and disadvantages of living in each city.

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