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Living in Adelaide: Australia's most elegant city

Living in Adelaide is not just living in the fifth largest city in the country and in the state capital of South Australia: it is also living in one of the most beautiful, organized and cultural cities in the world. Does the bug bite you and you want to know more? Let's discover it together!

Welcome to the small big city Australia: incredible quality of life, zero stress and friends everywhere

Despite not being as well known as the Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne, Adelaide it is one of the best places you can live in Australia. Given that there are no bad cities in this country, Adelaide is different for a lot of things that make it especially special, including its great quality of life, its multiculturalism, the impressive natural environment that surrounds it and its endless plans everywhere including theater, concerts and festivals.

Founded in 1836, since its inception it was conceived as a wide and open city that would eventually inspire the entire world by leading religious, political and civil reforms.

Adelaida is not only fun and in constant cultural expansion: Adelaida is a city up to 20% cheaper than Sydney, where thousands of international students arrive every year and where nobody lives to work: here they work to live.


Our Dingoos with experience in Adelaide

How is the accommodation?

There are many accommodation options and many types of neighborhoods in Adelaide. They are all very different from each other and each one stands out for something special. Of course, they are all very cool and it is difficult to choose one. Therefore, it is best to order them according to how you are and what you are looking for.

If you are very live near the center, his thing is that you look for a room in the areas that are closest to you, such as Prospect or Mendidie. Although they are neighborhoods more to the north, in them you will find a great diversity of accommodation.

If your thing is to be in the street all day, Brompton will like it. It has a very artisteo atmosphere and countless bars where you can drink and eat at a great price and enjoy activities such as concerts. It is also known for its second-hand stores, where it is possible to buy or sell anything.

If what you like is the sportIn the Burnside, Springfield, Kensington Gardens or Netherby neighborhoods you will always have a bike path within a pedal stroke or a park within a stride.

And if yours are the beaches, your ideal neighborhood is called Glenelg. Bathed by the sea, it grows parallel to kilometers of fine and crystalline sand beach. Good vibes guaranteed and half an hour from the center by direct tram. Mind you, rents are a bit more expensive than elsewhere.

Regardless of which neighborhood you decide to settle in, you have two accommodation options:

  • Accommodation in single room: One room for you alone, outside the center, will cost you around $ 130 AUD per week. In the center we would be talking about about $ 180 AUD a week.
  • Accommodation in a shared room: In a shared room, the range outside the center vs in the center would be between $ 80 AUD and $ 130 AUD weekly.

How is the transport?

As in all Australian cities, transportation in Adelaide is the best there is. In fact, you have several options to move to your roll with a single ticket that you use for trains, tram and bus: the Metrocard. In addition, many sections of both bus and tram are free, so you can visit the most emblematic places without spending a penny. That's how nice it is!

Of course, that this great advantage of mobility does not lead you to error: if you want to travel for free, always make sure you are on the right line, it will not be that you get on a payment tranche and you have to pay a fine. Study the lines and all possible combinations well before embarking on the adventure!

Food and leisure

Regarding the shopping basket, Adelaida is more expensive than an average Spanish city, for example, but cheaper than other Australian cities. For example, a loaf of bread will be around 75 euro cents, a kilo of bananas will cost 2 euros and a dozen eggs will be around 2 and a half euros.

A Coca Cola in a bar will cost you about 2 euros, a coffee for 2'70, a McDonald's menu for about 7 euros and a dinner for two in a good place you can go to an average of € 25/30 per person .

How are the salaries?

Wages in Australia they follow in the wake of their Australian sisters. The average monthly salary is around € 2585 and the minimum wage around € 2000. In terms of professions specifically, a waiter can earn over € 2000 and an au pair, for example, would earn roughly € 1350. If you take numbers you will see that it is not bad at all.

How is the weather?

Adelaide's weather surprises newcomers because despite being dry and warm, it is a little "colder" than most people expect: in summer the average is around 30º and in winter it ranges from a minimum of 7º to a maximum of 15º.


Adelaide is full of places to see and enjoy alone, as a couple or with friends. Some are monumental and others natural, but they all have something in common: they will leave you speechless. In this post we are going to focus on urban places that are relatively close to the center.



An unprecedented place in Australia, a German town that has been anchored in time in the full hills of Adelaide: walking through it is like traveling until 1839, the date of its foundation. Stroll through historic buildings built by Protestant Germans from Prussia and make a pit stop to enjoy a good pint and a sausage in one of the picturesque German restaurants that you will find on your way.


South Australian Museum

Founded in 1856, this museum can be seen in a couple of hours and houses the world's largest collection of Australian aboriginal culture. In addition, it exhibits fixed collections on science and humanities of national and international authors and also exhibits temporary exhibitions, so Take a look In case you are visiting the city and there is one that interests you especially.


Adelaide Central Market

A market of those of a lifetime but in an Australian version and in a big way, where you can find a wide variety of local products that range from food to gourmet or textile. The building itself is beautiful and an icon of the city's architecture, it is nothing more and nothing less than one of the oldest closed markets in the world. It is worthwhile to shop around to enjoy the atmosphere and as a little take a look at what they sell, that looking is free 🙂


Adelaide Oval

One of the largest multi-purpose stadiums in Australia, it hosts both Australian football (home to the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide) and cricket. It has capacity for 53583 people, and it has played international artists such as Madonna (1993), Michael Jackson (1996), Rolling Stones (2014), David Bowie (1978 and 1983) or Adele (2017). Occasionally, you can also enjoy football and rugby matches.


Adelaide Harbor

Sometimes it stays off the tourist routes because it is about 14 kilometers from the city and most people think it will be too crowded by tourism, but in reality it is a very interesting destination, with old buildings, museums and a family atmosphere We recommend that, if you have the opportunity, take a spin and tell us how. I'm sure you'll like it!

Leisure and social life

If Adelaida stands out for something, it is large number of leisure plans offered at any time of the year. It is a super fun city where there is always something to do, with countless theaters, shows, neighborhoods cool with picturesque shops and even a beach where you can play volleyball without leaving the city center: the City Beach Voleyball.

Of course, in a place with so much outdoor life and so much good vibes it is quite easy to meet people and join plans. You want to do? Here you will always find people willing to accompany you, so take the opportunity to get together with English speakers and improve your conversation at the speed of light!


Facebook groups in Adelaide

In Dingoos we have a Facebook group for every Australian city and Adelaide is no exception.

Check out the group that we have in Adelaide and feel free to ask what you want to know from there to the people who live in the Australian big city litte: from how to request your transport card to if there is someone available to take some pints 🙂

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Spaniards & Latinos in Adelaide

Did you know?

... to Adelaide they named it after Adelaide of Saxony-Meiningen, consort of King William IV of the United Kingdom?

And that's it, amigx! We hope to see you very soon in Adelaide, either living in one of its neighborhoods or tourism. And if you need to know anything else about the city, don't hesitate to send us a message! We will answer you in less than one drinks two pints and Hahndorf 😉

Other cities

As we know that it is very difficult to choose a destination in Australia, we want to help you by sharing with you the advantages and disadvantages of living in each city.

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