Study VET course in Australia

Study a VET course in Australia: Technical courses

If you already have an English level and are thinking of coming to Australia with a student visa, VET courses are the perfect option for you. Keep reading, because here we explain everything you need to know about the technical courses most requested by our students. Are you ready?

What are VET courses?

The VET courses (Vocational Education Training) are technical courses, a kind of Spanish FP, which are carried out specifically in Australia, but which are recognized worldwide.

These courses are aimed at the practical incorporation into the world of work, since they teach a specific trade with which the student can access a job, to complement a previous training or experience or even as a bridge to access university studies.

The VET courses in Australia are one of the most requested options by students, although yes, an intermediate level of English is required to enroll in them. But do not spread panic!; Many English academies have agreements with the institutions that teach the VET courses, so if we study English in one of these academies we will have the easiest access.

Requirements to be able to take a VET course in Australia

These are the requirements that you will need to take a VET course in Australia:

  • Have passed the baccalaureate or in some cases FP of higher grade.
  • Have an intermediate level of English that can be justified with different degrees. In some cases an IELTS or a TOEFL.
  • Some courses require previous professional experience or a portfolio (those related to art).

Factors to consider when choosing a VET course

First things first: be very clear that from Dingoos we will help you 100% with all the necessary procedures to come to Australia to study a VET course. And that includes, of course, helping you decide which is the best option according to your goals and preferences.

To warm up engines until we get into trouble hand in hand, sign up for these factors that we will consider in order to choose your ideal VET course:

  • In Australia there are courses of different duration. When you have to choose yours, together we will think about what you are interested in studying and also the time you would like to live in Australia.
  • It is best to enroll in a long VET course, since if you enroll in a short one and then decide to stay one more season, you will have to pay the fees again to renew your student visa.
  • If you are clear about the Australian destination city you want to go to, focus on the VET courses offered by that city. If you are not clear about your city, do not worry because your Dingoos Guide will help you choose the one that best suits you.
  • The education system in Australia is fantastic, so take the opportunity and enroll in the VET course related to a subject that you really like.
  • Before you choose your VET course, from Dingoos we will make sure that you meet all the requirements to enroll (level of English, previous studies, etc).

Times and prices

The schedules of the VET courses are usually quite flexible (sometimes only a couple of days a week of class), because schools understand that most students combine their studies with work.

Prices are quite variable, although Typically, the fees are between $ 4.000 and $ 20.000 AUD per course. It will depend on the studies you choose, the quality of the school, the city where you decide to study and the type of qualification (diploma) for which you prepare the course.

Types of VET courses

There is a bunch of different VET courses and of different themes, for example, related to business and marketing, education, hospitality and tourism, graphic design, languages, sports, among many others.

If you have doubts about what you would like to study contact us and we will look for a school that offers the ideal course for you. Remember to help you with anything you need you will always have the help of your Dingoos Guide: a person specialized in the subject who will teach you all your possibilities and help you find the key to choose that piece of course that bears your name

Titles you can get

One of the advantages of VET courses is that you can progress little by little in your training, that is, you will be obtaining certificates and diplomas that will allow you to access the labor market while you continue with your studies, and who knows if in the future apply to the permanent visa.

  • Certificates from I to IV: They offer initial level courses, the duration varies from three months per year.
  • Diploma: they require one to two years of full-time studies.
  • Advanced Diploma: it is obtained from an advanced qualification. The courses that offer this diploma vary in duration, but usually it is always from one and a half years.
  • Vocational Graduate Diploma: is the final degree, but adapted to VET courses. To achieve this it usually takes two years.

On the other hand, it is convenient that you know that there is a system of validations (both for studies and work experience) that makes the deadlines for obtaining diplomas can be shortened. Inquiry about this and we will help you in whatever you need.

Differences between VET and TAFE

TAFE courses are also linked to the practical learning of the professionals most in demand in the Australian labor market. The main differences between a VET and TAFE course are:

  • Both the level of demand and specialization is higher in a TAFE course than in a VET course.
  • The price is usually higher for TAFE.
  • There are some specialties that are not found in VET courses such as aeronautics.
  • Most of the students in TAFE courses are Australian.

Schools in Australia offering VET courses

How do we help you from Dingoos?

If you are interested in taking a VET course in Australia, do not hesitate and write to us.

From Dingoos we will take care of doing all the paperwork of the registration and the boring procedures that nobody wants to do so that you focus solely and exclusively on planning your trip calmly and enjoying the landscape.

In addition, we will put you in touch with other Dingoos with your same concerns so that you go riding an Australian crew with people from here and there.

Remember the services we offer from Dingoos are a complete pack, 100% free and created especially so you don't miss anything at all on your Australian trip.

So you know, we are waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone 😉

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