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How are the Australian aborigines and what is their history?

Would you be interested in knowing more about the Aborigines australians? Normal! Live in Australia or not his story is exciting, so today we are going to give you some brushstrokes so you can begin to get to know them and some tips if you want to go deeper.

How are the Australian aborigines?

To learn a little more about Australian aborigines, you will find this information great:

  • It is verified that they have been living in Australia for more than 50.000 years, although there are theories that say they arrived 150.000 years ago, although not all researchers agree. They come from Southeast Asia.
  • They were hunters and gatherers, their way of life was closely linked to the place where they lived, and semi-comfortable, they did not stray far from their area.
  • When the British settlers arrived, many lost their lives due to illness or confrontation.
  • Many of the aboriginal families were taken away from their children, and still today there are people who look for their roots.
  • There are currently 400 aboriginal peoples with cultural differences and location among them. A third of them live in cities especially in the area of ​​New South Wales and Queensland.
  • Although before colonization there were more than 250 aboriginal languages ​​now only 20 are spoken.
  • Be careful when using the term in English. Politically correct is "aborigines", but never "aboriginal" that although in Spanish they mean the same, in English the second has negative connotations.
  • There is also a aboriginal flag.

How to learn about Australian aborigines?

If you come or are in Australia and want to learn more about the aborigines, keep these ideas in mind:

Visit museums

There are many museums where you can learn about Aboriginal culture and art. An ideal place is the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Know your sacred places

Sure you know the Uluru It is a sacred place for the aborigines, but there is more that you should not miss if you are interested in deepening their traditions. For example, Ban Ban Springs, Murujuga el Kakadu National Park.

Participate in its festivals

Different festivals are celebrated in which you can learn a lot about Aboriginal culture and enjoy its music and traditional cuisine. For example, at the Laura Dance Festival you can watch dancing and learn many traditional dances. It is celebrated every two years in the months of June or July.

En Brisbane It is celebrated from June to August Quandamooka Festival, lasts three months during which they organize events of all kinds linked to the aboriginal culture.

Read about them

Some great books to learn about Aboriginal history and culture are:

  • Aboriginal Australians: a histoy since 1788 by Richard Broome.
  • Survival in our Own land by Christobel Mattingley.
  • Forgotten War by Henry Reynolds


In Australia it is still considered that the aborigines are a vulnerable group due to the high oppression that they have lived, and in some cases they continue living because of racism. There are different NGOs that work on these issues (against racism, for the protection of the environment or land rights, etc.), where you could be a volunteer.

His story is exciting, and if you want to know more in depth do it in Australia!

Do you want to come to work and study a season here? Well look how you can do it, It's easier than you think.


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