Study TAFE in Australia

Why study a TAFE course in Australia?

A good option for training in Australia are TAFE (Technical and Further Education) courses. These courses can be a perfect complement to your academic training or also a way to access university studies. It is a very popular educational option in Australia and many people choose this path since the courses are taught throughout the national territory.

What are TAFE courses?

TAFE (Technical And Further Education) courses are Australian-style FP courses coordinated at the state level. They are quite practical but also very demanding, since being regulated by the Australian Government they demand a high academic level.

There is a wide variety of TAFE courses, in addition to different lengths (from 2 to 12 months if you study a Certificate and from 12 to 18 months if you study a Diploma).

What requirements do you need to take a TAFE course?

To enroll in a TAFE course in Australia you will need to meet a series of minimum requirements, let's see what they are:


Demonstrate a minimum level of education

That is to say, you will have to have a higher level of education to access a TAFE course.


Have experience or a portfolio that supports it

If you are going to opt for a TAFE course linked to art and design, the school can request a portfolio of projects that you have already carried out; and if you are going to do another TAFE course related to another branch, the school may ask you for a previous work experience in the field of study in question.


Have a high level of English

In all they will ask for a minimum level of English, although this will vary depending on what you are going to study and the requirements of the school, but as a general rule the level required by schools is usually high.

What are the advantages of taking a TAFE course?

We are going with the positive aspects that one of these courses will bring you:


You will get job recognition

TAFE courses are widely recognized within Australia by companies, therefore, when you take one of these courses your chances of obtaining a visa type visa sponsor will increase. The same also happens with VET courses.


The teaching quality is high

The level of Australian teaching institutions is quite high, they take it seriously, and in TAFE courses the same thing happens, they are demanding and that makes you learn a lot. In fact, most courses usually have their classes for 4 days a week.


They can facilitate access to the university in Australia

By making some TAFE you can obtain credits that you can validate if you later want to enroll in a degree in Australia.


TAFE courses are everywhere

Even in very small cities you can find an institute where TAFE courses are taught. Therefore, if you decide to study one of these courses you will have enough freedom to do it wherever you want.

What types of TAFE courses can you study?

TAFE courses can be divided by theme and duration, or by the title you receive after completion.


TAFE courses by subject of studies

You can find TAFE courses of everything you can think of, from business, natural medicine, tourism management, graphic design and much more. Therefore, it is very easy to find a study option that you like. If you want to know more about the types of TAFE courses ask us and One of our Dingoos Guides will advise you in a personalized way and will recommend the course that best suits your needs.


TAFE courses by type of title and duration

  • Certificate I: courses of 2 or 3 months of duration.
  • The Certificate II: courses between 3 and 6 months.
  • Certificate III: between 6 and 9 months of duration.
  • Certificate IV: between 9 and 12 months.
  • Diploma: between 12 and 18 months.
  • Advanced Diploma: between 12 and 30 months.

Cheapest TAFE courses in Australia


Diploma of Screen and Media (interactive Media)

The price of this TAFE course is $ 14.000 AUD and it is taken in Brisbane and in Gold Coast. Its duration is one year. It is linked to the 3D animation, programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript ...) and everything related to online communication.


Diploma of Business

The duration of the six month course and its price of $ 6.000 AUD. It is studied in Sunshine Coast or in Cairns. In this course they give you some tips on how to manage a small business: personnel management, marketing, customer management, etc.


Diploma of Building Design

The price of this course is $ 21.000 AUD And it lasts for a year and a half that can be spent in Gold Coast so at ease. It focuses mainly on design with CAD.


Diploma of Engineering

You can take it for a year in Brisbane and it will cost you $ 12.000 AUD.


Diploma of Conservation and Land Management

Do you feel like working on topics related to horticulture? Well this may be your course: $ 12.000 AUD and one year long. It is studied at Sunshine and has subjects related to the study of the classification and collection of plants, development of management plans and restoration of gardens, etc.

What are the differences between TAFE and VET courses

If you have already heard about VET courses, you will surely be wondering how they differ from TAFE courses. As we have commented previously, the main difference is usually that TAFE courses are more demanding, yet we can highlight other distinctions:


TAFE are more difficult to combine with work

By requiring more dedication, both during class and study hours, TAFE courses can be more complicated to combine with work.


TAFE tend to be more expensive

TAFE courses usually have a higher price than VET courses, even in equal fields of study, a TAFE will usually be more expensive than a VET.


The TAFE encompass more subjects than the VET

Within the TAFE there are more specialties to choose from.


They are more difficult to access

As we mentioned in the requirements section, to access a TAFE course you will be required to have a high level of English, therefore, if your level of English is medium, this makes the difficulty of accessing a course of this type higher .

As you can see, the VET and TAFE courses have their differences, especially regarding the price of each other. For this reason, From Dingoos we recommend you take a VET course, unless you have very specific objectives on the subject you want to study or the place and do not find a VET course that suits your needs.

Anyway, if you have doubts and want to share them with us, we will be happy to help you out. You know, contact us and one of our Dingoos Guides will contact you in the next few hours to advise you as well as possible.

VET courses in Australia

Do you know the VET courses?

Vocational courses (VET) are the best alternative to TAFE. There is a wide variety of types of courses and they are also easier to combine with your work.

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