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What if you could work while you enjoy Australia?
work in australia

Advantages of working in Australia

Australia is a very safe country, with unstoppable economic growth for more than 25 years and in which there are plenty of opportunities and advantages for all those who want to come to grow professionally and personally.


It is one of the countries with the highest salaries in the world. With a part-time job you can afford studies and life without problems.

Low unemployment

Located at 6%, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world. This makes it a source of opportunities.

Improve English

English is spoken as the official language, so you will have to speak it in any situation practicing 24/7.

Requirements to work in Australia

To work in Australia, as in any other country, you will need to meet a number of basic requirements. But calm, they are nothing from the other world!


Work visa

The first thing you will need is a visa with which you can enter the country and work legally. The two most common visas are the student visa and the Work & Holiday Visa:

  • Student visa: This visa is the easiest to get, there is no age limit, you do not need to know English and it allows you to work and study in Australia for the entire duration of the course in which you have enrolled.
  • Work & Holida Visa: This visa is intended to work in Australia full time. It can only be requested once in a lifetime, if it has an age limit (maximum 30 years) and you must have at least a certified English level of 4,5 in IELTS.

Which is better? There is no single answer: it depends on your personal situation and your goals. What you can be sure of is that in Dingoos we will accompany you at every step and help you decide which visa is best for you by solving any questions you may have. And once you are clear, we will take care of all the procedures to get it and that you do not have to move a finger.


Take off the TFN and / or ABN

These acronyms that may sound like Chinese are two of the most important things to be able to legally work in Australia.

  • TFN (Tax File Number): It is the equivalent of the social security number in Australia. Your employer will need it to register as a worker and to withhold taxes.
  • ABN (Australia Business Number): Applying for ABN means registering as a freelancer. You will need it to work on your own and to be able to invoice work that you do, for example, as a freelance. Unlike Spain, applying is free and you can combine it with other jobs.

When you arrive in Australia, one of the first things your will do Dingoos integrator will study all your options and help you process your TFN.


Bank account

As in any country, you will need a bank account where you can be paid weekly (yes, in Australia you get paid every week, not at the end of the month). From Dingoos we will help you open your account even before coming, from your country of origin, so that once you arrive you can start using it and paying without having to be loaded with cash.


English level

It doesn't matter that you don't know English, because in Australia there are all kinds of jobs and many of them you can do even if you don't have a language dad. As your level of English improves, you will open the doors to more qualified jobs where you will probably earn more money and do things that you like more.


Age of majority

In order to work in Australia, you must be of legal age (+18).


Curriculum Vitae / Resume

To start moving in the Australian work world, you will need a CV that you can give to your employers and access job interviews. In Dingoos we will show you all the peculiarities of the Aussie-style CV and we will help you to design a curriculum That makes you stand out among all the other candidates.


Comply with current legislation

As in any country, according to your visa and from a certain amount of income you will be obliged to declare your earnings and pay taxes. In Dingoos we will give you a cable so that you can see that all these things that may sound like Russian are mere procedures, and we will show you the keys so that you can present your income statement according to the law.

How are salaries in Australia?

Australia is one of the countries with the highest salaries in the world. To give you an idea, the minimum wage is around $ 19'40 AUD per hour, which is about € 11. Take calculations and you will see how living here with a part-time salary is more than possible.

What are the most demanded jobs?

To give you an idea, we can divide the work into unskilled and qualified. What determines to a greater extent that you can aspire to one another will be your level of English:

  • Unqualified jobs: Mainly in hospitality (waiter, cleaner, dishwasher ...), domestic work (on farms or as an au pair) and in stores (dependent or in charge).
  • Qualified jobs: Any other sector that you can access thanks to your studies and a level of English that allows you to develop professionally: engineers, journalists, lawyers, marketing ...

What can I work as a foreigner?

Depending on your training, your interests and experience, the type of visa with which you have come to Australia, your level of English and the geographical area in which you have decided to settle, you can access some types of work or others. These are some of the jobs with which members of the #SomosDingoos community cost their lives in Australia.

How to find a job in Australia?

Basically, there are two ways to look for work in Australia: the one of a lifetime, which consists in delivering your CV behind the door in those places where you would like to work, and digital; that is, entering websites that have a job search section to detect opportunities.


Recommended websites


Gumtree It is one of the most popular websites in Australia and in it you can not only find employment: you can find almost anything you look for, from a bed to a car. Every day job offers of all kinds are published in which you can register.


Adzuna It is an Australian portal specialized in job search. Upload your CV, choose the job you aspire to, the area where you would like to find it and the web crawls to find your opportunity


Seek It is a page where you can search for a job using keywords, surrounding the circle around specific geographical areas. It is also defined as the numer one page in the job search in Australia.


More focused on the world of freelance and punctual jobs, AirTasker It allows any user to publish a task with an assigned budget so that another user offers to perform it.


Facebook groups

Another way to find work is to sign up for one of the Spanish groups that you will find on Facebook, authentic communities in which users help each other and even meet to meet and do activities together in different Australian cities.

How do we help you from Dingoos?

Whether you have arrived recently or have been here for a while, you will need to clarify all your doubts about how to work in Australia.


Dingoos Work Workshop

Paya support you with the job search and all that entails, we have created a specialized Workshop that will help you with all problems and doubts that arise when it comes to finding work, offering you the keys to move like a fish in the water in the Australian working world. These are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • The TFN, ABN and Tax Return.
  • How to do the Resume (Curriculum) and Cover Letter
  • Tips for finding work. Where and how to search?
  • How to sell the day of the interview? Vocabulary and useful phrases.
work in australia
Dingoos Workshop

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