Cairns City

To live in Cairns is to live in the tropical paradise of Australia

Located in northeast Australia, Cairns is surrounded by authentic nature and dreamlike landscapes.

Australia's tropical paradise

Cairns is a small city with a population of about 120.000 people. It is located northeast of Australia, in the state of Queensland. Living in Cairns will serve as a base to explore other spectacular places besides being a place worth visiting.
It has multiple natural attractions nearby rainforest, streams and lakes, beautiful white sand beaches, etc. It is essential to visit their markets where you can buy handicrafts, accessories and clothing.

If it were necessary to highlight some drawback to live in Cairns is that wages are not as high as in other Australian cities. However, the cost of living is also lower, so a part-time job will be enough to pay for your stay in the city. Living in Cairns can be a great advantage If you are a biologist or simply you are attracted to tropical places, since its climate creates a very particular ecosystem and worthy of being studied.

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Our Dingoos with experience in Cairns

How is the accommodation?

Cairns offers multiple options for all budgets. From backpacker hostels to resorts and hotels. All this makes it one of the favorite tourist destinations in Australia, and is that more than two million people visit it every year.

If you are looking for a room in a shared apartment, these are the average prices offered by this city:

  • Single room in three-room apartment in the center of the city: $ 173 AUD / week
  • Single room in three-room apartment outside the city center: $ 137 AUD / week

How is the transport?

The most common public transport to get around Cairns is the bus. You can also take buses to the main tourist destinations. Thus, it is not essential to have a car. In any case, being a relatively small city, you can go on foot or even rent a bike.

Food and leisure

The food in Carins has affordable prices. On average, the price of a purchase Weekly is $ 30 - $ 50. In addition, you can take advantage of the offers that usually have just before they close the supermarkets, where you will find prices pulled by fresh products such as meat and fish.

Living in Cairns also offers you the possibility to buy in their urban markets, many of them with tax-free products.

How are the salaries?

The salaries are not that high As in other Australian cities, however, this is offset by the fact that cost of living is also lower. In any case, working part-time will be enough to be able to meet your basic expenses such as accommodation, food and transportation in the city. The average salary in a part-time job is $ 304 AUD.

What is the weather like in Cairns?

Cairns has two very marked seasons. Summers (from December to February) that are usually hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 23 and 30ºC. And the mildest and driest winters (from June to August) with an average temperature of 18ºC. The time of year in which the city of Cairns receives more visits is in winter, when its temperature is more pleasant and you can even see the migration of humpback whales.

Tourism: What to see in Cairns?

If you are attracted by the idea of ​​living in Cairns and finally decide to travel to this wonderful city, these are some of the places you should not miss:



On the beaches of the cities north of Quensland you can find saltwater crocodiles so we advise you, as an alternative, to take a refreshing dip in this pool that simulates the beach. With very careful facilities, it has free changing rooms and showers.


Kuranda forest

Just 25km from Cairns you have Kuranda, a rainforest world heritage site where you can take a train trip through the forest. To return you can do it by cable car.


Botanical Gardens

Just 3 km from Cairns, you can enjoy a great walk through these gardens with one of the largest collection of tropical plants in all of Australia.


Clifton beach

It is a beach washed by the coral reef. It is one of the best options if you want sun and white sand beach surrounded by palm trees with crystal clear waters.


Cairns Zoo

You will have a great time interacting with Australian wildlife. You will have the opportunity to embrace koalas, the most demanded attraction. There is also a large terrarium where you can see a variety of reptiles typical of the country.


The great coral barrier

It is the largest coral reef in the world. It has a length of 2.600 kilometers and can be seen from space. You can hire guided excursions to snorkel or fly over it by helicopter to appreciate its enormous extension. This is a mandatory tour!

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Great Barrier Reef

Leisure and social life

Cairns combines a very tropical climate with white sand beaches, jungles and lots of wildlife. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Australia thanks to the Great Barrier Reef, so here you will not lack plans, excursions, good weather, work and people.


Facebook groups in Cairns

A great idea to meet people, make plans, find accommodation and see some job offers, is to join the Facebook groups in your city.

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Spanish & Latinos in Cairns

Did you know?

  • In Cairns you can see crocodiles in the mud that forms next to the promenade.
  • Close to Trinity Beach to see all the kangaroos in freedom.

If you are interested in learning more about Cairns and even come to study an English course, or combine work with studies, do not hesitate and contact us. We will advise and accompany you throughout the process so you can live an incredible experience.

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