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Living in Brisbane: the third largest city in Australia

To live in Brisbane is to enjoy a very comfortable city to live both for its "small city air" that greatly facilitates mobility, as well as for its mild temperature throughout the year.

Queensland's capital

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia, with around 2 million inhabitants, half that of Sydney and Melbourne.

It is crossed by the Brisbane River, which gives it a very bucolic air and beautifies it quite a bit. A lot of life is made on its banks because there are different parks, restaurants and cafes. You can also practice water sports such as kayaking or bathing at its artificial beach.

If there is a problem, Brisbane does not have natural beaches. Despite this, if you want to surf, you will be just an hour from Gold Coast, both by car and by public transport, where you can enjoy the best beaches to practice this sport.

On the other hand, Brisbane It stands out for a high concentration of multinational companies located in the city. Therefore, if you are interested in taking a course in business in Brisbane it can be an advantage in order to find a future job in this city. Get in contact us so that one of our Dingoos Guide prepares you a free curriculum and solves all your doubts.

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Our Dingoos with experience in Brisbane

How is the accommodation?

Despite being a large city, accommodation is not as expensive as in other major Australian cities. The city center consists mainly of companies and offices, so there are fewer accommodations and those that are more expensive.

However, outside this financial core, you can find accommodation at a fairly affordable price. Here we offer some average prices to find accommodation in Brisbane:

  • Single room between $ 180 - $ 290 AUD / week, price range depending on how central the room is.
  • Shared room between $ 140 - $ 180 AUD / week.

For your arrival in Brisbane, in Dingoos we will manage your accommodation for the first days. In addition, we will help you manage your transfer from the airport to the city center so you don't have to worry about anything.

How does transportation work?

Public transport is very well connected, both for internal mobility and for leaving the city. If you are one of those who prefer to use a bike or go walking, it is also a city for you because it is quite adapted and is getting better and better. In the tobacconists and on the main street of Brisbane you can buy tickets to catch the train, bus and the ferry. The price of a single trip costs $ 4 AUD and the one-week ticket (GoCard) costs $ 40 with all trips included.

Also, upon arrival, your integrator Dingoos will go with you personally to acquire the transport card and explain how it works So be worries, we are with you every step you take.

Food and leisure

Shopping in the supermarket is not the most expensive thing in Brisbane. If your palate is not very demanding, you can make a weekly purchase for $ 40 AUD, in which carbohydrates are likely to abound. If on the contrary you are more foodie and include fresh meat and fish in your diet, your weekly purchase may amount to $ 60 - $ 80 AUD.

As for leisure, it must be said that it is the most expensive in this country. For example, lunch or dinner away from home can cost you about $ 20 - $ 30 AUD per person. If you leave, you can have a good night with only $ 20 AUD, although it is easy to spend $ 100 AUD.

How are the salaries?

In general, despite being one of the main Australian cities, the cost of living in Brisbane is somewhat lower in proportion to the salaries offered by this city. So if you travel to Australia as a student and work part-time (20h / week) you can pay for your stay in this city without any problem with an average salary of $ 518 AUD per week.

From Dingoos we will give you tips and advice to find work as soon as possible. We will be present throughout your stay in Australia, no worries!

How's the weather?

Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate. The summers are humid and hot with an average temperature of 26ºC. It is in summer (from December to February) when most of the rainfall is usually concentrated, with thunderstorms and even flooding. The winters (from June to August) are mild with little rainfall and one with an average temperature of 17ºC.

Brisbane's climate is conducive to going outside and making plans. That's why in Dingoos we don't stop organizing super interesting encounters: barbecues, surf lessons, go out for beers, bowling, and much more. You will love this city, and you can keep up to date with all these events on our Dingoos Facebook.

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Tourism: What to see in Brisbane?

If you decide to live in Brisbane you can not miss some of its spectacular places:


North Stradbroke Island

It is one of the must-see tours from Brisbane. You can walk along kilometer virgin beaches and practice water sports. From this island you can see whales from the shore, sea turtles, kangaroos in freedom and maximum nature in a super privileged enclave.


Moreton Island

A paradise island, natural and virgin, where you will think you are in the same Caribbean for its turquoise and crystalline blue water. Of course, go equipped, because there is nature and more nature. A curiosity to highlight, is that Moreton is one of the largest and highest percentage of sand in the world. Do not stay without seing her!


The Australian Zoo

Admission is $ 40 AUD and is 45 min from Brisbane by train. In this zoo you will see animals that you did not even know existed. You will be able to take pictures with kangaroos and koalas, you will see huge crocodiles and… snakes of up to 5 meters!


Story Bridge

The Brisbane Story Bridge is listed as a monument. It draws attention especially at night, when they turn on the lights and play with the colors and rhythms of this lighting. There are also many places for after work with an incredible atmosphere and overlooking the bridge.


The Valley

The Valley neighborhood is a 20 minute walk from the city. This is where most of the night activity in Brisbane is concentrated. You can dine, have a drink and enjoy the party atmosphere where you can also find the best concerts, live music and all the leisure you want and more.


South bank

The South Bank area is one of the busiest in Brisbane. In it you can enjoy an artificial beach in the center of the city. You will also find the ferris wheel and the giant letters of Brisbane, lyrics that you can climb or take a funny picture for the postureo.

Leisure and social life

The city of Brisbane has a lot of windows, you can find all kinds of plans, walking areas, markets, festivals and everything you can imagine. Also, as we mentioned, in Dingoos we do not stop organizing super fun and all kinds of events, so prepare your suitcase and your desire to have fun, because your aussie adventure begins.


Facebook groups in Brisbane

In addition to our exclusive group of Telegram from Dingoos, where we communicate, we publish all kinds of plans, events, jobs, accommodation and others, there are also groups on Facebook in Brisbane, where you will also find more plans to get over your options.

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Spanish & Latinos in Brisbane

Did you know?

  • The cockroach racing world championship is held every year in Brisbane.
  • In 2016 a citizen of Brisbane tried to sell New Zealand on eBay. The bid was for $ 0,01 AUD and when I was going for $ 3.000 AUD eBay canceled the auction.

If you think Brisbane may be your ideal city, contact us and a Dingoos Guide will advise you free of charge with everything related to visa, curriculum and how to come to Australia, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary paperwork.

Other cities

As we know that it is very difficult to choose a destination in Australia, we want to help you by sharing with you the advantages and disadvantages of living in each city.

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