Skilled Visa for Australia

Skilled Visa

If Australia demands your qualified profession you can come with the Skilled visa to work in Australia.

Do you want to come to work in Australia and are looking for a visa? Well then you will be interested to know the characteristics of the Australian Skilled Visa, we will teach you to see if your profession is among the most demanded by the Government and the requirements you need to have to get the Skilled Visa.

What is Skilled Visa in Australia?

The Skilled visa is a type of visa offered by Australia for skilled workers and whose professions are within the most demanded by it.

Who says if you are eligible or not to be a candidate to get a visa is an independent entity delegated by the Government, and will be with whom you will have to get in touch to know all the documentation to send, how to do it, the scoring system , etc. to get your professional validation.

General requirements to apply to the Skilled Visa

These are the requirements that you must fulfill yes or yes. Then there may be others that the entity that is in charge of evaluating your professional and academic record requests.

  • Have under 45 years.
  • At least one level C1 of English.
  • That your profession is within the list of most demanded professions for Australia.
  • Achieve the requirements required by the authority competent to give you professional validation.

Types of Skilled Visa to work in Australia

There are different types of Skilled Visa depending on whether you have sponsorships or not in Australia and the duration of the visa:


Visa for independent qualified worker (Subclass 189)

It is for people who do not have the sponsorship of any company or administration in Australia. Who gets it can stay to work in Australia permanently. To qualify for this visa, your profession must be within Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills. To check it, see section 7 of IMMI 17/072: Specification of Occupations an Assessing Authorities.


Visa for Qualified Worker with Nomination (Subclass 190)

It is for workers who are sponsored by the national government or some territorial administration. With this visa they can stay permanently. If this is your case, your profession may be both on the previous list and on this: Short-term Skilled Occupation List (see it in section 8 of this document).


Temporary visa for qualified worker of regions (Subclass 489)

With this visa you can work for 4 years in Australia, provided it is in peripheral areas or with low demographic concentration. This visa can lead to the “Skilled Regional Visa” (subclass 887) that is for permanent residence.

To apply for this visa your profession must be within the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills.

As you can see, having a profession of the most demanded in Australia is not enough to be able to access a Skilled Visa. I wish it was ... in fact, getting it is quite complicated (and expensive).

Luckily there is an alternative to start working in Australia, the Student Visa, very easy to get and with which you can study and work to gain experience in Australia and then access another type of visa.

Do you want to know how? Well ask us without obligation, it may be the first step to see you soon working and living an incredible experience in Australia.

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